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Ive been asking myself something lately. Why is there almost nobady comenting on my stuff. Is it bad, or good or anything really. But then it came to me this is Karma for not having comented for the many years i have read on this site.


Now I am paying for my sins of being a slacker.

Four weeks passed. The first month of my body training is over. ` And I don't think I have ever done anything with such single mindedness before, ever. To strive to improve for so long on only one goal and to actually see the progress done while doing it is amazing. `


During the first week of light jogging and some light exercises I toned down on the fat and got some muscle, but it was in the second week that the true training montage had begun.


In that week I had been jogging as best as possible up and down a mountain. At first It was really hard with many breaks when going up and more so when going down as a few missteps happened and I kept hitting trees, rocks, splashing on the roads due to the high speed one would pick up when one goes down assisted by gravity.


Thankfully after a few days the body adapted thanks to heavy usage of essence, although much of it had been used as healing instead of helping the body adapt to the stress it was experiencing. The third week was when I truly conquered the mountain by doing it two times a day. By the end of the week it went to 4 times.


When the fourth week came I had decided to just switch the location to the mountains for everything. In the morning I packed lunch and up I went. I had found myself some good stones to train instead of weights and used them ever since.


Every time I came home I was tired and the only thing I did was eat and bathe before sleep only to repeat it the next time.


But that all ends today as I looked at my stomach seeing no fat, only muscle. ` It's the first time I have seen my six pack in years. ` All over the body my muscle growth was increased by a lot and while my current body wasn't the best a normal human can arrive at it was amazing how much one can achieve if one has access to Life Essence.


` Of course I will continue this for at least 2 more months to solidify everything into a nice body and be done with it. While I like martial arts I am more of a wizard type kind of guy. `


For that purpose last night I visited many of my neighbors and paid them a “ MEDICAL ” appointment. Of course that was after I paid the nightly dose of essence to my body and made myself an essence body. Didn't want them to notice me. First thing I noticed while doing it, my essence body for some reason couldn't automatically go through walls. I actually had to shift the body from solid state and squeeze myself inside but it wasn't hard after the first try.


Once inside I went for the old people as they had the most essence stored in their Souls. I didn't actually take that much from them even if they would never use it. No, I took about 10 years worth of it for myself and while at it I used their essence to ease up their bodies from age. Instructing essence on doing something when I saw a problem and over time it would help them.


After paying a visit to the tenth house I stopped as I had gathered about close to 500 years worth of essence.

` I swear, somehow I have become a cheater. If it was this easy to gather somebody should have already done so or it just so happens that my cheat to enter souls is well, a cheat. `


Either way, once I had it all gathered, in the morning I had come up on this mountain. As today was the time I would finally try Resonance that I had discovered in the Void. Before that thought first i would have to transform my Soul again.


Standing in a clearing with only mountain peaks around me I looked inside me, or better said inside my head. There my soul rested as there was its anchor to the physical body.


Transferring my awareness inside one last time to see nothing inside I poured my essence into it. Just pouring essence inside wouldn't help as the Soul was made to gather essence in the first place. No the Soul and my essence had to merge, to become one in this case. Only when they are merged to a degree will the resonance appear.


Once my essence and the Soul merged to a degree I had it leave my physical body and appear in front of me. Without my essence holding it and anchoring it to our three dimensions it would have whisked away wherever they go as they are of a higher dimension. That was all I knew what they were and it didn't matter to me. All that mattered was that I could do with them for now.


Once it was outside as a test I tried to shape it again in many forms. Seeing no difficulty appearing I had it increase in size. With every size increase more essence was spent but expenditure was not important as I had plenty in reserves.


Once it was of my size, so about 1.8 meters high I stopped its growth. Right now it was in sphere form. That done I look at it for a second, and seeing no problems I enter it.


Once inside I had its form change to fit my body. Done with that I went again for the same this time and made it an even tighter fit. If one could measure it now it would be a centimeter above the skin. Doing it one more time this time I had it touch every millimeter of my skin. With that I had made it my second invisible to the naked eye skin.


Checking again that every tiny nook and cranny place there was to fill was filled. For what i had to do now there could be little left to mistakes as I was not sure what would happen.


Once the soul was tightened as much as possible I did some movements to check how it followed the body and everything was good. With extra essence it stretched where it had to and shrunk where it didn't.


Confident that this was the best I could do right now I mentally prepared myself.


Done with that I initiated the resonance and nothing happened. Blinking to that a few times and wondering if I had done anything wrong but then it came. Deep in the bones I felt a small vibration. ` It seems due to the physical body to absorb shock it took longer for it to appear. `


It slowly grew and grew. Slowly I felt the vibration of it all over the body. It just kept growing and growing. ` To be honest it feels kind of life threatening. I hope this is really the key to glue everything together into one. `


My hope was that with all 3 ingredients , the Body, the Life Essence and the Soul they would fuse into one. And it was for this reason I had trained the body first. To get it to a higher capability for essence usage as I had no idea what truly would happen.


As the resonance grew stronger and stronger, I felt the load on the body. It felt as if it was being torn apart from the inside. In response I let all of my essence roam all over the body to fill every nook and cranny from the inside.


Essence from the inside, the Body as the medium and the Soul as the barrier. The resonance grew and just like the last time I had tried this in the Void with an essence body, this time too I had started to lose control of essence all over the body. But unlike before here I had the physical body to anchor it and not the essence body which had lost its form.


` Soon I will lose control over every bit of essence I have, I hope the universe does not let me blow up so easily. Would really be a bummer if i died today not even achieving anything grand yet. `


Resonance grew and I lost control of the essence. No longer under my control and vibrating at a specific frequency through the body. ` To me it felt as if I was a giant vibrating dildo to be honest. `

The essence having lost my WILL that bound it together separated into tiny parts of pure essence and under that resonance wanted to escape the body but every time it tried it was deflected by the Soul and went back into the body. It continued like that for quite some time.


Every time it was deflected it gathered more of the surrounding essence as if amassing power almost like tiny particles in a giant cooker that was my body and immediately a perfect example came to me, the SUN.


It worked on a similar system. If the pressure from outside was great enough for the particles inside to fuse and release its energy to start the ignition of itself. ` AH, now it's too late to stop it. Please don't blow up, Please don't blow up. ` As I chanted in my, I did not know how I was even still thinking as my brain was rattling along all this too. ` Best ignore that thought. `


Time passed. I was on the ground laying there. If somebody passed by they would not notice anything strange as nothing escaped my Body and Soul but everything had to end and my end was near.

With time the essence lookalike particles gather and gather around each other and soon even the substance that made up the soul started to vibrate as with every hit and deflection it created its own resonance and the two clashed in my body as the battlefield.


As they clashed and clashed my body was torn apart a third resonance appeared. That of the body being destroyed as its cells could not withstand the vibration any longer. As the third resonance appeared and grew in the background of the others and as more of the body was destroyed it too grew stronger.


When half of my body lost its integrity an epiphany came to me and I knew it was only when all three are in perfect equilibrium that my chance will appear. As I watched it all happen unsure how I was even conscious the moment came. The body's destruction resonance reached equilibrium in strength with the other two and in that one perfect moment where they were equal I used my WILL and isolated the resonance into one part of the body. The strongest place that could withstand a lifetime of work if it was maintained properly, the HEART.


There I used my WILL to gather everything and use the Soul resonance as glue with the resonance of Life Essence generated by the living and the resonance of Death generated at the end of the living to fuse into one.


In that one moment of perfect clarity I knew the next step. Once those three became one I used my WILL to have them influence the rest and all of me followed me into that one point of clarity. From all of my physical body and its cells to Life Essence to Soul to converge into that tiny little place like a singularity that pulled in everything ` Only this one worked on my body. `


Unsure at how much time passed inside that one moment but outside passed at least 5 hours when I came to myself. I was just there. I had no body, no essence and no soul.


All I had felt was completeness at being one with myself. When it finally came to me to finally go back into the real world from inside myself I pulled myself outside and it felt like I was unfolding myself block by block.


With that epiphany I knew, I was building myself a body, cell by cell. Using the information that was ME it was slowly built. First came the heart as I felt it was the center of my being. The pump that would carry my everything till the end of the universe, if I am not killed at least.


The heart was staying in the air as if it was held by some unknown force. After that I started to build myself a skeleton. The spine started by unfolding itself from the tail end and slowly section by section was built upwards. Soon it passed the heart when and came to the neck position it continued being built into a bone head. Once it was done came the ribs, shoulders and hips connected to the spine and it. After that came the hands and legs.

With the completion of the skeleton finally blood veins started to be built from the heart. Still as if being pulled by an unseen force they went into their positions.

From afar it looked like it could be mistaken as a huge root network. When that was done came the other organs and finally the brain was built slowly.


After it came the muscle to cover the organs, and then skin to cover the muscle. With that I finally initiated blood production from the bones. It took some time to make enough of it to finally have the heart beat and send the blood through the body.


Once done with the body I just let it slowly come to life.

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