“See you later mom, I'm going to Blackthorns house to retake my test.” A sixteen year old Rosemary yelled in a chipper voice. As she washed her clay plate, and through the split twig she had been using to eat with the ovens fire.

“Okay Rosey, be careful on the way over there, watch out for hawks! Mint yelled back from the bedroom, the rustling of their straw broom sweeping across the floor could be heard.

“Mom! You know I hate that name! Why do you call me that?” The girl puffed her cheeks and stamped her foot as she yelled.

Mint emerged from the bedroom and layed a wicker basket full of spools of red thread on the edge of the table. “Because it suits you so well. Just look at your cute hair, how it frames your face. It looks like rose petals” Mint gave a warm smile that turned devious as she leaned in as if to whisper. “You know, Rowan's son likes redheads, I bet he has a crush on you.”

“Mom!” Rosemary yelled. “He's not my type, stop trying to hook us up.”

“Oh, and what is your type? She inquired as she leaned ever closer, as her dimly glowing blonde hair fell off her back, almost sweeping the floor.

Rosemary blushed as a certain someone came to mind, but she soon snapped out of it, her face returning to its normal peachy tone. “I got to go now Mom, you know how impatient Blackthorn can be. Can I take a magibulb with me?”

“Nice dodging the question there Rosey, your Dad taught you well. Sure you can take it, but this is the last one for a few weeks, your dad can't get them often, they don't grow on trees you know.”

“They literally do Mom.” Rosemary rolled her eyes.

“Nooooo, they grow on vines that grow on trees.” Mint raised her index finger and wagged it as she smirked.

Rosemary gave a pout as she turned tail to leave.

“Be back in time tonight for your graduation party, your father made time to be here for it, so don't be late.”

“Okay mom, seeya!”

Rosemary paused a second and then ran back giving her mother a hug from behind. Mint gave a gasp. “Awe sweetie you're usually not this affectionate. I love you too.” Mint awkwardly reached over her shoulder to pat her daughter on the top of her head.

“Oh and don't go around that sky nymph. That reckless girl is gonna get you killed one day.”

Rosemary pretended not to hear that last part as she talked under her breath. “Not like I could avoid her even if i wanted to mom, she lives at Blackthorn’s.”

Rosemary relinquished her mother and approached her wingsuit, the process of putting it on was a dance to her as she slid her way into the harness that secured her hips against the stiff leather. She swiftly crossed her arms across her body, reaching directly above her shoulders and yanked the loose leather straps that hang there across her body in a X, locking them tightly in place on the buckles that rested on the side of her hips. She then pulled up the goggles that rested on her neck across her eyes, ensuring they were tight enough to not slip. Lastly she punched her arms into the cavity in the wings, pushing the levers at the back. She gave the feathery wings a test flap to ensure the level had done its job in securing her arms.

Satisfied, the girl stepped out onto the balcony, the harsh morning winter winds causing her to rethink leaving the comfort of her small, cozy home for a fleeting moment. With a deep inhale of the crisp air she put on her goggles and let herself fall from her balcony.

She fell down along the side of the tree that her, and three other families called their home. The path she took had been cleared of all branches after weeks of painstaking effort just so she could enjoy this rush. "One... Two... Three!" She counted the seconds of her descent, and as she said three she spread the wings and took a sharp turn, missing the ground by a hair's breadth as she used the momentum from her fall to climb back up, and as she reached the apex of her ascent she once again tucked in her wings, and screamed with excitement as the biting wind nipped at her cheeks. Again she narrowly missed a crash as her spread wings caught a stiff breeze. She continued to flirt with the sky and ground as she made her journey to Madam Blackthorn's abode near the forest's edge.

In only a few short minutes she had casually traversed what would take half a day on foot in the miserable snow, a feat that never ceased to amaze and excite the girl. Soon she stabilized herself, laughing with joy as she looked to morning twilight sun, relishing the sting of the cold air in her lungs as she took in the beautiful sunrise, closing her eyes to bask in the moment.

"Hey Rosemary!". From underneath she heard a coy voice yell at her from below.

"Petunia!" She yelled back. “Do you have to ruin the moment every day? Wait... were you waiting for me? I thought Madam Blackthorn said you couldn't leave the house!”

The air nymph laughed, her mane of rainbow feathers that served as her hair fluttered in the wind as she did.

Petunia climbed to fly alongside Rosemary. "What can I say? Ruining your morning is the best part of my morning, and as for Blackthorn, let's just say what she doesn't know won’t hurt her. She gave a bright smile, which Rosemary returned.

Petunia then fluttered her wings, and dove under Rosemary, flying with her back to the ground she then climbed her way back up to meet Rosemary’s downward facing eyes.

“New shirt Rose? You look nice in it.”

“Yeah, thanks, I made it with my mo-"

“I'd bet you’d look better with it off, though.” The bird girl interjected, sticking her tongue out.

Rosemary blushed a moment at her friends flirting before forcing a scowl as she yelled. "Stick that tongue out at me again, i'll tear it out!"

"With what, Evergreen? your hands are a bit occupied." She made a show of this by tucking in her hands and waving them, before spreading her arms out again to maintain stability.

Rosemary grumbled a bit before replying "I-I’ll bite it out!", biting the air as she drew closer to Petunia, making a show of baring her teeth as she did.

Petunia snickered as her cocky grin grew. "Well if you want my tongue in your mouth so bad you'll have to catch me first! See ya at Blackthorn’s!" She said, sticking her tongue out again, and then falling backwards, dive bombing into the trees below with a chuckle.

Rosemary gasped as her cheeks burned red. "Petunia! I didn’t mean it like that! Damn you, get back here!" she yelled at her friend who had disappeared beyond the canopy.

Petunia giggled as the branches came rushing by, weaving and dancing between them like a seamstress spinning the wind into a fine thread.

Rosemary would not be out done, and she tucked her wings in to reduce drag, shooting through the air as if an arrow had been fired by a master bowman.

The two kept pace, teasing each other with playful banter as they made the sky their home.

"Hey Rosemary, you're getting pretty good at flying. Wanna play the copycat game? She if you can keep pace with me?"

Rosemary thought for a moment. “Okay but if I win I get too…” Her face twisted to exaggerate her thinking, not that Petunia, who flew ahead of her could see it. “Teach you how to swim.”

Petunia looked back with a shocked face for a moment before her confident, cocky grin returned. “You know I’m tempted to say no, but you and I both know I keep track of these little bets of ours, just to humiliate you. Do I need to remind you of the score?”

Rosemary rolled her eyes. “One hundred and sixty four to Three.”

“Sixty five!” Petunia corrected. “Soon to be sixty six!”

Rosemary's smile grew to a cocky grin, and confirmed her friends request. "I like those odds, try me."

“Haha, okay, but don't say I didn't warn you!”

Petunia tucked in her wings and then leveled above a large branch. She touched her feet down before running along its length, and jumping down, doing a twirl, and catching an updraft, doing a loop around another branch up ahead, before finding her level again, gliding along side Rosemary.

Rosemary chuckled. "Come on, child's play!" she said as she Copied Petunia’s moves almost exactly.

“Ah young protégé, you've been practicing I see. Well then try this!” Petunia mocked as she aimed herself skyward, and flapped her wings, rocketing above the canopy before tucking in and free falling. She reentered the trees, and spread her wings just a bit to weave through, aiming right for the ground, and then spreading her wings entirely, narrowly missing the ground.

Rosemary grew a devious smile. "Oh sweet Peppy, you don't know me as well as i thought, i do this every day!"

Rosemary glided a bit before finding an updraft, rising as Petunia did above the canopy, then, with a crisp breath of air, she folded in her wings, but as she mounted the apex of her rise, the morning sun peaked above the horizon, and its light, distorted by her goggles, flared into her eyes. She screamed as she plummeted.

Petunia, who had not yet realized why she was screaming mocked "What's wrong Evergreen? to fast for-"

She stopped as she saw Rosemary hit the first branch. "No.." she said to herself, the words not escaping her mouth. "No!" she yelled again, jumping off her branch, and diving after her falling friend, who at this point had stopped screaming, being knocked out from a mix of blunt force and intense gravity.

The nymph then tucked in her wings tighter and caught up to her friend, who she pulled into an embrace. "Wake up Rose!" She yelled. “Wake up! You win, you win, just wake up!” But Rosemary would not respond. The ground swelling in size as it approached ever faster. "Aaaah!" she screamed, maneuvering her feet downward, and letting from them a strong gust of magical wind which hit the ground, and bounced up, cushioning their fall, despite Petunias efforts the two girls hit the ground with a thud, and both fell into dark comfort of unconsciousness at the mercy of the cold, untamed wilds around them.

A note from Zelda_Anne_Link

Character profile: Rosemary Evergreen

Age: 16 at start of story
Gender: Cis Female
Height: 5.17 Humos
Build: Average, well toned thigh and arm muscles
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Wavy shoulder length Firey red

Mana: 5
Dexterity: 75
Strength: 30
Health: 65
Resoursfulness: 90
Personality type: INFP-T
Spells known:
Spell seed of fire
Spell seed of Wind
Spell seed of water
Spell seed of earth
Spell seed of Healing

    Foods: Meat, Eggs, Cabage soup, Cattail pancakes
    Colors: Bright rainbowy colors
    Activities: Flying, Exploring
    misc: Petrichor, sitting near the fire wrapped in blankets on a cold day.
    People: Mint, Petunia

    Foods: Dehydrated meat, hard tack, spicy food
    Colors: Black, Pastels
    Activities: Walking, tedious tasks
    Misc: Summer, the smell berry juice, cold water, Mrs. blackthorns teaching methods
    People: Grand Perist Yew

About the author


Bio: Hi im Zelda. I'm 23 and transgender (She/Her).
I'm just here to write my rough draft of the bell flower Malady, seeing how people react to it. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
Judging by the type of stories I see here I may be out of my element, but this website came highly recommended from a friend of mine so I hope it works out for the both of us. :)

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