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There are many stories about dungeons; places far more dangerous than the world around them. This is the story of an Oasis; a rare sanctuary in a deadly, everchanging world.

Gamelit fiction pulling elements from various civ and citybuilder games. Updates daily, with relatively slow story development.

 [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Cover thanks to TheLetterIsH

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This story is about two young boys, kairen who was left to die in the dessert and Ade, a pathfinder for his tribe. The story mainly focuses on Kairen, whose spirt is tied to an oasis that formed after his death. 

There are certain elements of the story and setting that I like. From what Kairen understands, there are magical oases which cities are built around for their benifical effects. Surrounding everything is a magical space warping dessert called the Shifting Sands that require people with unique inborn talents to navigate. There are certain kingdom building elements that I like and look forward to seeing play out.

The grammar is mostly without error, but the author's writing style is too distant for my taste. There is more focus on the discription of objects and events than emotions or character interaction. Perhaps it might be best to say, that when reading, I don't feel like I'm living in the moment.

Most problematic for the story is that the characters aren't interesting. I think a part of that is due to writing style, with another part being both characters lack of agency.

Kairen is a ghost who can only affect the world though upgrading the oasis, which basically happens automatically. His only input is the order he gets the upgrades in. He cannot go anywhere or do anything. Hopefully this changes in the future.

Ade struggles with the responsibility of being his tribes next pathfinder and is resigned to that being his future. He doesn't make any choices that have any real impact. He seems to have a desire to settle the oasis so he no longer needs to be a pathfinder, but it seems more like a wish that a driving motivation for his story.


I'm not sure how I feel about this

Reviewed at: Chapter 29: Ade

Yeah. Its not bad. And it can definitely draw you in. But it's so passive. Feels like a slice of life. Almost 30 chapters in and not a whole lot has happened. Told from the eyes of two characters ones a ghost who can barely interact with the world, and the other a teenager. I think. I don't remember how old he is honestly, but he is young. 

If you asked me what the plot is, I couldn't tell ya. Not sure if there is one. But the world building is pretty decent, and the nomads feel like real people rather than cardboard cutout npc's. 

I can't say I recommend this since 30 chaps in is still the beginning. But if you're bored, why not. Just don't expect action or adventure. It ain't here yet. Except for one time


Another great dungeon story that cropped up!

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Kairen

Hello, hello!

This is a dungeon story with the twist that dungeons aren't murder-holes! All dungeons, it seems. Not just:

'Hey, this dungeon is special while everydungeon else is a murder pit! Everyone will discriminate against our MC because of that, boohoo, poor them! How will our hero cope with this poor situation, and more importantly, how will they cope with themselves!? After all, it's always the hardest to act in ways different than what is expected from you!'

Geh, almost made myself barf writing that.

If you're thinking, 'Hey, why do they even call them dungeons then?', then you're valid. Your observations are valid. They call them oases. It's kinda in the name. Definitely getting 'dungeon' vibes from some of the options though.

Also, this story varies from the norm by not being isekai! The MC, a kid, actually has background knowledge! How neat is that!?

Style: Short, but sweet. Fun to read, but has short chapters. Shouldn't be a problem with pacing as long the upload schedule remains good.

Story: Good. MC has goal, world seems to be moving, but I wouldn't expect too much. These types of stories are more often about the journey getting there, rather than the destination.

Grammar: It could use a little work, nothing enough to distract from the work, but I remember seeing quite a few spelling errors.

Character: Decent, characters have goals and relationships, but there hasn't been enough real character interactions to judge how human the characters feel. No problems from what I see now, though!

Gabriel Knight

Honestly it's objectively a three star story, but within the sphere where people vote either five stars or nothing, it's probably four or five stars depending on the person. It's written well, but the main character can't by design be very proactive and that makes it almost frustrating at times to read. He also spends about half of the story as an unwilling prisoner (not like you think) so much of the story you just read how he can't actually do a damn thing. It's written well enough and I didn't see any typos. It's not very long so give it a try. You might like it better.


Pretty good completed story. I put it off for later to wait to see if it would complete, and lo and behold it did.

The story is around Kairen, a boy turned ghost who gains control around an Oasis, a magical dungeonesque phenomenon that happens in the Sands. The story revolves around him essentially with some focus on side characters from time to time. It culminates in a climax at the end, which leaves a mainly open end that leaves room for the author to return back if he wants. Overall the story is a 4/5 for me. Not any time was I bored during it.

The grammar was 4.5/5 stars for me. In the 35 or so chapters I binged catching up to the epilogue I saw mispellings twice in total. There is some meaty sentences sometimes, but thats mainly a nitpick. Overall it's clear the authors proficiency in English.

Style is the usual you see on RR, main character with some side character POVs rarely. Not anything too standout ish but it gets the job done. 3.5/5 

Characters actually explored are only a handful, Kairen and some of the nomads. There was some characters which were flat in terms of antagonists/villains, but those were the only issues I saw. Overall the characters aren't cardboard cutout of tropes, and feel real, or at least real enough to me. 4/5

Overall, the story is a solid 4 out of 5 stars in total. If you're looking for a completes story to take up a day or two of your time, I highly recommend giving this a shot.

Kosimo Chaosbold

I do enjoy how the fate of one, who is to become the 'spirit of the place' is starting to interweave with the fate of it's occupants! It's nice that the author did pick up again, after seemingly having struggeld to continue the story, which did not come from bad narration imho.


The main character, Kairen, is a ghost who takes control of an oasis in a desert. Kairen then discovers that he can interact with a blue screen system and choose how to level up the oasis. The blue screens aren't much in the way of companionship, but the main character slowly realizes that he can interact with rats.

The main character, since he is a ghost, cannot be seen, nor can interact directly with humans.

The main character consoles himself through many tough times by petting and talking to the rats.

In the end, despite the humans the main character likes and dislikes, Kairen's oasis is a resort for rats. 🐀

JcW Swe

The story is good so far. I haven't seen stories like this before, so really looking forward to see what the author will make of it. 


The story is from 2 persons pov, and basically one is an adventuring pov and the other kingdom/settlement building pov more or less. Set in a fantasy desert world that is harsh and unforgiving. 


I just keep reading Kairen as Karen... lol


This is just a lovely unique story so far.

GameLit and Dungeon novels are usually formulaic to the point there is enough stat spam a story counts more as an entertaining spreadsheet than a story.

Oasis so far has utterly defied that telling a vibrant story using an elegant twist to nerf "the system" and leave some mystery for the story to grow into. For all Oasis is a fantastic world of monsters and magic, it's about the people so far.



A very enjoyable story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 35: Ade

TL:DR - Give the first 6-10 chapters a go to see if you like it. Its got good writing, fun characters, and an interesting story.



The story has a fairly simple and straightforward style, which is by no means a bad thing. It describes things simply and in detail, with clear language that makes it easy to understand what is happening, but also has enough flair to it that the important moments feel important.



The story has minor issues with Grammar, but nothing that really ruins the story or how much I was able to understand what was going on. Just some misspelled words here and there, the occasional comma or full stop in the wrong place, etc.



I love dungeon stories. The fun disconnect that the MC usually has with the other characters, and the clever workarounds that they figure out to communicate. This story has these elements, with a disconnected MC that uses a fun and interesting way of starting to make contact, but it also avoids a lot of the issues that Dungeon stories usually have.

With a regular dungeon story, everything feels a lot like you're watching someone play a base builder video game. Which is fine, a lot of the time! But Oasis gives the Dungeon trope a fun twist, by having Oasis's instead of Dungeons.

In a world that is a giant, magically shifting desert (from what we've seen), our MC Kairen becomes the controller of an Oasis, which is a large pool of water with grass around it, and is able to get magical upgrades to said Oasis, such as making it larger, warding off monsters, protection from sandstorms, etc.

It's a fun twist on the genre that the author is doing a great job of exploring. Also! At the time of writing this, the MC is unable to read, so all of the upgrade options are described in words, as Kairen see's them as GIF's, basically!



Oasis is doing an excellent job of making me care about these characters. The main focus is on two characters in particular. Kairen: our MC and the controller of the Oasis, and Ade, a person born with the magical ability to navigate the ever-changing desert.

Kairen is a solid MC, both mature and curious, which is perfect for his role as the guiding hand to this Oasis. He is also born and raised in the world Oasis takes place in! No Isekai here!

Ade is a fun character as well, and the Nomad tribe he is in makes up most of the cast to this story. His interactions with people make sense for the world that they live in, and the high amount of pressure and responsibility that it put onto his shoulders has a clear effect on his state of mind.

All in all, the characters in Oasis are very good.



In conclusion, Oasis is a fun twist on the Dungeon Core genre, set in a world where Kairen very existence makes him a valuable asset, instead of a thing to be worried about, like most Dungeon Core stories.

I'd suggest you give at least the first 6-10 chapters a go if you're still on the fence, as the first few are fairly slow, but even then it makes sense thematically. The author is doing an excellent job with this story.