Farmer Boy

by Ken Law

Evel was just a farmer boy in a remote village. Where other boys left to go on adventures, he stayed with what remained of his family, toiling away at the field his father had left him with.

One day, as he explored the woods, he was attacked by a wild goblin. Afraid and weak, he could only cower when a knight came to his rescue, saving him from his untimely death. 

Then, as he stared at the corpse of the goblin, he had an idea, and buried the goblin into the soil before planting some seeds over it. He thought the goblin would act as a good fertilizer! At least, according to that old book he read.

To be fair, it was. But how was he supposed to realise that it would bear so much more?

A slice-of-life story of a fantasy farmer boy growing towards the future, and all that happens along the way.

-Updates roughly twice a week. New chapters every Tuesdays and Fridays-

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Ken Law

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Gibb, Occasionally Omnipotent Annoyance.

Alright, I'll admit it. I enjoy slice-of-life stories usually more than I enjoy stories that take themselves extremely seriously. Mostly that's because slice-of-life is much easier to write, and therefore the average slice-of-life is much better at doing what is sets out to do. 

This story, so far, balances between power and slice-of-life. It never strays too far to one side, but it's going to have to commit soon. The grammar is kinda clunky, but that's just a matter of honing a foundation that is clearly there.

That being said, this fairly decent story is setting itself up to become one of two things, depending on how it continues:

The standard geometric power fantasy. It's already got the math, the power scaling, and the world seemingly lined up to go this way. But I think it'll lose it's way once it breaches the galactic miasma that is this genre/writing style.

Or, it goes business/slice of life. This will be much more likely to occur if the author focuses less on the number of tomatoes and % gained from tomatoes, and introduces more character for our two mcs to interact with. This could even expand into more of a "Beware of Chicken" style story, if it plays its cards right.

In conclusion: Wait and see. It's next few steps as to what kind of progression it prioritizes will determine whether it flops or flies.


Fun story for the moment.. while we are before knowing if it'll be OP or slice of life.


I like that time goes slowly... weeks or months going between two paragraphs, waiting for crops to grow. 

--> I hope the author is careful that the MC doesn't become 40+years without us noticing.

the current concept is nice, and I like the "special-but-not-too-much" origin of the MC: son to 2 above-average+ ex-adventurers  or mercs or whatever !

The MC is currently cute and "purely curious" open to any possibilities. It's great.


This story feels nice and calm but there is one thing I feel is missing that being the world in the begging I have seen no world building. Also it feels like there needs to be some kids forced to stay and help their families farm, because in no way a family would allow their kids to escape.

Sleeping Otter

A lot of errors but a good promise

Reviewed at: Hunting Trail - 4

The premise of the story is good and I don't mind that the idea of how the farming strenghtens the protagonist is extremly similar to "Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm".

My problem are first and foremost the multiple errors. While I don't have a problem with typos or errors in a skill descriptions it substracts substantially from the story if we never get to acually see the farming skill. In some chapters it just assumes we saw it and it talks about specific aspects of the skill. I even went back tp see if I overlooked it but that does not seem to be the case. It was simply never shown.

It's the same with the character sheet. The first time we see it is in chapter 7 or 8 evem though it plays a crucial role in the chapters before. There is a big difference between a stat increase of two points if the protagonist has one point in the stat or he has a hundred.

All in all with the obvious errors and a lot of smaller problems the story feels more like a very rough draft of a novel I would love to read.


I am going to start with I am enjoying this story quite a bit. The author definitely has a future. While it is definitely slice of life, it has enough movement to the story to keep me wanting each chapter.  It also has the virtue of the system involved actually being relevant and not just layered on top of a traditional fantasy story.

The author could use a tiny bit more fleshing out of the personalities for the characters but I'd imagine that will come as they develop the story.

I find the time skips very palatable given the style of the story.

Lastly a thanks to the author for sharing their work with us. Also bonus points for it being a farming litrpg.....all my favorites have some element of farming in them and I find they are always a little bit unique in how they present it.

In short if you like Litrpg novels, or you like slice of life novels, I feel you will enjoy reading this one give it a try.

Well that was all I wanted to say, but apparently that was 175 words so therefore not long enough for an advanced review.  I'll leave with if anyone knows any other farming litrpg stories besides this and Farming for Gold let me know I'm starved for them.


Overall this was quite an enjoyable read although its to be seen how good this story will eventually become. But from the bottom of my heart I tip my hat off to the author, they managed to really hook a large audience into their story so good luck with that <3 

The flow of the story was nice although the MC did get rather overpowered quickly. I dont know how this will really push the story on later but overall it was an okay read <3 

Some problems ( just me nitpicking ). I don't mean to turn off any potential readers with these comments or offend the author just some general things Ive noticed with the story. After all its so much easier to point out what the author does wrong than what they do good. 

The Mc does get overpowered rather quickly so Idk how this will transition the story later on. 

There is a stereotypical love interest randomly introduced so we'll watch how that goes.

Power creep is a real thing here. The Mc gets rather strong really quickly.

Not much slice of life really, more action along with system notifications and stuff like that. 

An Ay okay story indeed 


Nice premise, cool character(s), and it's not being trite and boring even without a big "plot". The language isn't the most advanced I've seen, and I'm pulling a star for the constant switch in verb tenses, but it's a good read. Recommended if you need some light-hearted entertainment. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Farming book with actual farming

Reviewed at: Goblin Raid - 2

So I am happy that there is actual farming or at least planting is mentioned. In a lot of these farming books there isn't any farming or it is only vaguely mentioned. I didn't notice any atrocious grammar mistakes or spelling errors. I also really like the relationship between the main character and his mother. It's very wholesome, I do wish there was some side characters added. Maybe a merchant it something that funds out about his magic plants or something.


Relatively relaxed but enjoyable Slice of Life story about a boy and his mother. Bit of a slow burn as far as progression goes but is a good read.

Since I need 50 words for a review I'll also say that the Main character is slightly basic but considering he is only a child as the story starts it is acceptable.



Great idea for a story, magical faming (and cooking). Never read in this direction yet. Looking forward to see how it goes.

I just miss the exp for farming! He should get some for everything, or at least for the first plant of every monster type ;) And some more blue boxes would be nice.