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I left it to run like that for an hour and no failures came to life. I took my first steps and looked around. I was still in the same clearing I came this morning. Looking at the sky told me night was coming. ` It took about 10 hours for everything to end. `


Wanting to see any difference with myself after this event first I looked all over my body. Immediately noticing I was naked and walked to my bag I left around a certain tree. I had it packed just in case. In many stories I had read the clothes would be the first thing to explode/vanish or something else.


Taking the clothes and putting them on again I noticed a small mistake on my part.

“ Ah, fuck I forgot to bring shoes. Oh well at least I will not go naked back home. ”


Being clothed again this time I tried to see inside myself and a difference could be felt already. Before I had always used essence as the medium to see into it and influence it. Now I no longer had to do it.


I felt like I had direct command of any cell in my body and could order it around however I like. To test my theory I chose the safest organ to test and the easiest one to test on, my skin.

Placing my hand in front of my eyes. I eyed the skin on the back of the hand and stared right in the center of it and gave it the order to change my skin cells. With no in between my order and the skin cells they began to change immediately. From a slight brown complexion I had gotten due to being exposed to the summer sun to a darker color.


Darker and darker it went until one could not distinguish any other color other than black on that patch of skin. Then I had it turn white and after that various shades of black and white.


“ Will need to find myself a chameleon to figure out its skin changing tactic. Looking it up on the net will probably work too but then I'd have to figure it out on my own instead of just copying the example. “ Playing with the skin I had it cover more and more of the skin. Soon it was all over the body and I could change my ethnicity easily whenever I wanted it.


“ Lets see if I can influence bones, but best start with the tip of a finger. ” Being unsure as bones are much more solid than skin. I concentrated on my index finger of the right hand and felt for the bones inside it. Once awareness was placed on the bone I got the same feeling as with the skin but as I wanted to elongate that part of the finger soon came the problem of the flesh in the way.


Noticing I had to change the flesh around the bone along with it, I stopped. ` To move both the flash and bone I would need much more time and material. ` And since the only material I needed were bones and flesh I just had the finger thin all over it and elongated the part I wanted.


It truly was much more time intensive as the structure had to change and shape itself again but it worked. Out of carefulness I had it go as slow as possible and it took me minutes just to elongate the finger a few centimeters.


Nodding at the confirmation I returned it to its default shape and I noticed something interesting. When I had it picture to return to normal shape an image of my finger came to me and all of its structure. ` It feels as if there is an imprint of myself stored so deeply inside me, all I would need was but a thought to understand it. I wonder where that is and if there is a way to update it or maybe a way to imprint other forms. `


“ That would be cool and I will have to test it later. “ Done with checking my physical body for now I turned my attention to the other spectrum of this event. Again I turned inward and tried my best to search for essence inside my body but found it nowhere. The search for the Soul turned out the same. There was nothing but my physical body, at least it felt like that to me.


“ Did I maybe consume all of the essence along with the Soul? ” Trying again gets me no results. No matter where I searched there were zilch amounts of essence around. “ There should have been trace amounts of it otherwise I'd be dead without it. So either it truly is gone totally and I'm dreaming this stuff or it got transformed along with the body. Hmm? ”


“ Thinking got me no solution so experimenting it is. “ Standing up I relaxed the body. It was so easy, just send a thought and the body followed the order. “ If the micro spectrum does not tell you what you want then go the opposite and try the macro one. ”


This time I pictured the body as a whole and tried to feel around for essence. After many minutes of trying I still found nothing. “ Hmm, I am missing something aren't I? But what? Let's think back a bit. With this event I should have achieved total harmony between the Body, Life Essence, the Soul and they all should feel as if one. That I reconstructed my body and can feel it like never before probably means it succeeded. ”


“ So that means I succeeded and Life Essence got transformed to. ” Still thinking. “ So since I can control the body as I will it probably means I am using it but not consciously. ”


Still pondering. “ Hmm, it seems I am missing the feeling of this new power. ” Again I pictured the body and tried to fish something out but no luck. “ Sigh, I know, I am using it but the feeling is slipping me. ”

Once more I rethought of the event and the course of everything it came to me. “ Everything started with the resonance I had discovered, let's see if i can invoke it again.” With that again an image of my body appeared to me and this time I tried to cause a resonance and then it happened.


Well almost as there was no resonance, but just the thought of it shifted my awareness to something else. Resonance affected every cell in my body and with that every cell transformed but still retained the previous shape. Immediately I zoomed in on a random cell and observed it. Looking at the cell I ordered it to produce Life Essence and got no essence from it but I did get something else. The cell produced a teeny tiny something around itself. It almost looked like a field or barrier or something similar.


But that was all that mattered. Now knowing what to look for I ordered the cells around it to produce it and connect their fields with the first. Once the first connection came and others followed it was like a cascade. From cell to cell, to organ to organ, and soon the whole body became one with that field.


The last to connect it all was skin. When it's time finally came too, the field stopped growing and I could feel my whole body being enveloped in it. With no more cells to connect to outside the body it stopped but as the whole body was made of cells it had to include hair all over the body and due to it that field extended somewhat outside the skin. Especially around the head, but if I focused enough I felt that I could control every individual hair strand if i wanted to with that field or just let it all combine into one and extend it all into one giant appendage.


“ Looks like my fate with tentacles or similar things is not over. ” I sighed at that. “ Better get used to it then, ”


“ Lets see what else i can do with this. ” Knowing what to look for I had that field shut down. In a fraction of a second that field collapsed inside me and I powered it again, and shut it down and powered it again. Many more times later I could power and shut it down in half a second total.


“ With practice I could probably shorten it even more . ” Powering it again, this time I tried to see if I could extend it past the body. At first nothing happened but when I gave the order to power the field more it extended. Slowly it went, centimeter by centimeter and while it grew i finally felt the expenditure. It was small and I could go on, and so I did.


The field grew around me. As soon as it left my skin more than 1cm I felt the earth beneath me and as the field grew like a balloon around me I started to notice the earth and air more and more. Soon came the first stones around, then came the roots of a tree and everything that creeped in the earth around them. I could feel it all so vividly. I could tell their shape even without using my eyes.


Once the field reached ten meters around me I stopped and checked my expenditure. “ Hmm if I am reading this correctly it should mean I can extend the field a maximum of 60 meters in every direction at once, so this would make this a 60m radius sphere. “


“ Quite a lot of distance. Lets try it. ” Continuing my experiment I extended the field slowly. More and more trees I could feel, more and more I could feel everything beneath me and more and more I felt the atmosphere around me.


Once it reached the theorized maximum I stopped. “ I wonder what else I should be able to feel with this. Can I feel light? ” And the moment I thought of it everything else not touched by light blurred and everything touched by it came into focus.


Seeing the field change my perception around I experimented a bit and tried everything that came to mind at this moment, from gravity to the earth's magnetic field to different spectrums of light and it worked sort of.

All gravity gave me was a feeling of being pulled down a tiny bit, similar to the gravity all the magnetic field gave me was static in the background and it was only playing with light that gave me results. It felt as if I was switching glasses around as everything shifted in my perception. It was really cool.


Done with playing around I went for the next test. To see what happens if I increase the field beyond and immediately I feel it. The energy expenditure went into negative. “ Looks like if I go beyond, my natural regeneration of this energy is compromised. Looks like I can sustain the 60m radius around me indefinitely. ”


Having confirmed that I shut it down and I could feel how the field was being sucked up inside me and then vanish. In an epiphany of that I extended the field about 10m and shut it down but this time shut it down immediately and on my end and did not let it retract.


Immediately I felt the expenditure on my end but it was what happened to the rest that stayed outside my body that interested me. It just stood there enveloping me and every inch of the 10m radius of itself.


In my curiosity I took control of it. Felt it a bit and then had it contract into a sphere on top of my right palm. It took a tiny bit of convincing but it did what I wanted. Staring at it for a second I started to mold its shape. Confirming i could do it, I had it change shape again and this time it took on my likeness. Once the shape was down I sent my awareness into it.


Immediately my awareness split into two. One here and one there. Unlike the first time in the hospital when I tried it, this time I felt no conflicting thoughts happening. I could use the 2 bodies in whatever motion I did. No contradictory orders happened.


Nodding to that I tried one last experiment for today. The body I had created walked into me and I could feel the energy that had been used to create it flow back into me.


What was weird was that while I had felt a loss of energy when I created it not long ago I had felt my natural regen of this energy to spike. And when it returned it just filled me up to the top.

“ Looks like there is something like a maximum pool of it and I can't exceed that limit. Wonder where the excess goes to? ”


Not likely to find an answer today I picked up my bag and left home barefooted as it was almost night. Luckily I used my new power on my feet to cushion my every step and on my way home I deployed half of my power on that field again at half radius of 30m and slowly enjoyed being aware of all that I was passing by. During the journey I had used light perception.


While it was close to night time it was as if it was daylight to me. But soon a dilemma came to me. “ What should I call this new power of mine? ”


It behaved suspiciously a lot like aura like in a certain manga, so either the author is a genius never seen before or something influenced him. “ As it behaves like an aura but I don't want to call it aura. I will call it Auril. ”


Still brooding over if the name should be final I arrived home. Being in front of the house already I could feel everything inside. The shapes of 3 people stood out though.


While the humanoid shape gave me enough info, it was what the shape looked like inside that they stood out. All over the 3 bodies I could see small sparks of Life Essence being generated but interestingly it was a tiny ball of light that stood out.


“ Should be the Soul. The light that I perceive it giving off should also be Life Essence.”

I ignored my parents and focused on the little sister. Once I focused my perception on her, her head tilted as if something caught its attention but did not know what. She swung her head around for a bit then gave up.


This time I focused even more and again she felt something. I tried to see if I could perceive anything that made her an empath but noticed nothing. Giving up, I retracted my Auril, ugh, Auril Sphere of Perception maybe? And went inside.


Inside I greeted my parents and ignored the sister in her own room and had a bath even though I didn't really need it.


Then dream time awaited me as tomorrow more testing awaited me.

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