The Champion's Ring

by Workaholics inc

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Chen Yi had been bullied for weeks for poor performance. That's when he decided to commit suicide. But wait. What did you just say...... he gets reincarnated as the weak son of a chief of a small clan? And he gets a magical ring with a system in it to help him on the way?!?! But wait, not many people like him in this life either because of his weak strength?

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So this one good novel to read. It delivered quite nice prologue and pretty good early conflict to start with. I wanna see how the story will develop and how the mc use his power later on as its supposed to be OP. I also hope the battle that occur will be described more detailed tho. Great novel, keep it up!

Phineas And where is Ferb

his is a very good light novel, one of the best due to its nice description, particularly in chapter 1. It also has a nice plot. I hope this light novel has frequent updates. The other characters are also quite realistic to official light novels and their "introductions"/beginnings. I hope that the character does get powerful but in different ways to mainstream action lightnovels. This is a good novel so far, can't wait to see how it will develop later and is good to read when bored