Morcster Chef

by Actus

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Adventurers flock to massive crypts brimming with riches and promises of power. Heroes storm the gates of dark fortresses, their swords drawn in the name of freedom. Gods tear the heavens asunder, clashing over the fate of the realm itself. Arek cooks lasagna and tops it with a dash of finely chopped basil. 

An orc who has seen more than his fair amount of fighting, Arek wants nothing more than to share his love of cooking with the world. However, when Ming and her crew of misfit adventurers hire him as their full-time chef, Arek's plans of avoiding violence crumble. He swore off killing for money and fame, but you can't make Wyrmfire Steak without killing a dragon.

Morcster Chef is a slapstick comedy novel that follows Arek and his new band of compatriots as they travel across the world, storming dungeons and cooking the best food that swords can kill. All the recipes that Arek uses can be found in the author's notes at the bottom of the chapter. They're all ones that I have personally cooked and vetted. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1 - An encounter ago
Ch 2- Arrival at the Camp ago
An Orc Chef?? - Ch. 3 ago
The Second Meal - Ch. 4 ago
What are these doing here? - Ch. 5 ago
Heading to Greenridge - Ch. 6 ago
Greenridge Den - Ch. 7 ago
The first tavern - Ch. 8 ago
Arek's first cook off - Ch. 9 ago
Baking the rolls! - Ch. 10 ago
Aftermath of the first cookoff - Ch. 11 ago
Greenridge Den's dungeon - Ch. 12 ago
A meeting with Vontelly - Ch. 13 ago
The first dungeon - Ch. 14 ago
Taking on the goblin camp - Ch. 15 ago
Mutated goblin! - Ch. 16 ago
Taking on the second floor - Ch. 17 ago
The blacksmith -Ch. 18 ago
The Courtyard - Ch. 19 ago
Taking on the King - Ch. 20 ago
Leaving the first dungeon - Ch. 21 ago
Return to the tavern - Ch. 22 ago
Saving Raud's pasta - Ch. 23 ago
Pasta salad! - Ch. 24 ago
Starpiercer Guild - Ch. 25 ago
Moonrune - Ch. 26 ago
A midnight meeting - Ch. 27 ago
Greenridge Den's Market - Ch. 28 ago
Identifying the Moonrune - Ch. 29 ago
Finding the party - Ch. 30 ago
Using the Moonrune - Ch. 31 ago
A request - Ch. 32 ago
Farmer Lewis - Ch. 33 ago
Planting the crops! - Ch. 34 ago
Bathtub - Ch. 35 ago
Challenged Again - Ch. 36 ago
Steak off - Ch. 37 ago
The steak off victor - Ch. 38 ago
A victorious dinner - Ch. 39 ago
Promotion offer! - Ch. 40 ago
The first step to Riverfall - Ch. 41 ago
The training begins - Ch. 42 ago
A midnight talk - Ch. 43 ago
Belmont's truth - Ch. 44 ago
The training continues - Ch. 45 ago
Belmont's new spell - Ch. 46 ago
The road to Riverfall - Ch. 47 ago
Magus - Ch. 48 ago
Magus's mistake - Ch. 49 ago
Riverfall City - Ch. 50 ago
Riverfall's adventurer's guild - Ch. 51 ago
The Tavern Line - Ch. 52 ago
The Dungeon Delve - Ch. 53 ago
Riverfall's market - Ch. 54 ago
Iridescent Oranges - Ch. 55 ago
Respect the oranges - Ch. 56 ago
The Red House - Ch. 57 ago
Reunion - Ch. 58 ago
Uri's Dish - Ch. 59 ago

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Henry Furlow

A really nice book that includes dungeoneering as well as cooking. It has many nice recipes, which is why I am convinced that the story is just to lure people into finding and making the recipes.

The author's notes and comments suggest this may be accurate. While the story itself is really good that is because the author has written books that aren't lures before. The book being good doesn't mean that it isn't a trap.

Some would argue this is just a weird conspiracy theory, but why do they say this?

The answer is that they are part of the conspiracy!

Some were paid off, but others helped make the trap itself!

Wake up, see the truth.


The food sounds fantastic! I'd love to recommend a tarte tartain ( ) as a dish, as well as a Thai Glass Noodle Salad ( ). You could even add some science by adding tumeric or red cabbage to the glass noodle cooking water and drizzling lime juice on it while serving ( ).


Oh right, story rating. It's good.


I have read many different and inspired stories on this website, but nothing quite like this. At the time of this review there are only a few chapters, but that hardly matters as the story is bound to pull you in from the first scene.

The setting is different, yet easy to grasp.

The characters are each unique, identifiable, and most of all interesting.

The descriptions are wonderful, just enough to inform and direct the reader, yet not overbearing.

And while this might just be personal preference, the comedy is spot on, adding humor and depth to the story and it's character.

(Also the recipes are a nice touch.)


It's great story with great food and the characters are well fleshed out!

I really like how the story comes together!

But where's the pizza, fried meat, and steaks!


The grammar is great too and the story's pacing is good been awhile I had something new that decent!


And 50 words for the review is too long lololooool


a fantastic tale and a side of mouthwatering dishe

Reviewed at: Reunion - Ch. 58

The characters are well written, the pacing is very nice as well. There are no visible grammar issues and the characters draw you into the story. The Orc chef, though shrouded in mystery, isn't a dislikable fellow. His adventures pull you in and, when you've caught up, leaving you wanting more. I eagerly await each new update!


One well written spicy meat-a-ball

Reviewed at: The Red House - Ch. 57

Very well written. The cooking scenes remind me of Brian Jacques Redwall series in the best way possible. Grammar and sentence structure appear well edited.

The story has good flow and story progression. Some small inconsistencies like the interaction with Magus or the ever present overconfident Xianxia dumbasses (a-la Starpiercier guild) I could take or leave.

I look forward to the continuation. 


Overall, the story is pretty good. It really leans into some cliches, but the there's enough novelty also there to look past that. The concept is explored nicely and there are enough details put into the actual cooking to make it feel like realistic.

However, I'm still dropping this story. My reason for doing so goes back to a single minor but pervasive flaw that has become harder to overlook with each chapter. The problem is that every single character talks exactly the same. They have the same EXACT voice (which just happens to also match the narration) and it's kills their characterizations for me. The more they talk, the less the orc feels like an orc, the less the noble feels like a noble... etc. Ultimately, this causes the dialogue to feel stiff and emotionless. Instead of character playing off each other when they interact, they just blur together instead.


Good food, good story, good character

Reviewed at: Promotion offer! - Ch. 40

An excellent story so far, and which promises more to come without trying to complicate itself too much.

The author's done a great job of melding different pieces of the characters' lives into the narrative - from the casual enmity to orcs to the over-the-top cheese that characterizes cooking contests in this world. Characters are recognizable and haven't had too much depth in their motivations just yet - but that's not the point. There is promising groundwork, and great fun to be had. 

If you pick this up just to enjoy an afternoon off, you won't regret it. Cheers!

sleepy fluff

Good book, with nice cooking

Reviewed at: The Red House - Ch. 57

So far the book has been quite good. I's a mix of adventure, fantasy, and food. The food part is especially interesting, as mostly ingridients are described but not named. The author also includes the recipes for the food in the notes. I tried making one of the recipes, and it was pretty good. Overall, I think it's a fun story, that is easy-to-read. I would suggest it for anyone who is looking for some light reading, as thus far the book is quite light without heavy motives. 


I LOVE the fact that food is an integral part of this adventuring novel.

The main character, Arek, is an orc that enjoys cooking. 

Arek joins a group of dungeon delvers, The Happy Sunflowers, as their cook.

Cities are where Arek's culinary experiences are broadened and spread to others, whereas dungeon delving chapters give farming experience and ingredients. 

My deepest wish is for Arek to gain a non-cook apprentice that can learn techniques. It would give some insight into what Arek considers the basics of cooking.

Here's to hoping for many new cooking experiences!