The Love of a Lazy Potato with Cheats- MCU FanFic

by I_am_potato_lord

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

An ordinary but lazy person, with a very ordinary life, dies due to someone else's squabbles. However, death is not the end.

He is offered the chance to live again, in a world which he has seen only in the movies, as part of a mysterious entity's entertainment. After agreeing he is given 3 gifts with no proper explanation for them. Some of the explanation makes little to no sense and some of the explanation is even meant to mislead him.

This is the life of a soul who explores his gifts and turns them into broken cheats, while unknowingly falling for the greatest weakness known to man, love!

[This novel is MCU, not Marvel. There is a difference between both.]
TO NOTE FROM AUTHOR- READ THE TAGS BELOW AND ABOVE!!! If you don't like any of the tags please don't read it.

This is my first time writing fanfic. Remember the first 30 chapters are intricately linked. Somethings won't make sense unless you read the first 30 chapters and all the authors note. If you can't be bothered to do that and drops it before that then goodbye. I don't need you announcing that with a review or chapter comments. If you want to leave then leave, don't announce it like a child seeking attention. I don't give a damn if you leave.

This novel is not for everyone. It is aimed at a select few audiences who likes the romance genre and small amounts of actions. So don't read it if you are expecting anything else.

I don't need you to tell me which direction to take my MC and my novel for the plot and how to utilise my MC's powers. This is my novel so I decide what to do with my MC. You either suck it up or drop it!

Also, I am not looking for readers who want to change my novel or my MC. You either read it and ignore the minute plot holes, things that make you uncomfortable and deal with the fact that there are some things here that you can't make sense of cuz this is a fictional world or drop it.

I won't bother to respond to every single haters, logic spotters. But I do welcome grammar corrections.

If you don't like who the MC is, again just drop the book. Don't come saying I don't like MC change him because I don't appreciate you enforcing your ideas into my novel.

There will be heavy 18 plus sex scenes and violence so don't read this if you don't like those kinds of things.

Not good with writing so don't expect perfect grammar or sensible sentence. I welcome grammar Nazi's to come forth and point out to me mistakes with the suggest edit functions.

This story will have one of its main focus as Romance tag and his relationship with his love interest. Also, the plot won't be heavily changed from MCU, even though MC tries to change parts of it, so be cautioned if you like heavily changed plotline.

This is a free novel. Any attempt to translate it without my permission and taking money for it from people will lead to me taking down this novel.

If you want to translate this, you ask me permission and you do it for free. Otherwise, you are not allowed to translate my novel no matter which bigshot country you come from.

Romance, Drama, Strong MC, Exploring Emotions, Lemon Scenes, Sexual-Content, Average Looking MC, MCU, Not Harem or Polygamy, 1 Love Interest, Slice of Life, Exploring Powers, Rated 18 and above, Gore, Pre-written novel.

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Episode 1- The Meeting ago
Episode 2- For I AM POTATO! ago
Episode 3- Vegetables are healthy and gross! ago
Episode 4- Library ago
Episode 5-Understanding ago
Episode 6-Training Arc Start ago
Episode 7-Peeking into the Training Life ago
Episode 8- New Beginnings ago
Episode 9- Nostalgic Separation ago
Episode 10- High School Life ago
Episode 11- Life Changing Choices ago
Episode 12- Time Skip ago
Episode 13-Here comes America ago
Episode 14- Setting up. ago
Episode 15-Missiles. ago
Episode 16-Beehive ago
Episode 17- One Punc...*Ahem* One Knowledge ago
Episode 18-Whore! ago
Episode 19-The trip to Mexico. ago
Episode 20- Equipment ago
Episode 21- Cockroach ago
Episode 22- Lab Life. ago
Episode 23- Bored Brain Vs Logical Brain ago
Episode 24- Potato Pizza! ago
Episode 25- Our time together! (18+) ago
Episode 26- Consequence of one-night stand! ago
Episode 27- Chatterboxes! ago
Episode 28- The end of a secret! ago
Episode 29- Loving is hard! ago
Episode 30- My name is David Henswick. And I am the fastest man alive! ago
Episode 31-Love!!! ago
Episode 32- Our time together-Part 2!(18+) ago
Episode 33- Orbit baby! ago
Episode 34- A Potato a day keeps a Doctor away! ago
Episode 35- When a Potato becomes the Doctor to keep the Doctor away! ago
Episode 36- A day off ago
Episode 37- Lucky Night! ago
Episode 38-Move! ago
Episode 39-The Pain and the Scream! ago
Episode 40-Week out! ago
Episode 41- Prank gone Wrong! ago
Episode 42- Our time together-Part 3!(18+) ago
Episode 43- Sick Note! ago
Episode 44- Curtains Close! ago
Episode 45-Diplomatic Immunity ago
Episode 46-Worldly Affair ago
Episode 47- Confidence ago
Episode 48- Counter...Strike! ago
Episode 49- Bilocation ago
Episode 50- Internship ago
Episode 51- Booooooks ago
Episode 52-The Door ago
Episode 53- Crocodile Tears ago
Episode 54-Looming Tensions ago
Episode 55- Expensive Fruits ago
Episode 56- Dream Boy ago
Episode 57- Magic Lamp ago
Episode 58- Friendly Visit ago
Episode 59- Start! ago
Episode 60-Set off... ago
Episode 61- Magic! ago
Episode 62- Message! ago
Episode 63- Why are Nuke's bad! ago
Episode 64- Conclusion of Beginning ago
Episode 65- The walk! ago
Episode 66-Shawarma! ago
Episode 67-Our time together-Part 4!(18+) ago
Episode 68- Immature Parents and Mature Kids! ago
Episode 69-The Golden Number! ago
Episode 70- Flute! ago
Episode 71- Hangover! ago
Episode 72-Not Wanted! ago
Episode 73-Our time together-Part 5!(18+) ago
Episode 74- Invitations ago
Episode 75- Wedding and Distractions! ago
Episode 76-Honeymoon ago
Episode 77- Broken! ago
Episode 78- Hak...*Ahem* Seer! ago

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It’s fun but the execution isn’t great

Reviewed at: Episode 19-The trip to Mexico.

The MC's powers are interesting and have a lot of potential, they aren't explored particularly thoroughly (apparently due to the laziness of the MC) which holds it back some.

Sure an immensely lazy person might just be happy with one exploit for their powers but a person that lazy wouldn't put in nearly a smidgen of the effort the MC puts in to things like playing the flute, for example. I get that it's easy for him but it still takes effort and he puts more effort into it than trying to understand his powers.

This also applies to their basically complete lack of interest in doing any research on the world they find themselves in. The MC knows something about the MCU as the author does but doesn't really look into anything and just kind of hopes for the best. That's not laziness, it's stupidity. 

That being said, I don't hate it, the power is interesting enough and has enough potential that even their lack of exploration of it is fun. 

The main issue with the story is it's writing. I don't know if the author is young, if English isn't their first language or what but they either don't read their work before posting or they don't have a particularly good grasp on the language.

The story is riddled with errors, sentence structure in places is off, spelling and grammar is pretty bad, to the point where it would be an almost full time job to try to correct them. I don't say this to be mean, this is a warning for people that can't handle that sort of thing that this isn't a story for you. 

Characters are pretty flat, I've not read particularly far, only about 19 chapters, but up until this point all the characters interactions with others have been glossed over pretty much, the dialogue is wooden and unemotive, and the poor grammar only detracts from that. Conversations are hard to read and follow when English speakers are speaking in pretty broken English. 

The depiction of Stark shows it fairly well too, it takes a certain skill at writing to show a character like Stark, where he's witty and sarcastic in a charming way. In this story he's just rude and aggressive. Again the quality of writing detracts here because it's hard to depict an intelligent character when you can't write fluently.

The amazing reviews are clearly just readers from another site that enjoy the story that have followed here and are supporting the author. That's fine, but it's worth knowing that only positive reviews are going to follow since the people who don't like the story are obviously not going to come here. 

I want to be clear, this is your story, I do not want you to change how the character acts, I do not want you to change what happens. Unlike what you seem to believe and maybe how others treat them a review isn't a demand for the author to change. 

This review is purely to inform those who are interested in reading this story on it's quality. 

I truly wish you well in writing and it will only improve as you go on. I would like to warn you now that you will likely suffer a lot of negative reviews (0.5 starts in particular) in the near future as people don't seem to recognise that there is more than 5/0.5 stars. Don't let this disuade you, you have a fun story, that clearly a bunch of people enjoy and I hope you enjoy writing it.

Part of the reason I leave this review is that the kind of people that will read and be turned away by a review like this and as long are not your target audience. Many of them would start the story, give it 0.5 and leave, I write this in the hopes that they turn away and leave your story be. 

Nothing here is a personal attack on you, it is not meant as an insult to say the quality of your writing is poor, again it is merely a warning to potential readers


Seeing this pop up on Trending, I thought it would be worth checking out mostly because the author's warnings were ten times longer than the actual story description. If anyone is wondering, the premise is that the protagonist dies and is reincarnated in the MCU with three-ish superpowers. The relevant one being that he can command his mind to do something and it will do so to the best of his ability. Work out, memorize textbooks, process and understand information, everything he wants up to and including learning to play the flute. The concept is interesting, being able to mentally sit back while your body and mind operate at 100% is an intriguing power, but the execution makes it into more of a lackadaisical power fantasy than interesting fanfiction.

Style: Fairly choppy, sentences are rarely organized into paragraphs, and words are frequently reused in the same sentence. It's been pointed out by others, but most action relies on "I did this. I did that. I did the next thing." There are very few moments where one statement flows into the next, instead of just hopping into another sentence.

Grammar: It's not the worst I've read, but it's pretty rough. Spelling errors are relatively rare, but incorrect word tense or conjugation, missing articles, and odd phrasing are present in nearly every other sentence. My assumption is that they aren't writing in their native language, which makes for an impressive accomplishment but leaves a lot of room for polishing.

Story: The concept is interesting, how far could someone go if whether they wanted to do something didn't matter, but the execution is a bit bare. The author's defended avoiding worldbuilding by setting it in an established universe, but it doesn't erase the issue that the MC lives in a hollow world. He has no friends, no relationships outside his family, and only takes off two weeks in the 16-18 years after his arrival. All he does is go to school, work out, and play his flute. He gets a Masters degree from Oxford (skipping undergrad?) and then jets off to the US in order to dismiss Stark and contact Pepper Potts. The issue is that he has no motivation or purpose, no reason to antagonize anyone despite doing so, and a vested interest in staying unknown despite revealing himself. Given that his only drive seems to be laziness, it seems like he should just be content hiding out, scooping up tech, improving his toys, and just enjoying being a millionaire. He laughs at the idea of being a vigilante or a hero, but he never stops to consider what his actual goal is, instead periodically explaining things in hindsight. I get that the author very firmly stated that he has no desire to hear readers trying to rewrite his story, and that's fine, but there's a fundamental lack where the protagonist has no goal, purpose, or plan.

Characters: Not great. I've touched on this a bit already, but the only character that isn't wallpaper is the MC and he has little to his name. In the first 18 chapters, nobody does anything except for the MC. No one notices him working out 3-4 hours a day in the orphanage, no one notices that he aces every subject without studying, no one notices anything about the 20-year-old turned 6. And then after nearly two decades of carefully hiding, he outperforms an entire arms company in under a week, inviting governments, Hydra, and other companies to hunt him for fun, before antagonizing Stark for no reason. Does he want to hide? Does he want to rub the inferiority of others in their faces? What does he want?? After watching him grow and set up on his own, I couldn't tell you what the main character's personality is. Incipient villain seems closest, but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be the case.

Overall, this is a story. It has a neat premise in a familiar world, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. If all you're looking for is a power fantasy that takes the MCU by storm and presumably hooks up with one of the Avengers, this will probably scratch that itch. Otherwise, I would recommend heeding the author's words and avoiding it.


Dozens of rave reviews made me expect an outstanding performance, but the story showed very few advantages.

The main character justifies the title of a lazy and average intellectual potato.

For 20 years, he did not bother to explore the mechanics of his superpowers, acting in the rut of the first discoveries. Superpowers and their names are the only positive things I've found. 

The author's style does not inspire empathy for the hero, it creates a sense of a cardboard world in which even such mediocrity as the main character can shine. Scenes of human interaction raise huge Mary Sue flags. Seriously, the first interaction with Stark killed any hopes of a good read.
If the main character, who is positioned as smart due to superpowers, has average intelligence, then the author has to make everyone else either empty or complete idiots, unfortunately.

The author did not bother to describe the process of planning and thinking of Dave, his awareness of the results of his decisions. This gives the impression of impulsive stupid actions, the suicidal recklessness of a headless chicken. 

I couldn't bring myself to read this to the point where the romance begins, sorry.

You should certainly try the story yourself, just moderate your expectations. I really missed the review that describes the downsides of the story when I started reading, which is why I'm so upset and bitter about it.

Pandora's Reader

At the start i went in because it sounded interesting and all the warnings the author put in the summary made me more curious, and it didn't disappoint. I like the MC and his personality, i like who was chosen as the love interest and how she's changed compared to her actual character, and i like the story itself.


It's a romance with it or go elsewhere

Reviewed at: Episode 75- Wedding and Distractions!

Standard OP MC, kinda started slow and first few chapters a bit dry but got better later... But in fairness quite rare for a fanfic to delve into the emotional conflict side of thing. Which kinda refreshing when you realize that the dude that can bench pressed a bus still vulnerable to matters of the heart. Like it said in my review title it's a romance fic, deal with it or go write your own story. And believe me it is not easy as you think. Keep it up author and thank you for writing.



I actually like the novel I read so far. Read to chapter 5 and, while it didn't get to the MCU plot yet, it is actually a good flow for the story. Good development, plot, temperament, setting, ect.

The only reason I am not going to continue is because the author has stated that they are going to have the novel be romance focused. I am more of an action or laid-back guy and while I can take romance, not as a focus. So while I do love this novel, it isn't for me. I do recommend it though.


I can't go on since the whole chapters are tell and little to no show. I liked the first few chapters a lot though but slowly went downhill from there. MC did this that and did great in this while doing that etc. I want to live in the story and not read a summary.


New writer with a fun premise. Chp 4

Reviewed at: Episode 4- Library

Nothing really super standout yet about the author's style yet. It has a great deal of potential and sounds like something the author has a passion about. 

The author seems new and it shows a bit in the writing. There are no major grammar issues for spelling, my only critique for grammar is the overuse of the word "I", a common enough problem for many new writers.

The story is interesting in the basic cheat ability of the main character. All the advantage of working hard without any of the consequences or will power to do so. The mc may become a back seat driver and side character to their own power even, interesting to see how it goes.

For Style it needs just a bit more descriptive parts though once again a real common issue all writers come up against early on. 

That being said it is a fun idea and the author has that spark in their writing that shows promise. Looking forward to seeing them grow as an author and for the growth of the story. 


Worth giving a look through for sure!


I first read this in webnovel and I instanly fell in love with it as I read on, but the day it stopped on that site broke my day and made me cry on how sad it is to loss such a good novel, and then a year later I fine it here safe still posting and I thank that Author who told me that this continued on here at RoyalRoad.


I have to say even though in the summary I was supposed to read the author note's...I didn't. I find this story to be unbearably sweet and cute. I love 💘 the Dave's super power. His super power don't seem to overpowered too much compared to other fan fictions I've read, and yet, especially when the romance begins, the way he uses his powers are endearing. I would come to read this story for a sweet pleasant romance; don't expect this to be like one of those stories where the main character wants to be number one in the world or something. I think being number one for just one is fine for him. *wink*

On grammer, nothing was glaringly, obviously wrong to me.

On style,  nothing stood out as particularly negative to me. Some other reviews said maybe this story wasn't descriptive enough. I think that while I could enjoy some more figurative language, I don't think making the story more detailed is necessary. Part of the process of making an enjoyable story is leaving some detail in the mind of the reader.

On character, Dave reminds me of myself in how he acts. I think if I was in the same situation I would do the same. I somehow feel like most everyone was like an ideal of themselves, rather than a full-bodied character with their own faults and humanity. Everyone has faults, even, especially, in the mcu verse. I know the in a few chapters Dave's romance is going to hit a road block. I only hope that I can read how they grow as actual people, not "perfect" people.