Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis

by Thundamoo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world of sky islands orbiting around a core of mist, humanity is besieged with countless threats.  When a young girl from the slums unwittingly becomes one of those threats, she finds herself capable of horrific things that she can’t help but learn to love...  

Vigor Mortis is a lighthearted story about existential terror.  Come for the horror, stay for the hope.  

Updates W-F.  Enjoy the read!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Wavering Souls ago
2. Their Soul and You ago
3. Return with Interest ago
4. Still Warm ago
5. Yellow Sky ago
6. The Mistwatcher ago
7. Living Blasphemy ago
8. Not a Kiddo ago
9. Fattening Up ago
10. Hunting for Friends ago
11. Team Training ago
12. Home Team ago
13. The Cusp ago
14. Hugs at Home ago
15. Growing Vigilance ago
16. Rout on the Route ago
17. Monstrous Musings ago
18. Hound eat Hound ago
19. Sticky-Souled Situation ago
20. Culture Shock ago
21. Girl Behind the Window ago
22. Future Worries ago
23. Sleeping Twice ago
24. Shattered Mirror, Pt. 1 ago
25. Shattered Mirror, Pt. 2 ago
26. Ego Death ago
27. Monster Mash ago
28. Friendship Prison ago
29. Take Your Vitamins ago
30. Poisonous Revelations ago
31. Hiverock Night ago
32. Mother of Thieves ago
33. Lion's Den ago
34. Trapped Inside ago
35. Future Promises ago
36. Connections Drawn ago
37. The One Below All ago
38. Deus ex Anima ago
39. Lines Drawn ago
40. Family of Lies ago
41. No Better Option ago
42. Hugs and Horrors ago
43. Penultimate Practice ago
44. Worst Nightmare ago
45. Lonely Genocide ago
46. A Hunter's Song ago
47. Work-Life Balance ago
48. Things That Matter ago
49. Do No Harm ago
50. Stacking the Deck ago
51. Twisted Love ago
52. Big Happy Family ago
53. A Lark's Story ago
54. Draken's Den ago
55. Head Full of Sky ago
56. Soul Surgery ago
57. Family Meeting ago
58. Fragile ago
59. Chicken Soup for the Undead Soul ago
60. Stretched Thin ago
61. Delicious Humans ago
62. Void Beast ago
63. Void Child ago
64. Understanding ago
65. Rest and Recrimination ago
66. Big Sister ago
67. Pit of Despair ago
68. Let Them Come ago
69. Sovereign Right ago
70. Feelings ago
71. Center of Attention ago
72. What He Deserves ago
73. Immune System ago
74. Divinity ago
75. Calm Before the Storm ago
76. Skyfall ago
77. Family Feast ago
78. Atrophy ago
79. Blue Ocean ago
80. Being Known ago
???: Dragoneye Mortis, Part 1 ago
???: Dragoneye Mortis, Part 2 ago
81. Forest Ecosystem ago
82. Inevitable Decision ago
83. Monster ago
84. Trust and Respect ago
85. Spooky Sensations ago
86. Monster vs. Monster ago
87. No Escape ago
88. Good Deed ago
89. Rhetorical Questions ago
90. Disgusting ago
91. Personal ago
92. Lady in Waiting ago
93. Being Seen ago
94. Hindsight and Forethought ago
95. Weird Mask Day ago
96. Making Headway ago
97. Heretic House ago
98. Time to Think ago
99. Humanity Overrated ago
100. Life and Death ago
101. Plotting Dates ago
102. Stealth Mission ago
103. Boss Battle ago
104. Deum Timete ago
105. No Good Deed ago
106. Laws and Customs of War ago
107. Goes Unpunished ago
108. Site 4 ago
109. Epsilon-One ago
110. Invasive Examinations ago
111. Meet and Greet ago
112. Parallels ago

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A super fun premise and very fun author.

Reviewed at: 76. Skyfall

Over been loving this whole wacky story, watching/reading as characters try  to unravel mytries about themselves, others, and popular truths. As our dear Vita learns more about herself from her actions and others. An incredible read I'll be following until the end! I can't get enough of this setting and our main character.


A wonderful piece of fiction

Reviewed at: 1. Wavering Souls

I have to admit, I was suckered in from the start! Young girl with a terrifying death power? Great hook for a story!


Now, as I'm caught up, I can confidently say that this book is amazing. The worldbuilding is top notch and undeniably breathtaking! The characters are little bundles of horrible trauma (yeah mainly you Vita) and complexity, and I love seeing them bounce off of each other!


The story is terrifically fun & gets very deep! I am loving seeing the moral quandries that come up, and the portions of xenofiction are incredibly enjoyable!


Not to mention with all of this, we have some great LGBTQ+ rep. Canon non-binary characters that are just... Normal humans, is a depressingly rare thing for a book to feature, and it was wonderful to see it here! 

Overall, this book is so worth reading, definitely give it a go! 


Horror fantasy with a unique world and characters

Reviewed at: 4. Still Warm

Beautifully written with a well-thought out epic world set on a floating island above a mass of monstrosity below with souls and the dead. The author's imagination surpasses the bounds of the conventional medieval or xianxia fantasy worlds. Main protagonist comes from a homeless street kid background and though she develops in strength, her origins are ever present in her interactions and perceptions of the world. The other side characters, which we occasionally get their POVs as well, are well described and overall likable. Though sometimes terrible things happen, the motivations are clear for each character and overall I have yet to find one I dislike. Definitely a remarkable achievement by the author! 


yo I started reading it yesterday

Reviewed at: 30. Poisonous Revelations

So uhh I finished reading all the chapters so far can't wait for more updates .I really love everything about it and I'm just so hooked to know what will happen next :0
But yeah I ain't spoiling,go read it and if you don't like it that's ok
I'll be making fanart really soon.


(Edited) Good; story is developing.

Reviewed at: 34. Trapped Inside

Solid story with strong characters, world building elements and decently good grammar and style.

Tense errors reigned supreme for the first 20ish chapters and it made it really difficult to enjoy the reading experience. There are still errors regarding grammar and style, but both aspects have improved and show no signs of stopping their upward trend.

Overalll this story still shows great potential with it's characters and world building, though both have fallen a bit in terms of continuity. Things have also felt slightly forced for a few chapters now and it seems the trend will continue.

Overall I'd still recommend this story.




Wow, that was disturbing. And original. And sometimes cute. But mostly disturbing. I'm a bit concerned about the author now.

I guess I'd recommend this to people who like Lovecraft, but while the nature of the unsettling elements is similar, the perspective is very different, often either justifying them or coping with them.


I like bastards as characters. I like pschotic characters. I like violent characters. I like characters that go through unreasonable bullshit. And I LOVE necromancers.

Whenever I see a character who's just a single insult away from commiting murder and then making their shambling corpse slave away for them I swoon. Not romantically, no she's a malnourished orphan who's probably fantasize about tearing my intestines out for making her feel inadequate by calling her an adorable murder gremlin.

Jokes aside, I really do enjoy Vita and a somewhat recently added foil to her ever decreasing morality. And saw some comments one the most recent chapter that made me think "wow that pretentious wierdo is trying to apply their first year psych class notes to character review what a lunatic." And that made me decide to write a review without spoilers cause I do not know how to add the "read more" thingy.


So anyways, the writing is fun, the characters are fun, the setting is cool as hell, and I really like the way the story is going and hope the way it's going is fucked up, although a moral lesson would be fine too I don't really care so long as Vita is still feral. Anyways love the story.

I may or may not edit this when it's not 2am who knows?


A breath of fresh air (and some cute tentacles)

Reviewed at: 82. Inevitable Decision

let me begin by stating an immutable and important fact:

This story is not a horror story.

The tags and thematics for Vigor Mortis may hint at horror, but this story is nothing of the sort. Here you shall find something else entirely- something far more charming; far more cute, one might say.

Vigor Mortis is an eldrich take on a classic story of finding oneself in a discordant world. This is the type of story that will have you enamoured with things that other stories would use to elicit existential dread. 

If you read this story with expectations of forest elves and weapons from the dwarven forges, you will find yourself equally mistaken. Nothing is quite as would be expected from a classic fantasy styled world and every non-human introduced so far has felt fresh.
Naturally, it's not too difficult to find similar concepts in other fictions. I have no illusions that every idea is something wholly original, however I find Vigor Mortis to be remarkable in just how 'new' everything feels. 

I find my preconceptions of what a fantasy world can be shattered at every turn.

Filled with dynamic and lovable characters, adversaries you shall both detest and respect simultaneously, Vigor Mortis is a standout hit in terms of character writing, in my opinion. 
Each memorable personality has their place in the world: Both in terms of their drive and narrative, characters all have a clearly defined niche they inhabit in the story's universe. Never have I found myself wondering why I'm supposed to care who a character is, or why on earth he is necessary to the story.

That last point might be met with some disagreement in some cases - particularly in the case of certain non-human characters - but I stand by my opinion; Lark is best girl.

The last thing I'd like to touch upon is the highly neutral way Thundamoo tends to write her characters- by this I mean that characters are never judged prematurely by the narration.
If a character's philosophy is twisted, they are emotionally compromised or they simply have a psychological disorder, they go unjudged by the writer herself.

The world will judge a character's actions based on the world design and never based on the writer's own morality. It is both fascinating and rewarding to see this kind of narration, for all too often do writer's judge the actions of their characters by their own morals... when the morals of a 21st century westerner has no place in a world developed under very different societal influences.

That - I hasten to say - does not mean that Thundamoo's own principles are not present, and themes in this story lean very heavily into identity inclusiveness. 

This is a story about a girl learning to deal with the extreme disconnect between her body and her identity. With that in mind, one should not be too surprised when the story explores transgender themes and advocates for acceptance.

All told, Vigor Mortis is a book full of untold wonders alongside familiar horrors painted in friendly shades.

I sincerely hope Vigor Mortis can bring you as much joy as it has brought me.


PS: Sure wish the advanced review scores actually had explanation tooltips.


The characters in this story are well flushed out and endearing. I really love seeing them grow and develop as the story progresses. The more characters I meet, the more I want to get to know more about them. I find myself deeply engages and curious about the lives and outcomes of many of the characters in the story. I feel like Thundamoo could write many different stories all from the people we meet in this book. They are all so interesting. The writing style is also light hearted easy to read. I often find myself chuckling at something that was said by one of the characters. Many of them are so sassy and interesting. The world that Thundamoo has created has lots of depth and is well planned. I can truely say that I have never read a story with this kind of world. Once again, I feel like it is an incrediblly adaptable world and one that many stories could be written about.  I find myself wondering what life is like on the other sky islands. How are their cultures different? What is the life experiences like on some of the other islands mentioned . It is incredibly unique. I was so sad when I got to the last chapter that has been written so far. I look forward to reading more and more of the story is written. 

Zach G

Just started this on a whim and glad I did. Author writes well so far and seems like the author could make this a good series. I like that it is from a women point of view as there is not enough of that that's well done I think. I am only on chapter 12 but will continue to read this for as long as it is released I think.