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Silas--a scavenger living off the ruins of humanity--has spent his entire life fighting tooth and nail to provide for himself and his crew.

But when a scavenging run goes awry and he's snatched up by an android patrol, he finds himself thrown into a cage and priced to sell as a pet.

And when a suitor comes calling, he fears the worst: that he'll be turned into a Domestic, a human lapdog brainwashed into total obedience.

Instead, he discovers an equally disturbing truth: that the creatures who stole his world have created a videogame the likes of which Earth has never seen; a sprawling, game-like theme park where humans are the Avatars and androids are the players who control them.

And to make matters worse, his android guide is as hopeless as they come, having gotten all of her previous Avatars killed in record time.

So if Silas wants to regain his freedom, he'll not only have to fight his way through a world that was specifically designed to murder him in brutal fashion--he'll also have to convince his android guide that he should be the one calling the shots.


Q: Who are you, handsome stranger?

A: I'm Kyle Kirrin, the author of Shadeslinger, book 1 of The Ripple System, published by Portal Books, and I write crunchy LitRPG.

Q: What is Wildling? And is it complete?

A: Wildling is a crunchy LitRPG mash up of Fantasy and Science Fiction. And yup, Wildling is already complete at 64 chapters, or about 120,000 thousand words. You're looking at something like a third draft here--it's fairly polished, but it hasn't been picked over by a copy editor yet nor has my developmental editor seen it.

Q: Upload schedule?

A: 5 initial chapters today (2/15/2021) and one chapter a day for the next month. After that I'll probably slow down to 2 or 3 chapters a week until the story is complete.

Q: How crunchy is it?

A: It's pretty crunchy. I'd put it on the same tier as Ascend/The Land/RSSG, but it might be a bit crunchier than those three?

Q: Is this the first book in a series or a web novel or what? And what are your plans for it?

A: It's currently a standalone with series potential. Full disclosure: this story may head the way of my publisher eventually, but will be available on RR for quite a while no matter what. Likely several months after it's complete with plenty of warning before/if it's taken down.

Q: What kind of build does the MC create?

A: Sword and board!

Q: Crafting?

A: Plenty! Crafting isn't as center stage as it is in The Way of the Shaman, but it's close.

Q: Base building?

A: Two fully separate, distinct bases, both of which play a major role in the story.

Q: VRMMO? Portal? Reincarnation or what?

A: This one's a bit tricky. Basically an advanced race has created a game-like world that closely resembles a theme park. Think Westworld but with copious amounts of loot. And the MC has to fight his way through that to earn his freedom.

Q: Permadeath?

A: Nope! The MC gets 3 lives to play through the entirety of the game world, and death is extremely punishing, but not fatal.

Q: Harem? Or romance?

A: No and no.

Q: Cursing? Blood?

A: Quite a bit of cursing, yeah. There's blood, too, but it's not a gory book by any means.

Q: How can I support?

A: Instead of a Patreon/donations etc, I'd ask that you consider giving my debut LitRPG Shadeslinger a chance. It's free on Kindle Unlimited and the audio is already out narrated by Travis Baldree. It's an epic fantasy VRMMO where the main character gets 3 days of exclusive access to a new game plus a snarky, talking axe to guide him through it in exchange for agreeing to become the target of a serverwide manhunt once the Head Start period ends.

Q: How's it similar to Wildling? And how's it different?

A. The crunch level is very similar, but Shadeslinger is a much lighter, epic fantasy take on the genre. It's also VRMMO, but without any real world components aside from the first chapter. The MC is very different--he comes off as a bit of a jerk early on and can take a bit to warm up to, especially before his backstory is revealed--but he's also got a talking axe that constantly puts him in his place. Shadeslinger's a much more humorous story in general, and it's a great deal more polished as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy Wildling!

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Fifty: The Calm Before the Storm ago
Fifty-one: Coffee Coffee Coffee ago
Fifty-two: This Will Be Easy, Right? ago
Fifty-three: So It Begins ago
Fifty-four: Arrival ago
Fifty-five: Dropping Bombs ago
Fifty-Six: They Can Do That? ago
Fifty-seven: Again With The Kids ago
Fifty-eight: Out of the Frying Pan ago
Fifty-nine: Horror, Dawning ago
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Doesn't take itself too seriously, original story

Reviewed at: Fifty-four: Arrival

Overall a pretty good story would recommend for everyone to give it a chance. On my end, I don't want to make too long of a review so I'll be concise.


I'll put a spoiler tag just to be sure.

Style: pretty standard, nothing game-changer there either


Story: The premise is interesting, although I would warn you that the MC will not become very strong immediately, nor will he overpower anyone in the near future. The progress might seem slow for you have been warned, but a few payoffs make it interesting throughout his slow progression.

Grammar: Not an expert here, far from it and English is my second language but I didn't find grammar to be a problem. Only some typos here and there.


Character: Now here comes the section which made me write this review in the first place. Before anything, I would say that this is entirely based on my preferences and most people might not give a schling about this. Firstly, the main problem I found was with Ezzie. Although she is a really loveable character with some great comedic moments, I found her completely incapable of planning anything in advance and seemingly not caring enough of the survival of Silas. It is not that she doesn't care at all, it's that her words often don't reflect her actions as she "Yolo"'s in most of the dangerous situations, not giving any help whatsoever to the MC, preferring making jokes and teasing him most of the time. On the other hand, the poor Silas is stuck with her and either doesn't care for her uselessness or doesn't tell her because of the contract or some brain manipulation. In short, I think Ezzie, as an android with AI (or maybe that's why), should be able to be more insightful than just saying "I don't know I never went there or never did this quest". She should make suggestions, draw conclusions from her experiences, analyze the situations better than a wild man who never actually played anything close to a videogame... I know she's a child and plays the role of the nice android, but she will never achieve anything with her victim mentality and lack of judgment.


Overall, if you want a fun and well-made story with good humor, go for it. However, if you are searching for something that takes itself a bit more seriously, maybe this is not for you.


Honestly surprised how much i'm enjoying this one!

Reviewed at: Thirty-seven: Mirror Mirror

I must admit, I was pretty sceptical of the blurb. And frankly the first few chapters as well. The core of the story revolves around a fairly standard 'hit monsters get stats' system style. And a decent amount of the story does involve our very screwed-over MC doing exactly that.

What fills the space in between the monster bashing however, some actually really enjoyable character interactions. Without spoiling totally for potential new readers the Main characters involvment and interactions with both his Robot Overlord as well as the various "npc's" (heavy air quotes) is enjoyable.

Like, i'm really surprised how much i've been enjoying his dialogue and the other (mainly 2 other) characters he's interacted with. Often stories with a limited cast become dull because, frankly, the cast isn't interesting enough. The solution to this is often for a story to have WAY to many side-characters, and then the story becomes dull because you don't care about any of them.

Wildling manages to walk that line fairly well, the cast is small. So far It's our MC (/2nd MC) and one other primary 'npc', and yet i'm almost immediately drawn in to all their dialogue and interactions. I'm honestly surprised. 

On top of that, the MC walks a line of being quite believably out of his depth, and yet not incompetent. He's a man whose grown up in a literal apocalypse, and he seems it. He's not very strong or fit, but he's extremely adaptable and has a certain cunning that feels natural. At the same time he makes frankly stupid mistakes and botches things. Sure there's some plot-armor stuff going on but even that feels very light, for both 'in-world' reasons as well as simply due to the author setting up the situations believably.

That said the Main Character, and his Robot Overlord's interactions are absolutely the highlight of the story so far, however enough ground work is being set for a quite interesting interpretation of a standard 'virtual reality/system' setting that i'm honestly excited to see how it will play out and what twists i'm very confident the Author has in store. 


Early review to get traction

Reviewed at: Two

I planned on just reading the first chapter, and then following until it hit a good 30 chapters to binge. I wanted to get some early attention and credit for a solid beginning by the author out in the community in support of the 5 chapter dump they gave. I did read the first two (told myself just one) chapters, and wanted to read more. Grammar is good, story is excellent so far and unique enough I am willing to say its up to the author to carry this strong origin story forward because of course it has to either develop strong MC or its gonna get supporting  character driven(unlikely) but post genesis MC isn't real clear at chapter 2  duh! Silly me for writing a review but its how the site works. I'd like this author to get traction and encouragement as this seems a solid add to follows or even read later based on what I've seen. 


The basic premise is that robots have taken over and use Humans as avatars in some kind of game-like world, with rewards of fame and money for the robots, and the reward of not dying for the Human. However, in that game-like world, you can notice usage of fahrenheit, feet and inches. Which self-respecting robot would use the imperial system?


Literally unreadable.


Just kidding. It's actually rather good, give it a try



Sci Fi Battle Royal Rpg of humans by Robots

Reviewed at: Forty-one: Reinforcements

This story is about androids using humans to play doll in an rpg DnD like world.  Obviously, by the very circumstances, the theme is relatively dark, with what is being unsaid in the story, and the amount of abuse off narrative being huge.  While the horror of the narrative is often kept out of sight via a huge amount of DnD action adventure, the story truly shines when it takes a look at the horrific rpg system's interaction with real world money problems and their abuse of real people and of course the pilots problems with her father.

I'd you are looking for another harem focused isekai, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for a pair trying to edge past a grimdark world this may be for you.


Let's just say, I consumed all available chapters with no break. Grammatically I saw no typos, nor any mistakes that would break my reading. Style is good, not rushed, not too slow. Setting is quite a novel idea, as we currently have an onslaught of trash isekai self-fulfillment. This story captivated me with its clear(for now) world building, no unnecessary flashbacks, and quite frankly a movel ideas. I hope author continues keeping up the quality of this work, as in my opinion its an easy 5/5. 


Buckle up for here we go. Author has put out 50 chapter and that is a milestone so congrats.🎉 With this I feel like the story has enough to leave a solid advanced review. The characters are solid sometimes we have a bit of forced personality due to the insanity our mc finds himself in but it's not jaring or bad just different. The world is well fleshed out apocalyptic and all that but with a twist matrix style robots have taken over and turned a good chunk into vr for themselves with nanos. Where the system is there is life and no destruction. That also ties into story our mc has purpose and his goals are very clear cut to me he is underpowered to the extreme and considered the worst of the worst to start as slowly building his way up. Grammer has been spot on nothing iv come across that broke me from the story. So all together 5/5 Id recommend. Slightly spoilerish ahead more in depth for the world.


Just wanted to gush the vr thing is awesome to me the idea of robots and ai piloting humans was such a left field twist it got me hooked on pure audacity 🤣


I think the biggest issue with this story is that there isn't anything I would say is truely great about it. There are some low lieing fruit I'd like to point out though.

I think the system needs to be cleaned up a bit to make sense. For example, spells are cast as a percentage of a players total mana pool for a constant effect. This provides not reason to increase the mana pool avalible. 

I'd like if more backstory of the world was included. Basically no context for why andriods rule the world with humans as slaves in their death games is provided. 

The ranking system makes little to no sense. What does it even mean? It seems to be an incredibly arbitrary metric when every thing else is put in pure numbers.

The writting style, grammar and characters were all well done. I just wish the story itself had a bit more going for it. At the end of the day, humans are just slaves for their android overlord's entertainment.

Also, those loot rewards for completing an 'insanity' diffuculty quest, utter trash.




An interesting take on a post apocalyptic MMO. A bit of a flip on the head with robots controlling humans. It is an interesting subversion. The abilities and class up is interesting as well. It would be interesting to see how the classes manifest in other players.  Currently only read through the tutorial.