The Harvester

The Harvester

by Ahra Manyu

Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity, nothing about him had ever been banal. Was it his choice? No. He was merely but a tormented soul doing its utmost to live the life it had learned to never enjoy. 

Would being picked by a glorified universal abductor calling itself a system bring something out of him? Would he finally learn to breathe in the pool of blood that suffocated him?

The Harvester does not sow, he only collects. All he has ever known to feel was loss and the only thing he can do is take. He will devour their hearts and drink their blood if it is what it takes.


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Ahra Manyu

Ahra Manyu

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Pool of Blood ago
1. The First Step ago
2. Assessment ago
3. The Azure Sonata ago
4. Industry ago
5. Encounter ago
6. First Harvest ago
7. Wolfy ago
8. Learning ago
9. Ireful Shell ago
10. Heading to Zero ago
11. Scram ago
12. S+ Potential ago
13. Shadows ago
14. First Howl ago
15. Wolf King ago
16. Avian Trial ago
17. Hunger ago
18. Weapon Mastery ago
19. Zeera ago
20. The Piano and the Puppy ago
21. Discussion & Planning ago
22. First Times ago
23. Raid ago
24. Darkness Reigns ago
25. Rolling in ago
26. Oh… ago
27. Nightmare ago
28. Path ago
29. The Trickster’s Sleeve ago
30. Eyes of the Soul ago
31. Five Minutes ago
32. Delightful Ire ago
33. End of the Hunt ago
34. Luquila ago
35. An Offer ago
36. Toast to Survival ago
37. Guilds ago
38. Throne of Glory ago
39. Old Wang ago
40. To Yearn for the Stars ago
41. Soul Core ago
42. Obsidian ago
43. Pavilion ago
44. A Magical Myth ago
45. Abyss ago
46. Black Steel's Spear ago
47. Wilderness ago
48. Slimy Fight ago
49. Cold Energy ago
50. Battle Trial ago
51. An Overload Implicates... ago
52. Dreorins ago
53. Cold Star Manifestation ago
54. First Spoils ago
55. The Scavenger ago
56. Seed Grotto ago
57. Vermins ago
58. Down we go ago
59. Hidden Boss ago
60. Badge of Honor ago
61. Trafford ago
62. Item Box ago
63. Sorting ago
64. Do Not Seek the Answer, Reach for it. ago
65. Titanism ago
66. Training ago
67. Aura ago
68. Revision ago
69. Duty ago
70. Mental Trial ago
71. The Swamp ago
72. Magic Theory ago
73. Big Doggy ago
74. Curse ago
75. Dark Arts ago
76. Tomb ago
77. The Rage of A Titan ago
78. Promises ago
79. Date ago
80. Board Quests ago
81. Sharing Pasts ago
82. Soul Scourge ago
83. Quest Rewards ago
84. Spiritual Tree ago
85. The Demon ago
86. Never Forget ago
87. Necromancer's Rule ago
88. Dusk Lion ago
89. Ding Dong ago
90. Jill Family ago
91. Soul Drain ago
92. Lyra ago
93. Spiritual Anchor ago
94. Soul Breath ago
95. Regrouping ago
96. Spar ago
97. Catching up ago
98. Gradation Hex Buffer ago
99. Cuteness is Justice ago
100. Enthymio ago
101. First Meeting ago
102. Sinking in Flowers ago
103. Soul Realm ago
104. Heart Shopping ago
105. Weapons & Names ago
106. Relax ago
107. Gu ago
108. Infinity ago
109. Stampede ago
110. Stampede II ago
111. Tyran ago
112. Cold Star Reinforcement ago
113. Taste of Success ago
114. Lazy Day ago
115. Eva ago
116. First Blade ago
117. Spell Evolution ago
118. Soul's Decree & Primal Soul Core ago
119. Star Puppetry ago
120. Weapon Practice ago
121. Lullaby of the Soul ago
122. Cōl Lāli ago
123. Runecraft ago
124. Sweet Girl ago
125. Full Moon ago
126. His Madness ago
127. Insanity's Stairway ago
128. Werewolf’s Moon Shine ago
129. Star Hearth ago
130. Golden Sea ago
131. Oasis ago
132. Aquarius ago
133. The Exalted Quill ago
134. The Three Tales ago
135. Heavenly Chaos Box ago
136. Asura & Hydra ago
137. Grit Castle ago
138. Skulking Angels ago
139. It's Normal ago
140. Green Lamia ago
141. The True Potential of Void ago
142. Best Tactic ago
143. Freedom ago
144. Dungeon Bane ago
145. Wilden ago
146. "Smashed it." ago
147. Plateau Zero ago
148. The Morbid Equilibrium of Wealth ago
149. Club Cards ago
150. "That's cool too." ago
151. Gravity Room ago
152. The Book ago
153. Simulation Trial ago
154. Legends, Ancients, and Ultimates ago
155. Bugs! ago
156. Wild Boss ago
157. Level Alteration ago
158. Kings ago
159. Dungeon Tear ago
160. Resurfaced ago
161. Jealousy ago
162. A Factory ago
163. What is love? ago
164. A Threat ago
165. Good Evening ago
166. Sub-Guild ago
167. The White Witch ago
168. Breaking In ago
169. Dimension Breaker ago
170. Beyond Yourself ago
171. Dragon Clan ago
172. Powermove ago
173. The Demon's Specter ago
174. The Kind Demon’s Kin ago
175. Believe ago
176. All Virtues Shall Sloth ago
177. Wisdom of Ariv ago
178. Errands ago
179. Inventing Magic ago
180. Skulking Sonata ago
181. Magic Lesson ago
182. Full Shift ago
183. Natcattiram Viḻuntatu ago
184. Foxy & Foxy ago
185. Earth [ᛤᛡ.63.5B] ago
186. Rich Again ago
187. Karna Xiorra ago
188. A Nap ago
189. Soul Diving ago
190. A Bad Guy ago
191. Symphony ago
192. Ordeal ago
193. The Boogie Man ago
194. What Lives In Your Dreams ago
195. Chimeric Core ago
196. Wight Andante ago
197. Legendary Wolf Emperor ago
198. Myth Council ago
199. The Storm ago
200. Fang ago
201. Vampire ago
202. Spill The Blood ago
203. The Mightiest Star of All ago
204. Eye of Symphony ago
205. Chalice of Wishes ago
206. Overhaul ago

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Tries to fill a niche but doesn't quite deliver

Reviewed at: 7. Wolfy

This story  sets  out to  do one  thing and  one thing only  --  the MC is supposed to be a certified bad ass and the general plot of the story is a fairly generic power-trip wish fulfillment fantasy. Unfortunately, the execution is somewhat lacking here, although there are still some interesting ideas within the story itself. It's still alright for a popcorn read, but don't expect too much.

I'll get the grammar out of the way first -- it's very good, so good job there.

The writing style is quite wooden. This is something that really does need to come with time, but essentially the sentence structures are all very similar and it makes reading through the story quite repetitive. Look towards showing instead of telling as well as flipping the construction of your sentences around ("Rakna does X" vs. "Doing X, Rakna ...") to give your writing a little more life.

The story is pretty unfortunate. There are some interesting concepts scattered about, such as the way levelling works and how the scarf works, but the excessive amount to which the main character has already been powered up (even before he meets anyone else) is a huge turn-off. I'll go into that a little more later. Additionally, the way in which this happens is not natural at all; it's almost like the author knows that it's somewhat bullshit for the MC to get all of the things he is getting, so their immediate defense mechanism is for the MC to ask 'why am I getting this/why am I here' and get an immediate handwavish response, to which the reply is inevitably some flavour of 'oh I guess that makes sense'. There is no mystery to the story because all questions are instantly answered and done so in an unsastifactory manner. For example, little thought is given towards the fact that just before the whole system event happens, the MC runs into a sentient snake and manages to get over it within the space of a few minutes as well as knowing instantly where it came from because of his dark and mysterious past. Like what? It would have been much more interesting if he had known nothing about the snake and over the course of the story the snake could have gotten smart enough to tell its own story. Instead, it is relagated to a looker-on for the most part and played for mugged reactions (which are not very varied either). 

The worst part of this story is the characterisation. None of the characters are anything more than one-dimensional hunks of cardboard used to show off the story -- the MC is supposed to be this emotionless stone-cold killer and is pretty much edginess incarnate, but it's so overkill that you can't help but laugh at how over-the-top it is. Additionally, he doesn't seem to be able to properly function around the two women he has met so far even though he's supposed to be a sociopath -- it just doesn't make sense. If your main character is a sociopath, the surrounding characters need to be deep enough to play off that sociopathy. Instead, you have the snake just looking at him funny all the time and everyone else just kind of ignoring his behaviour or just handwaving away his inexplicable competence at literally everything.


I'm sorry if it comes off harsh, but I do feel that there are some interesting concepts in here somewhere -- it's just held back too much by the main character being too good at everything for his own good.




not for me - cringey and overkill

Reviewed at: 42. Obsidian

as a reader, i should be curious about story. This one couldn't do it.

There are only 3 characters -> MC, side-kicks and stepping stones. No more.

Side characters only talk about how mysterious the MC or how dark he is. Voo he is super cool.

MC being badass with "past, traumas, nightmares, split personality" is kind of flag for your goth teenager story. It is like "Teen wolf" but litrpg, cold MC and without romance.

MC dont have any purpose. He is like "because of this system, i had to wake up from my nap, so i am gonna beat its' ass". I mean... mc ridicule players because they became slave of system then does same thing with "i am different, i am gonna beat system's ass".

while side kicks praising MC non-stop, narrator does its too. Narrator always comment about MC's actions like how correct MC is or how brave he is. You shouldn't do it, as a reader i needed to read these traits between lines, not because you describe them.

As for system, normally litrpg makes story easier. You could assess characters with numbers but so many spesifics not always good thing, it could be overkill. MC gain OP skills easly but other ppl dont or system describe ranks as roman numbers which is weird cuz a alien says "no one knows why". The alien is probibly older than earth civilizations and system itself much older than all but using roman numbers and no one knows why??

For conclusion, i wouldnt recommend this novel. It could be good but it didnt. 

Don tragedia

Honestly, I tried really hard to like this story but I just couldnt do it. It is not even the story itself that puts me off but the mc, the author tries really hard to make him some sort of badass only for it to end up like a typical op character that is cringe as all hell.



Standard litrpg story, reasonably interesting. It's just marred by a very Mary Sue a MC. MC is edgy and gets all the power without effort thus there is no tension. Writing is ok there are some grammar errors but not to kant of them. The encounter are interesting and it would have ben quite nice with an intelligent but under powered protagonist.


simply marvelous, I love the way he is so nonchalant about everything, and the system society is one of my favorite concepts so far, and the pets are awesome as well. This is by far one of the better LitRPG novels out there and you will regret not reading it

jesus perez

So far I'm liking everything your throwing out there. One point I'd change would be in the fight scene grammar in specific. When reading it feels wrong and kind of choppy. "He does this, then he does that" type of thing I'm not an English major by any means so I can't put any ideas out there to help but it just wrong to me when I was saying it in my head idk if that will help any but good job I read up to the latest chapter no idea why it says chapter 2


A really good read

Reviewed at: 61. Trafford

Ok, lets be perfectly honest and say that this story is about a over powered op main character. The story knows this, nods to this, and makes a good laugh about it too.

The writing style is nice and the story so far has some pretty good depth to it. Though i could just be a easy critic, i still cant wait to see what the author has in store for us

The story has loot, nice boss fights, a beast companion, smart strong from the start protagonist, fun/funny side character, and a system god that might be regretting messing with someone's nap timešŸ¤£

I can't really think of anything negative to say about this novel, i mean yes theres the little like "why this" or "plot armor" but it explains it for the most part. The main character gets good loot cause his luck stat is higher then most. The main character is strong because hes been trained by the best there was. He learns and gets awesome skills cause he has a skill that helps him learn. When you throw it all together of course your going to get an op person unless the guy is an idiot 







So far I really enjoyed this story, the system is enjoyable to read and not to hard to understand, and the story doesn't suffer from extreme edge like a lot of system story's out there.

I hope to see more of this story and It's quality.

Needs 50 or more words



It would have been 10 stars

Reviewed at: 78. Promises

Well at first I actually started reading this story out of boredom... I thought might be interesting but it's description nearly kept me from reading it actually, so did the cover... Both don't do this great story justice... Sorry for that one... I know how hard it can be to find the right words to describe a fiction without telling too much... 

But when I started actually reading it I was immediately surprised in the best way possible.

Of course there are many elements we get quite often like the system, but this system is actually explained as in how works and so on. I really hope to get more of it in the future.

The broken main character is an other thing we get quite often, but either way there  is far more to Rakna than meets the eye. Not only his fast improvement (the well known element) but also his actual upbringing, 'decease' and reasoning make him special. Also he seems cold in the first place, after some time one asks oneself whether he really is that way or if it is only 'safer' for him to believe so. I am really looking forward to his further development. 

Anyway it is not only him, but all reappearing characters are well-developed and interesting. Nothing like you know one... 

The world building is not as outstanding as the characters but still very creative.


All in all, even if I did point out some points... I think it's one of the greatest stories in here.

10/10 (if it was possible) 


If you like alpha male then this is for you.

The grammar is great, the characters have depths in them but I feel like their presence only highlight the awesomeness of the mc, the world building is ok.

I think the concept of the story is similar to most korean novels/webtoons, but that's just my opion.

Nevertheless it was quite good read.