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Chapter 11: The Moro Saga Part 4


A note from Superboy8338

Long chapter this time. It may give off that impression, but it IS NOT the last chapter.

“Wait.” Elder Pybara says with concern, pausing the whole group’s training. “Can you feel the Earth’s aura?”


“Yes, the fighting’s just started.” Vegeta answers as he turns to face the elder.


“Well? Don’t you gotta rush over there?” Hatska asks.


“No point… Not until I’ve mastered this technique...” Vegeta broodingly replies and then turns and points at Shadow and his children. “Speaking of which, how come they get to learn more of your techniques?”


“Because we were here longer!” Toru and Alice proudly shout in unison.


“Also, our spirits are far less volatile than yours.” Shadow adds.


“TCH!! Now! Once more!” Vegeta says curtly with annoyance in his tone. “From the top Pybara.”


“IT’S ELDER! ELDER PYBARA!” Hatska yells, trying to correct Vegeta.




Sometime later on Earth, Moro has begun his assault on its defenders. He has already defeated Uub with minimal effort and has completely and utterly annihilated the gentle giant, Android #16...


I don’t get it, how’d this guy get so much stronger...?! A puzzled Ultra Instinct Omen Goku thinks to himself as he fires a Divine Kamehameha at Moro. And what’s up with his appearance? He has six arms now and his skin looks like it’s made of metal.


Seeing that his Kamehamha isn’t doing much damage on Moro, Goku charges at him, throwing a devastating punch followed by a kick, but Moro is able to block both attacks. Goku is able to land a headbutt on Moro and then kicks him, sending him hurtling down. As Moro falls, he uses his magic to telekinetically pull Goku towards him. Goku counters by throwing a barrage of Soaring Fists which allows Goku to both damage Moro and to try and keep his distance, but to no avail. As Moro is able to pull Goku close enough to him, they both land powerful gut punches on each other.


As they both reach the ground, Goku is able to separate himself from Moro. Goku flies right at Moro, but then disappears, dodging Moro’s Energy Absorption and appears right behind Moro and throws a mighty punch. Moro quickly tilts his head, dodging the punch, grabs Goku’s arm and then throws him away. Goku then vanishes mid-throw.


“Hmm?” Moro mutters as he aims and fires a supercharged magic blast at the unconscious Uub “This should make you come out.”


“UUB?! NOO!!” Goku yells as he tries to save his student while revealing himself and leaving himself wide open for an attack from Moro. “AAAARRGHH!!!”


Thankfully before the blast even makes contact with Uub, Buu rushes in and saves Uub by using his super breath to inhale the blast. Upon sucking up the blast, Buu inflates, but is unable to contain the blast and subsequently explodes, scattering pieces of himself everywhere.


“I’ve consumed countless planets since our previous encounter.” Moro proudly announces as he fires another magic blast, this time at Goku. “All of which have filled me with enough energy to transcend the very gods.”


Goku deflects the blast, but Moro suddenly appears behind him and uses his four arms to grab Goku and bear hug him to death.


“G-get off of me!!” Goku shouts as he struggles to get free.




The dust clouds from where both Buu and Uub were begins to die down, revealing a glowing energy sphere. Within the sphere, Uub regains consciousness.


“S-someone saved me...” Uub mutters, unable to move. “But who was it...”


“U~ub?” A disembodied Buu calls out eerily. “U~ub?!”


“Who are you? Did you bring me to this place?” Uub questions.


“I am Buu.” Buu replies.


“Are you…?” Uub continues to question. “I d-don’t know what it is, but I get the feeling we’ve met b-before. I have memories of you.”


“Long ago Buu and Uub were one and the same. This Majin Buu brought all his energy together and a good Buu was made.” Buu answers. “It was you Uub, born of the good inside.”


“Y-you and I are the same being? REALLY?” Uub asks.


“That’s right!” Buu answers. “Time now for Buu and Uub to be one again. Uub’s power plus Buu’s power!”


One by one Buu’s pieces gradually jump onto Uub and are absorbed into Uub’s body. A bright yellow light emanates from Uub and the sphere fades away. The light dissipates in a swirl of flashes, revealing a new and improved Uub, Majuub.


“I feel stronger than I ever thought I’d be…!” Majuub says as he flies back to the battle. “Thanks Buu I owe one... Now let's go see Moro.”




“You hoped to bring our bout to a hasty conclusion while you still had stamina for it. But too bad for you…” Moro smugly monologues. “...I’ve been waiting for your inevitable decline.”


“If you were just stalling for time, that means you don’t think you can beat me when I’m at full power, huh?” Goku replies while powering up. “And if I can keep hitting you with all I’ve got. I can win this.”


Before Goku and Moro could continue their scuffle, Majuub flies in and fires a Candy Beam, forcing Moro to dodge by jumping high into the air. Majuub flies right at Moro, but Moro fires a magic blast at Majuub who dodges by simply flying around it and is able to uppercut Moro. Majuub quickly follows up with an elbow to Moro’s chest, sending him flying and then appears where Moro is going to be and kicks him downwards into the ground. Moro grabs Majuub by the leg and throws him onto the ground. As Moro tries to throw him again, Majuub is able to kick Moro away, freeing himself in the process. Majuub proceeds to fire a volley of ki blasts, but Moro is able to block them all thanks to his six arms. Moro counters by charging at Majuub to deliver a mighty punch, but the super warrior is able to block it and the two fighters begin to exchange rapid fire punches and kicks. Majuub is able to overtake Moro and punch him into the ground, leaving a crater.


“Perhaps I approached you too cautiously after all.” Moro calls out while grinning. “If this is the true extent of your power… Then I will not fall to you”


“Dammit!” Majuub mutters in frustration. “What’s your body even made of?!”




As the battle rages on, Moro dodges both Goku and Majuub’s attacks and counters them by grabbing onto Majuub and swings him like a mace, knocking Goku away. Moro proceeds to toss an unconscious Majuub away and then elbows Goku to the ground.


“Their attacks aren’t landing anymore!!” Gohan shouts with frustration, watching the battle ensue with Piccolo at his side.


“Oh? What happened to your trademark speed?” Moro sneers as he watches Goku get back on his feet.


Goku tries to go in and punch Moro, but is then kicked away by Moro. As Goku is sent flying like a ragdoll, he is able to quickly recover and begins charging his energy.


“It appears you’ve reached your limit.” Moro states satisfied by his dominance. “That said, consider me shocked that you amassed such power.”


“This isn’t over!!” Goku says determinedly as he continues to charge his energy. “I ain’t done yet.”


Goku then flies up, propelling himself at Moro to deliver a punch. Moro easily blocks the attack, but Goku quickly follows up with an elbow to Moro’s jaw. Angered, Moro fires a mouth blast at Goku which engulfs him and breaks his guard. Moro takes advantage of the opening and grabs Goku by the leg and throws him on the ground. The very instant Goku makes contact with the ground, Moro flies in and stomps on Goku’s abdomen, knocking Goku out of his Ultra Instinct Omen form.


“That’s enough fun for now. Yes… It’s about time to consume your energy.” Moro says with a devilishly delighted tone.


As Moro prepares to absorb Goku’s energy, he is forced to stop and dodge #17 and #18’s sneak joint sneak attack. Moro lands some distance away from Goku and the androids.


“Looking to snack on some life energy, freak? Try some of ours.” #18 says, daring Moro.


“Spoilers-- We don’t have any.” #17 says mockingly.


“Artificial life forms? To think this planet possessed such technology.” Moro says somewhat astonished.


Both androids try to land more attacks, but Moro simply swats them away. They then attempt to deal a Dual Super Electric Strike, it lands, but it only manages to leave a scratch on Moro’s chest.


“Such power… It’s a shame that I can’t steal it.” Says Moro with a devilish grin.


“What the hell? It’s like we’re fighting a lump of metal.” #18 says with frustration.


“Our strongest attacks are barely even making him flinch!” says #17.


“Piccolo, should we join them?” Gohan asks his friend and mentor.


“And what? Let Moro absorb our energy…?” The namekian answers, shutting down Gohan’s suggestion. “Diving into this battle recklessly would only serve to further strengthen Moro.”


As Goku struggles to pick himself up, Shadow uses the Kai Kai technique to teleport himself, Vegeta, Wu, and his group to the battlefield.


Just before flying away, Shadow quickly tells Vegeta, “If you need us, we’ll be up in the sky.”


As Shadow and company fly into the sky, he turns to Wu and asks him. “I’m curious, explain to me why you came with us back to Earth?”


“I don’t know exactly.” Wu curtly responds. “It’s like a compulsion, a feeling. It’s like I’m supposed to be here for some reason...”




“Hello, Kakarot.” Vegeta says mockingly. “Well don’t you look pathetic. What, did Ultra Instinct prove to be useless? Don’t worry, I’ve learned a new technique that will crush Moro.”


“Vegeta… You’ve finally arrived.” Moro says with anticipation.


“I see that our time apart hasn’t done a thing to fix that joke you call a face.” Vegeta says condescendingly. “Do you enjoy tormenting the weak?”


“The weak? You aren’t wrong.” Moro remarks. “While you worms were hiding, I may have gone and become too powerful”


“Oh? No need to be concerned there.” Vegeta exclaims while transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. “You want someone stronger than you? You found him.”


Vegeta lunges at Moro and lands a punch, pushing Moro a few yards away. Vegeta throws himself at Moro again, throwing a barrage of rapid fire punches. After taking several punches, Moro catches Vegeta’s hands and kicks the saiyan away.


“I commend you for elevating your power to such heights.” Moro says condescendingly. “ You will make for my finest meal yet.”


Vegeta charges at Moro again, throwing even more punches. Growing annoyed Moro goes to grab Vegeta, but the saiyan avoids his hands and delivers a mighty backhand punch to Moro’s face, surprising everyone. Vegeta then throws a flurry of kicks, Moro powers through the attacks, grabs Vegeta, and throws him into the ground. As Moro takes a moment to assess his body, Vegeta gets back on his feet to throw another punch. Moro blocks the attack and kicks Vegeta, but Vegeta blocks it and counters with his own kick. Moro fires a blast, but Vegeta avoids it with a series of backflips.


“Vegeta?! That move, it’s…” Goku begins to ask.


Forced Spirit Fission.” Vegeta retorts.


Vegeta continues his assault on Moro. With each attack Vegeta drains Moro’s energy, making him weaker, enabling Vegeta to land even more attacks. Vegeta then kicks Moro, draining enough energy to revert Moro back to an old man. Vegeta takes the opportunity to double axe handle Moro into the ground, hard.


“What have you done…?!” Moro mutters in outrage.


“All those souls, that life energy you stole for yourself… I’m returning them.” Vegeta explains.


With a wave of his hand, Vegeta gives the energy back to all of the lives and planets Moro stole it from, returning Moro’s recent victims back to life.. Moro lunges at Vegeta, but the saiyan swats him away. Moro erupts from the ground, firing a blast at Vegeta, but Vegeta dodges the attack and continues to beat down Moro, ending the assault with a kick that sends Moro flying.


“Heh heh heh… I won’t die here.” Moro declares as gets back up. “I still have my magic.


Moro uses his magic to summon a large pillar of lava. The lava quickly dissipates, revealing that Moro has vanished.


“Vegeta!! He flew up into the sky!” Jaco yells to Vegeta.


Upon hearing this, Vegeta quickly flies after the ancient evil one.




Upon reaching his ship, Moro finds his henchmen, Shimorekka dead and OG73-I captured by Shadow.


“Let me guess, Dr. Wheelo and his cohorts gave you those extra arms and metallic skin.” Shadow asks as he transforms into an SS4 Limit Breaker.


If I had known that I could master this form by using god ki and then make this form even more powerful with Spirit Control, I would have traveled to Yardrat ages ago. Shadow thinks to himself, admiring his new found power.


“Why, yes. They also educated me on the Dead Zone.” Moro says as he opens a portal to the Dead Zone.


Both a corrupted Fused Zamasu and Omega Shenron exit the portal with malicious grins as they see Shadow, one of the warriors that banished them to that empty void.


“Using past malefactors to survive are we?” Shadow says nonchalantly, using the Multi-Form technique to create three of himself. “Frankly, I’m underwhelmed.”


“Mind your uncouth tongue when speaking to me, mortal!” Says an enraged Zamasu. “With my infinite divine wisdom, I was able to separate myself from this lowly reptile and now I can--GAHHH!!!”


One of the three Shadows interrupts Zamasu’s monologue by kicking him right back int the Dead Zone and using his own magic to quickly close the portal.


“You may have surpassed the very gods, but you’re still nothing to the Shadow Dragons.” Omega Shenron declares as he launches himself at the Shadow that re-imprisoned Zamasu.


Before Omega could even get close, another of the three Shadows completely and utterly destroys Omega with a Big Bang Kamehameha, leaving only ashes and the dragon balls behind. The three Shadows then merge back into one and use Time Skip and delivers rapid fire punches while using Forced Spirit Fission to drain Moro of even more of his energy. As the Time Skip ends, Shadow then uses an energy blade to sever all six of Moro’s arm and then uppercuts him into orbit. Shadow finishes Moro off by throwing a Soul Punisher at him.


NOOOOOOO~~!!!” Moro screams as he turns into rainbow colored sparkles.


As Shadow powers down, Wu comes up from behind, turns into a giant dragon, grabs Shadow with his tail, and throws him onto his back.


“Wait--what are you doing?!!” Asks a genuinely surprised Shadow.


“Like I said I was compelled to be here, I have to take you somewhere. I don’t know where I’m going on instinct.” Wu says as he spreads his wings and begins to fly.


“Apologies, but I can’t just leave. What if Wheelo attacks while I’m away?” Shadow argues.


“Don’t worry, my father won’t be able to do anything large-scale for at least ten years.” Wu explains, continuing to fly away.


“Dr. Wheelo’s your father??!!!” Shadow shouts in shock.


“Yes, yes, he made me in a lab, I was supposed to be his ultimate weapon, but I escaped.” Wu continues to explain. “Wherever our destination is, it’ll be a grand tour, but don’t worry we’ll be back.”


“As long as we DO come back.” Shadow says, accepting what’s happening. My wives will kill me when I return.


As Wu flies Shadow off to an unknown destination, the dragon balls that were part of Omega Shenron catch up to them and surround Shadow. One by one they all enter Shadow’s body. The sensation makes Shadow shiver.

That was a... new experience. Shadow thinks to himself as he examines his body. ODD, my body feels different, changed even.


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