A note from Akten Dreams

This marks the end of the backstory that had come to me sudenly one day which goes like this.

One day duo to bad weather i had no eletricity which ment no doing my fav thing which is read stuff all ove the net. I picked my headphones and thought about possible scenario in case i ever did write stuff nad slowly this came to me.

Tho i will need to refine it more if i want more readers.

` What do Life Essence, the Soul, the Body and the electromagnetic field have in common? Let's go with the basics first. `


Life essence is generated when a lifeform lives and it's the Body that stores that essence and uses it to when it needs it or its influenced to do so.

Then comes the Soul. From my current understanding and all the crap I read over the years it's probably from a higher dimension. Now that I think about it, Life Essence should be too since both are resonating with one another.

` When the Soul and Life Essence resonated I felt that something is missing so if I follow the theme it should be the physical body that is missing and the electromagnetic field should be the key or method to bind it all together. `


` Let's separate the electromagnetic field. Doubt it the electricity part is important so that leaves the magnetic field. I don't remember I ever heard a magnetic field doing anything to the human body let alone the whole body. Wait, whole body? How did I miss such an obvious thing? `


` An EMF affects the whole body so if the whole body is the key that means that, that I need the resonance between the Soul and Life Essence to affect the whole body at the same time. `


Immediately I tried it by urging the Soul copy I made to merge with Life Essence. The resonance appeared and I tried to channel it but failed as it did not heed my call. Few tries later nothing changed.


` Hmm, channeling is not the key and I still need it to affect the whole body than that leaves me with only one solution. Making the Soul envelope my whole body should do the trick since then all I would have to do is supply the Life Essence. `


With a new method in hand I created a Soul copy big enough to envelope my whole body. Once I was inside it I tried again. As the resonance started building up at first nothing happened but once it got stronger I started to feel it in my essence body. Soon my whole essence body felt as if it was in vibro mode but after a while the resonance just stopped growing.


Using more essence for the job had no effect. After a few more experiments I noticed that while my essence body being inside the Soul was a good try it wasn't good enough. In this case I had just made the Soul big to fit the body. There was still space left between them. So I changed it to fit my essence body like a bodysuit.


Another choice proved I was on the right track. Resonance appeared and soon it grew beyond the last design. My essence body vibration reached another peak and stayed there. Stopping there I let the resonance dissipate from the body and tried again. The result was the same.


A few tests more and not seeing any improvements I stopped. Thinking about it a bit more there was only one conclusion. ` No matter how good my copy of the Soul is it's not the real one and while I could imitate the Body as much as possible it's the physical body that needs to make a breakthrough for my essence to follow. `


Deciding to put it off after my resurrection I still had one question that needed answering before I started it all. ` What happened to start all this? Why did the Soul leave in the first place? `


Looking at the remaining 80% of the Potential Chaos I have left, I made my decision. Using my WILL I urge it to show me what happened to the soul during that critical moment.

This time it showed me the younger boy falling and the moment his head hit the ground I could see that the Soul shook for a moment and just left. I could not see anything else.


It looked like the most natural thing ever but I knew it was not. So I tried again and still the same. So I tried again but this time I wanted to see where the soul went but the moment I wanted my vision fell upon it. In fact due to the time freeze it was stuck mid travel wherever it was meant to go not far from this place.


Calculating a bit the Original created the time freeze only a few seconds after the Soul went but it was still too late to capture it in this frozen moment. ` So it was out of my influence or one would think so if I was not stuck in the Void where Time shenanigans are very cheap if you had some Potential Chaos in your pockets. `


Immediately I sent my WILL to it to check if I have enough of it for this stunt and I did but only if I used it on the Soul and nothing else and even then I would have to shift it to the Void the moment it would come into contact with this frozen moment of Time.


Just in case I tried to check if it was possible to reverse time for the Original body to a time the accident happened and how much that would cost.


And I was immediately shocked by the cost, so when I wanted to know the reason for this damn cost I was shown a vision of the current scene and saw all over this place was something. I

` am not sure what it is but it is permeating every millimeter of the place. `

From the feeling I got it's not Life Essence or the Potential Chaos I am currently using. Probably some other type of power and if I am following the theme this something is making Time reversal not possible or in my case expensive.

` Luckily, its power was set to only work on time reversal and not stopping the flow of it all or I wouldn't even be here. `


For my curiosity I did some comparison. ` If the amount of Potential Chaos I currently hold could be numbered like money then I was in the possession of, umm lets say 1000 currency. To reverse time I would probably need somewhere around a hundred thousand and that is for potential chaos which is very good at the stuff it does. `


` Somebody is definitely using a lot of power to create a, I'll call it Time Lock. `


The more I know, the more I wonder what the Original was supposed to do in the future.


Shaking my head I turn my attention back to the Soul. Having already used up about 20% of it due to my experiments this time I used about another 40% just on this.

The moment the Soul moved due to the reversed Time flow and was about to enter this frozen moment I shifted its destination to the Void and caught it with my essence.


Now with another piece of the puzzle here my resurrection was almost ready. With the true Soul in my grasp and not a Soul projection or a Soul frozen in time I began to investigate it.


Once in my grasp it did not look any different then the one in my friend's body but I could feel more of its substance and the influence it emitted.

After examining the outside of it I tried to use my essence to enter it and look at it from the inside but all it did was bounce on its exterior. ` Forcing my way in would probably break it so time for subtle tricks. ` Thanks to the Originals body I made my essence imitate the essence of The Original and it got me in.


Once inside I felt the stored essence and memories. First I took the essence and while it was similar to mine I didn't transform it into mine. ` No, a better use of it was for after this when I returned to life. I can use it as a delay for the kill switch that was initiated in the body. `

It's not like there was that much essence anyway. ` If my current experience is right then this amounts to only about 11 years of stored Life Essence. `

It sounded a lot but if one compared it to how much I had right now it's not much. ` If my measurements are right then my current amount would amount to about 167 years of stored essence. `


After finally being able to numerically represent the amount of essence I had, I was surprised by the amount. ` Would this mean that even if I had a body right now and did not generate any life essence at all I could live that long? Hmm probably not as I would use essence to maintain the body in a good shape so maybe less but still over a 100 years definitely. `


“ Guess this means a long life is ahead of me at least if something doesn't kill me. “


Next I turned my attention to the memories but after checking them out they were useless to me as I had no need for them. So let them dissipate into the Void. Taking a second I turn my attention back to the substance known as Soul.


As I injected a bit of my essence inside alongside the imitation of the Originals first I tried to see if I could adapt it to my essence instead. Once my own was inside I transformed the imitation back into my own and let it be for a bit to see if there was any reaction and there was nothing. So I poured in more and waited again.

Still nothing, this time I tried to actively have my essence interact with the inside of the Soul and a reaction happened.

As I continued to integrate my own essence with the Soul it started to change its presence to match mine. When my essence and the Soul were done integrating nothing happened but I felt like I could actively manipulate it now and so I did.

From the tiny sphere it represented before it changed shape into a square, then a pyramid and various shapes of prisms to the more complex form of polygons.


Once I was familiar with it I went for the main goal of making it bigger. The bigger it got the more essence was needed to maintain its shape. Once it was the correct size I entered it with my essence body and then let it envelope the body like it was a second skin layer.


I did not do anything with it at first and tried my best to make it as flexible as possible. I wanted to have free range of motion with it. Slowly moving the hands I felt it stretch with the movement as if it was not anchored properly to the essence skin of my body.

So I went slowly for it to adapt. After the hands I used my legs then my spine to turn in different directions at once. Slowly it started to adapt like it was a true second skin layer but after a while the improvements stopped. No matter how I moved it adapted so I began the true experiment.


` The resonance that I discovered. Wonder what will happen? `


Calming the Soul and essence body for a second I initiated it. At first it was slow then slowly it started to build up. Soon it spread to the whole essence body and kept growing and growing like there was no end to it.

As it kept growing I started to lose control of my essence and if it did not stop, the worst case would be me losing all my essence and a mild case a large loss off it. With that realization I opened small channels in the Soul all over the body so I could vent it and luckily I did.

After it all calmed down I noticed I lost about 30 years of essence and that counted as almost 20% I think, of the total essence I possessed recently.


` Guess no more experiments with that one but why did I lose control if it then? Could it be because it was an essence body instead of a physical one? Oh well, once I am back in the real world I will tackle that problem. `


Turning my attention back to the body I would inhibit from now on I examined it one last time. Done with that I started changing my current essence body to match the body but only in proportions. Then I took the Soul, made it small again and placed it where it was supposed to be in the first place.


Then I took the Originals essence I had taken from the Soul and placed it into the body. Spread it out throughout the whole body and give it instructions to delay the kills switch placed in the genetics of the body.

` I am not sure how it will do that but when you play with Life Essence it's more about the WILL then the precise knowledge you need to accomplish something and if you still can't do it that only means your not using enough of it. `

As the Original essence is used up, mine will take its place slowly and use it to slowly let the body adapt to my essence instead. `Just in case to make sure my WILL is executed I'll use up the remaining potential chaos to enforce my will on the entire scenario by influencing the initiator that started all of this that what he wanted to happen happened. `


` No need to have beef with whoever it was and its intentions. I will be a new man in this life and forge my own path. `


With my essence body in the form of a child I superimposed it with the physical body as best as possible. Once again making sure everything was in place I sent my will into the Potential Chaos with its purpose and saw it being used up already. I sent my WILL into the time freeze and told it, it has done its job and to let flow the time again.


Once I felt it undo itself I returned my attention to the body and immediately I could feel Reality place its heavy touch on my essence as if examining me for a second there. ` For a second there it felt like I got its approval. Did it really happen or was I mistaken? No, it does not matter. `

For when the feelings of Reality came to me I was overwhelmed by the sensation. ` I had never, ever felt so much of anything truly. It is as if my every sense before now was tuned out and I had been blind and deaf my whole life. `


I was truly overwhelmed for quite some time but as I noticed it may not have been as much as I thought as when I became aware of the body in which my essence was and saw it barely change at all. ` It is as if my thoughts are moving in a different time frame from reality. Although I probably won't need to adjust since soon I'll be sleeping for about 19 years and when I wake I'll have so many things to do. But first lets get there. `

Placing my awareness across the whole body I instruct the Original essence on its purpose again and let the time pass slowly. Soon I noticed the first results. Processes that had been initiated once had shutdown and all the organs did their job without complaints.


As the body kept going for longer and longer I was sure it worked and there was no immediate threat of death. I slowly started to exchange the Originals essence with mine.


Slowly I was taking over the body. First I went for the simplest of stuff like the muscles in the limbs then the ones in the torso and neck and it was very easy to integrate my essence there.


After that I went for the heart to ensure it did not stop its endless job of pumping the blood. Then I went for the lungs to ensure a continued supply of oxygen. ` I don't want to run out of that staff ever again. `

After the lungs I went for the liver and kidneys. ` Never underestimate the power of a kidney filtration system or the liver's importance for chemical production for the body's needs. `

After that I went for the bones. ` I don't want them to stop producing blood, on which rest the whole transportation system of the body. `

Next came the stomach and intestines but I left the most important one for the last place, the brain.


There I was more careful and slowed the process by many times. ` The slower it goes the better the result will be. `

With the passage of time it felt almost like I had a loading bar in my head telling me the percentage of my progress. Soon it crossed the threshold of 90% and slowly ticked upwards.


Finely when the moment came IT felt glorious. To feel at home in that moment would be an understatement. I was the body and the body was me. My Life Essence was the go between my awareness of the body and my understanding of its purpose and function.


` It feels so good to be in control of yourself. To know why you did something, why your awareness was attracted to something to know your own limits and the way to extend them. `


It was only after processing that moment that I came to myself that I looked if my current clarity is enough to tell me about the kill switch and if it's still here. Unfortunately it was but it did not matter for I was the master of my body. It would do what I wanted it to and no one will ever be able to change that.


After that realization I looked for the last puzzle. The Soul. Once my awareness was on it I noticed a tiny discrepancy between it and my current life essence. ` It looks like the body did change my essence a bit. `

Connecting it to my current essence was an easy fix. With that done I let my essence flow into it and stored it there.

Since it was under my control of course I could give it instruction and so I did. It would store my body's generated essence and memories for me to examine later but those memories will be stored separately from my current as these ones will be used to pilot my body through events and slowly influence my surroundings to get my desired ending.


Once all the instructions were in place I check the amount of time passed since I started all this out of curiosity as I had not noticed anybody moving the body and come to realize that once one is not to just limited to the physical brain the perception of time is increased real hard as it only took about 15 minutes to finish all this.


` Ridicules it is and I loved every second of it. `


Back in the Soul double checking everything just in case I imagined a big juicy button called SKIP INTRO and clicked it and everything went black.

A note from Akten Dreams

PLZ for those that read do comment and tell me what you like, what you dislike i really do need all the critics i can get to improve. 

Even if there is no comment tks anyway.


NOTICE - 27.2.2021 - Did some editing for better flow.

NOTICE - 21.3.2021 - Did some editing.

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