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Sorry if this feels like a near exact copy of what actually happens in the canon Moro Saga, but it towards the end, things go a bit differently. Also, please leave a rating on and leave a comment below on how I can do better on my writing.

What is this evil power?! Shadow thinks to himself while he can feel his skin crawl and neck hair rise. I’ve never known such dread, not even from Mira…! Shadow is then brought back to reality by the sound of Goku’s gasps of fear.


“...?! What is it, you two?” says Vegeta who is both curious and surprised by the two saiyans’ reactions. “Did you find Moro’s energy? I’ll try...”


“Wait, don’t try it!” Goku quickly yells out.


Regaining composure, Shadow further explains. “He was able to sense us searching for him…!”


“His energy wasn’t that big, but it was terrifying.” Goku adds as he looks to the ground. “It was as if countless people were crying out in pain.”


“Moro is known for absorbing the very life force of both planets and the living creatures inhabiting them and converting it to power.” Merus explains. “That would also explain why he’s lived so long.”


“How many people has he absorbed?” Vegeta asks.


“It’s more like entire planets, far too many to count.” Merus answers.




Meanwhile, on Moro and Cranberry’s ship, Moro sits in the back of the cockpit and looks to his left wearing a disgruntled expression. Upon noticing Moro's dissatisfaction, Cranberry turns to face the elderly, imposing, and ominous Moro.


“What? Is something wrong?” asks the concerned former Frieza Force warrior.


“Someone searches for me.” Moro responds.


“Really…? Has the Galactic Patrol already found us?” Cranberry asks as he continues to pilot the ship.


Not answering Cranberry’s question, Moro turns his turn left and right, searching for those looking for him, but to no avail.


“Ughh...” Moro groans as he collapses.


“You feeling alright?!” asks a concerned Cranberry as he helps Moro back up.


“Merely scanning for lifeforms is beginning to take a toll.” Moro answers in a foreboding tone. “Magic ability is in such a pathetic state.”


“Heh, we’ve almost reached our destination!” Cranberry says, reassuring Moro.


“Indeed. I can hardly wait.” Moro exclaims.


Upon hearing this, Cranberry begins to fly the spacecraft faster.




“So where is Moro Headed then?” Jaco questions out loud. “There are no planets with life in that direction.”


“I know their destination.” Shadow admits to the group. “I know because I was there myself.”


“What?!” Vegeta reponds from hearing this.


“How do you think I got Dende to be the new Guardian of Earth?” Shadow questions with his arms folded. “They’re headed for New Planet Namek for their namekian dragon balls.”


“Oh and Moro’s ally is a former member of Frieza’s army.” Shadow informs the rest of the group in a nonchalant tone. “Both of you, take my hand and we’ll teleport there.”


“Wait! How do you plan on getting there?” Merus asks.


Goku and Vegeta each grab on to Shadow. Shadow then uses the Kai Kai technique to teleport to New Planet Namek. The three saiyans appear on New Planet Namek and in front of two namekians.


“Ah, Shadow!” says one of the namekians. “It’s good to see you again!”


“I’m pleased to see you again as well.” Shadow says in a polite manner.


Goku greets the namekians with, “Hiya! I’m Go--”


“Kakarot, Shadow look.” Vegeta says, interrupting Goku while pointing at a nearby ship that is in the process of landing.




After explaining the situation to Moori. “AN ESCAPED PRISONER IS COMING HERE?!!” says a frightened Moori.


As Moori evacuates the villagers, Goku, Vegeta, and Shadow stand their ground and gather their wits for the coming battle. The ship lands, blowing dust everywhere, the hatch opens and a cloaked, old Moro with horns on his head walks out with his hands clasped together. He takes a deep breath like it’s the first one he’s had in forever.


“Hey! You’re Moro, right? We hear you’ve done some bad things.” Goku calls out to Moro. “So how about you go right back to prison?”


Ignoring Goku, Moro turns his head and looks towards a nearby house and extends his right arm. A namekian child bursts out of the house, heading straight for Moro. Moro grabs the child and begins to drain him of his lifeforce, but the process is interrupted by Vegeta kicking Moro, causing him to release the child. Vegeta grabs the child and hands him over to Moori.


“How dare you interrupt my long awaited meal?” Moro questions the saiyan.


“They are not your food!” Vegeta snaps back. “I’ll handle this one, you two.”


“Just be on your guard.” Shadow warns Vegeta.


“So, you can use Magic?” Vegeta says as he transforms into SS1. “Give it your best shot.”


Vegeta charges at Moro with a kick, but Moro dodges the attack. Vegeta then throws a punch, but is dodged by Moro. The Super Saiyan proceeds to throw a series of rapidfire punches and kicks, but Moro just continues to dodge each attack. Moro uses his magic to force Vegeta to the ground, lifts him up, and throws him into a nearby hill. A flash of light occurs, the light fades to reveal a Super Saiyan God Vegeta. Vegeta lunges at Moro while throwing a mighty punch. The attack connects, but Moro is able to block it. Vegeta then manages to land a kick on Moro who proceeds to back flip away while rubbing his jaw.


“I was wondering what sort of beast could terrify a galactic government.” Vegeta spouts mockingly. “I am not impressed.”


Moro begins to use his magic to hurl trees and boulders at Vegeta, but the saiyan blasts them all away. Moro hurls even more objects, but they are blasted away as well.


“Have any new tricks? I’ve seen all these before.” Vegeta continues to mock.


“You want to see more?” Moro asks as he takes off his cloak. “As you wish.”


Moro uses his magic to summon lava from New Namek’s mantle and uses it to attack Vegeta. Vegeta is able to dodge the lava, but is still grazed by it. Moro attacks Vegeta with more lava, but Vegeta gets out of the way. Moro proceeds to summon lava where Vegeta is about to land. Vegeta flies out of the way, but is grazed yet again.


“Vegeta, be careful!” Goku calls out.


Vegeta looks around and sees 4 pillars of lava headed right for him. Vegeta gets engulfed by the lava, but he protects himself with a barrier and emerges and charges at Moro with a ki blast in his hand. Moro reacts by summoning a pillar of lava to protect himself, causing Vegeta to stop in his tracks right in front of the lava pillar.


“It’s no use. You can’t touch me.” Moro says as he hurls a ball of lava at Vegeta, but Vegeta jumps backwards avoiding the attack.


“Shadow tells me you’re after the dragon balls.” Vegeta says stalling, trying to figure out a way to win.


“Why yes I am, I’m told that I need all 7.” Moro answers “You wouldn’t happen to know any more knowledge about them, would you?”


“I can’t say.” Vegeta retorts.


“AH! Then you’re expendable.” Moro says as he hurls a tsunami of lava at Vegeta.


Shadow uses his telekinesis to pull Vegeta where he is standing, saving Vegeta in the process. Moro appears behind the two saiyans and launches another pillar of lava, but Shadow turns SS4 and catches the pillar of lava with an energy barrier while Vegeta turns SSB and fires a Galick Gun at Moro. Moro is able to just barely dodge the beam.


“So, you two were concealing this much power?” an astonished Moro asks.


“Like you were hiding your true intentions.” Vegeta remarks confidently.


“Hmph.” Shadow grumbles with his arms folded again.


Vegeta then charges at Moro once again. Moro proceeds to launch a volley of lava pillars at the charging saiyan, but Shadow fires at the pillars with a few ki blasts, allowing Vegeta to land a solid kick in Moro’s chest. Moro is sent flying into a nearby body of water, causing a large splash. As Moro begins to slowly emerge from the water, Shadow uses a Time Skip and lunges at Moro with an energy blade and is able to sever Moro’s left arm. Moro uses his magic to break the Time Skip and uses his other hand to punch Shadow, sending him flying.


“Vegeta, Shadow, be on your guard! Something’s happening!” Goku calls out warning the two saiyans.


It’s at this point everyone sees Moro’s ship flying away, Moro takes advantage of the moment to fire a few ki blasts of his own, causing a smokescreen. As the dust settles, Shadow, Goku, and Vegeta see Moro holding a large orb of energy. Moro consumes the energy and uses his magic to force his ship safely to the ground.


“Ah, so that’s how you absorb energy.” Vegeta says.


“He’s stronger now.” Shadow exclaims.


“Then we’ll just have to settle this then.” Vegeta remarks.


“OH? Then go ahead and try!” Moro tells the two saiyans.


As Vegeta and Shadow prepare to charge up, they both revert back to their base forms.


What?! I’m out of energy…?! Shadow thinks to himself. I see, Moro must’ve absorbed it in that ball of energy. DAMN!


It’s at this moment that Moro appears in front of both saiyans and uppercuts Shadow, sending him flying and then punches Vegeta into a nearby hill, leaving a crater where Vegeta crashed.


“Just as you said.” Moro says mockingly with a menacing smile. “I was hiding my true intentions!”


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