Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis

by Thundamoo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world of sky islands orbiting around a core of mist, humanity is besieged with countless threats.  When a young girl from the slums unwittingly becomes one of those threats, she finds herself capable of horrific things that she can’t help but learn to love...  

Vigor Mortis is a lighthearted story about existential terror.  Come for the horror, stay for the hope.  

Updates Fridays.  Enjoy the read!

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Table of Contents
180 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Wavering Souls ago
2. Their Soul and You ago
3. Return with Interest ago
4. Still Warm ago
5. Yellow Sky ago
6. The Mistwatcher ago
7. Living Blasphemy ago
8. Not a Kiddo ago
9. Fattening Up ago
10. Hunting for Friends ago
11. Team Training ago
12. Home Team ago
13. The Cusp ago
14. Hugs at Home ago
15. Growing Vigilance ago
16. Rout on the Route ago
17. Monstrous Musings ago
18. Hound eat Hound ago
19. Sticky-Souled Situation ago
20. Culture Shock ago
21. Girl Behind the Window ago
22. Future Worries ago
23. Sleeping Twice ago
24. Shattered Mirror, Pt. 1 ago
25. Shattered Mirror, Pt. 2 ago
26. Ego Death ago
27. Monster Mash ago
28. Friendship Prison ago
29. Take Your Vitamins ago
30. Poisonous Revelations ago
31. Hiverock Night ago
32. Mother of Thieves ago
33. Lion's Den ago
34. Trapped Inside ago
35. Future Promises ago
36. Connections Drawn ago
37. The One Below All ago
38. Deus ex Anima ago
39. Lines Drawn ago
40. Family of Lies ago
41. No Better Option ago
42. Hugs and Horrors ago
43. Penultimate Practice ago
44. Worst Nightmare ago
45. Lonely Genocide ago
46. A Hunter's Song ago
47. Work-Life Balance ago
48. Things That Matter ago
49. Do No Harm ago
50. Stacking the Deck ago
51. Twisted Love ago
52. Big Happy Family ago
53. A Lark's Story ago
54. Draken's Den ago
55. Head Full of Sky ago
56. Soul Surgery ago
57. Family Meeting ago
58. Fragile ago
59. Chicken Soup for the Undead Soul ago
60. Stretched Thin ago
61. Delicious Humans ago
62. Void Beast ago
63. Void Child ago
64. Understanding ago
65. Rest and Recrimination ago
66. Big Sister ago
67. Pit of Despair ago
68. Let Them Come ago
69. Sovereign Right ago
70. Feelings ago
71. Center of Attention ago
72. What He Deserves ago
73. Immune System ago
74. Divinity ago
75. Calm Before the Storm ago
76. Skyfall ago
77. Family Feast ago
78. Atrophy ago
79. Blue Ocean ago
80. Being Known ago
???: Dragoneye Mortis, Part 1 ago
???: Dragoneye Mortis, Part 2 ago
81. Forest Ecosystem ago
82. Inevitable Decision ago
83. Monster ago
84. Trust and Respect ago
85. Spooky Sensations ago
86. Monster vs. Monster ago
87. No Escape ago
88. Good Deed ago
89. Rhetorical Questions ago
90. Disgusting ago
91. Personal ago
92. Lady in Waiting ago
93. Being Seen ago
94. Hindsight and Forethought ago
95. Weird Mask Day ago
96. Making Headway ago
97. Heretic House ago
98. Time to Think ago
99. Humanity Overrated ago
100. Life and Death ago
101. Plotting Dates ago
102. Stealth Mission ago
103. Boss Battle ago
104. Deum Timete ago
105. No Good Deed ago
106. Laws and Customs of War ago
107. Goes Unpunished ago
108. Site 4 ago
109. Epsilon-One ago
110. Invasive Examinations ago
111. Meet and Greet ago
112. Parallels ago
113. Crime Against Nature ago
114. Lost and Found ago
115. Filia Mortis ago
116. Ars Longa, Vita Brevis ago
117. Difference in Scale ago
118. Stairway to Heaven ago
119. Last Meal ago
120. Pass or Fail ago
121. Letting It Out ago
122. The Road Home ago
123. Homemade Horrors ago
124. Reunited ago
125. Cross-Purposes ago
126. Sleeping Dragon ago
127. Fire Flight ago
128. Trustworthy ago
129. Unwanted Responsibility ago
130. Skeletons in the Closet ago
131. Hollow Vessel ago
132. Stained Glass ago
133. Depressed Face ago
134. She Deserves It ago
135. Survival Preferred ago
136. Toy Story ago
137. Contentment ago
138. Make Cuddles, Also War ago
139. Big Happy Family ago
140. Stronger ago
141. Soul to Soul ago
142. Follow Orders ago
143. Ironsoul ago
144. Heresy ago
145. Do or Die ago
146. Aftershock ago
147. Dissonance ago
148. In Plain Sight ago
149. Drinking Games ago
150. Subterfuge ago
151. Propositions ago
152. City Killer ago
153. Demigod Daycare ago
154. Worldshaker ago
155. Truce ago
156. Calamity Protocol ago
157. Shells ago
158. Superior Master ago
159. Queen's Gambit ago
160. Pneuma ago
161. Lost Comforts ago
162. Little Sister ago
163. Duty and Station ago
164. Both ago
165. Better Than Ever ago
167. Resignation ago
168. Smooth ago
169. Principissa Mortis ago
170. Principissa Vita ago
171. Little Bug ago
172. Monsters and Mortals ago
173. Regrettable but Inevitable ago
174. Unspeakable Horrors ago
175. Chasm of Disdain ago
176. Teleology ago
177. Investigations ago
178. Skyclad ago

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The story pulls you in and doesn't let you go. A strange young girl from the slums gains a monstrous power...and the urge to use it. As she progresses along her path, her friends and family do their best to make sure she doesn't become the monster she could be. Main Character's Path teeters on the edge and watching this person grow into their powers is a roller coaster ride.


A good fantasy scenario without most oveused props. The main character is not a hero, haven't received a profecy, isn't someone from another world and didn't receive a completely unbalanced power.

A lot of characters have depth and, at least up to now, don't have personality changes just so the plot can move.


Very well written and overall really good.

Reviewed at: 95. Weird Mask Day

I binged up to chapter 95, and enjoyed it a lot. But the further I got in the story the less I cared. The tag line is come for the horror and stay for the hope. The reality is there is no hope. Every chapter Vita becomes more monstrous and less human. Which is a fine story in itself but not quite here I expected it go

 The reason Im rating this so low is because of Penelope. I hate her. I was mostly fine with her character up and through the Nawra arc, but after? I can't stand her, she at first comes across as a cold and analytical person but the reality is she is a pyshopathic monster who manipulates others because she knows better than everyone. And she is a psychopath beyond even Vita. She dreams about murdering people, even getting off on it sexually for whatever reason. She is the real monster of the story to be frank. Which makes no sense because if Penelope was truly that big of a monster why was Penta so sweet and caring? She is Penelope. Sure Penelope does have her facade of the prim and proper lady, but I find it hard to believe that having the thoughts and memories of the pyscho beanth the mask wouldnt corrupt Penta too.


Honestly, if Penelope wasn't in the story I'd still read it, but I want to see everything she works for fail because she doesn't deserve it. 


Wonderful worldbuilding, kinda lazy protagonist

Reviewed at: 118. Stairway to Heaven

Vigor Mortis convinces with spectacular worldbuilding and a well thought magic system, without any litRpg elements. Everything would be ready for an epic adventure were it not for the - in my opinion- bit lazy and too complacent protagonist.

Vita struggles a lot to be making the decisions I usually expect the protagonist to make. Her self agency generally gets passed off to other characters (Penelope, Penta) or outright taken away, and that's why we do not get to see the big awesome world.

Now the reason might be her character background, and it might be intentional by the author, but it really really limits the scope of adventure in which this story takes place. Basicly only the city, the forest and the prison.

You see, we have this fantastical world with hundreds of islands flying through the sky, but we never actually get to see any of it, as our protagonist seems totally uninterested in any of it. She feels satisfied living in the slums as long as her family is ok and she gets to eat (im)material stuff.

Why does she never consider her options as to leave the country and seek asylum elsewhere, where animancers aren't chased, opressed or controlled by their religion. There are several countries on this island and several islands passing by each year. So it should be possible.

The thing I want to point out here is that Vita hardly seems to think for herself and mostly gets told by Penelope or someone else what to do. She rarely considers her options and when she acts it's mostly on whims

Like the completly foolhardy decision to just attack Sky during their peace period because she doesn't like him. At least that was how her motives were first explained. Later Vita (or the author) somehow decided that she actually cares about "her city", which kinda doesn't fit her character at all. And that plan had so many holes without any safeties that I can hardly believe that Penelope or our 'streetwise' protagonist would even think about executing it.


Another issue I feel closing in is that she might outgrow the world too quickly before the reader gets to enjoy it in it's full capacity. Deus Ex is already creeping in and as long as there is not a constant flow of more powerful - DBZ like - antagonist-fodder intruduced, I see that as an issue.

I can already guess there is a plan that the islands closer to the Mistwatcher contain more mana and thus more powerful entities. Seems a bit lazy and might create powerscale issues as her 'home island' might become redundant, but I see the potential if it's done well.


The author also focuses less on the adventure aspect of the story and more on the moral decisions and existential terror. Religion, morals and politics are big topics and make for a big part of the plot content. While this is interesting for a while and important for character develelopment, it seems to get quite repetitive at some point, as we have chewed over the same discussions multiple times already

I hope that down the line a real adventure arc gets introduced where the protagonist finally gets to have some self agency to make her own decisions. Getting to see some new places, getting to learn some new people and different perspectives. Hopefully before Deus ex arrives.

And no, the manipulative Penelope making all her decisions does not count. If so, she would be the better protagonist. Although that would make it more like a political intrigue plot line instead, which I generally don't prefer unless they're written exceptionally well.




Delightful horror in an atypical fantasy world.

Reviewed at: 57. Family Meeting

This little gem chronicles the life of a foundling who suddenly gets powerand the new set of problems that follows.

Found it when it had about 50 chapters published and binged them.

Well writen story with  excelent grammar and language and good characterization of the MC and some of the suporting cast. Strange but compelling worldbuilding with a charcter driven plot.

Highly recomended!



A guardian necromangel.

Reviewed at: 51. Twisted Love

Scrawny little girl protecting a bunch of fiery warriors, while considering it they would be tasty is the best image I have had on my head for a long, long time.

If you put a mirror to it , it would be a healer at the service of the Inquisition, making sure the prisioners do not die and can be kept in suffering day after day, all the while fantasicing about releasing them all

Liking it too much for my own good. To the follow list it goes!


All around good story!

Reviewed at: 49. Do No Harm

This is just... generally good all around? I hesitate to give perfect scores most of the time, but I really can't critique this much at all. It's well written, the characters are compelling, and the world is unique. The first chunk of the story had a really neat, complex plot, and I genuinely didn't see certain things coming. I really, really hope it continues being this consistently solid. 

Each character gives something else to the story, and each individual's motivations seem complex and nuanced, in a way that some serials don't quite hit. I place this story on the same sort of pedestal as I would the Wandering Inn, and I *really* love the wandering inn. 

What few criticisms I might have are negated by this being a web serial. Loose plot points might be wrapped up in time, and strange elements might be explained. Cliffhangers are part of the experience-and we really haven't been tortured too much by them. 

Grammar errors, the usual bane of all things web serial, are basically nonexistent. Some things can be better now and again, sure, but I've never found any form of jarring issue like you might in another serial. Whatever method the author is using to keep things as polished as they are, I really appreciate it- /especially/ given how much  and how often they upload the story. 

Overall, I have really high hopes for this as it continues. 


A hilarious take on necromancy!

Reviewed at: 29. Take Your Vitamins

A hilarious, heart-warming, heart-wrenching tale of Vita, and her desire to get some darn food.

Souls. Souls work as food. Tasty, tasty souls.

Hopefully not human, but when a girl's hungry...

Vigor Mortis follows Vita in a beautiful and bizar world, where everyone* lives on floating islands, mysterious powers are granted to most, if not all people - although good luck getting a powerful ability - and monsters roam outside the gates of the city.

I can't wait to get more chapters, and I look forward to each day (currently releasing an impressing 5x/week) where there's a new chapter with glee.

Style: perfection. You really feel Vita, you feel her hunger and desires, you see the world through her warped lens. Excellently done on all counts here.

Grammar: I've noticed 0 typos, which is enough for a perfect grammar score from me!

Character score: Vita single-handedly carries this category. Other characters are slightly less fleshed out, but they all have their unique aspects and quirks. Brilliantly done cast.

Story score: Pacing is spot on. It's not too slow - we don't spend 30 chapters on one thing - nor is it too fast, where we blink and miss stuff. Spot-on.

*Everyone we've seen as the time of writing this review.


A story very well written for the rate of release.

Reviewed at: 26. Ego Death

Each chapter is fairly short but is also well written and generally lacks major cliffhangers. The grammar is substantially above average for most stories that release this quickly and the characters are more substantial than you would expect at first glance.

The plot moves apace without leaving major holes or dead ends and while not every question is immediately answered most have been eventually.

The style is quick, this is no epic fantasy adventure. Each chapter is essentially one small slice of the main character's daily life as she progresses through the plot. While not every chapter is a single day, each chapter seems to contain a fairly clearly defined block of experiences and time which makes it easier to read one chapter at a time.

I have enjoyed reading it thus far and expect I will continue to do so in the future. The only negative point I can come up with is that each chapter lacks a little body. This can be attributed to the speed at which each chapter is released however and is in no way a major negative. 

I would say overall this is a great story to pick up to read during your free time, and so far seems to be an excellent choice to help fill the gap between slower released novels as well.

Zach G

Just started this on a whim and glad I did. Author writes well so far and seems like the author could make this a good series. I like that it is from a women point of view as there is not enough of that that's well done I think. I am only on chapter 12 but will continue to read this for as long as it is released I think.