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Five Years after the Tournament of Power, Shadow uses Instant Transmission to appear at Vegeta and Goku’s current location, the backyard of Capsule Corp. Realizing Shadow has just arrived, the two saiyans turn and look at him.


“And where have you been?!” asks an irritated Vegeta. “You’re late!”


“I was busy being a father to four kids, but I wouldn’t expect you of all people to understand.” Shadow replies in a nonchalant, yet mocking tone.


“So, ANYWAY, are we gonna train or what?” Goku asks, trying to break the tension as the three warriors enter the building.


Moments later, Shadow is sparring with Goku and Vegeta in the gravity room. Shadow blocks a kick from Goku when Vegeta lands a punch on Shadow who then retaliates with a flurry of kicks. Goku and Vegeta take a few hits, but then take a jump backwards to avoid more.


“Don’t hold back on me, Kakarot. Where’s that Ultra Instinct?” Vegeta asks.


“Nothing much...” Goku answers. “I haven’t pulled it off since the tournament.”


“And you?” Vegeta says as he turns to face Shadow. “What about your Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker?”


“I possess a different issue.” Shadow exclaims. “I can use it at any time, but I’ve yet to fully master it.”


“OH? Then when I find an even greater power, you’ll both be in real trouble.” Vegeta declares mockingly.


As they were about to continue their sparring match, Bulma uses the intercom to request their help.




Shadow and Vegeta hold on to Goku as he uses Instant transmission to teleport to Hercule’s home. Upon arriving, the three saiyans witness a hibernating Buu being carted away by what appears to be Galactic Patrol officers into their spaceship while a scared and desperate Hercule points a gun at them.


“Goku, you’re here!!!” says Hercule who is suddenly overcome with excited hope. “And Vegeta and Shadow too!”


“What’re you guys up to?” Goku asks. ”And what do you want with Buu?”


One of the patrolmen steps forward. His greyish colored hair and purplish-skin and has a genuinely astonished expression on his face.


“Are you two really THE Goku and Vegeta?” The mysterious patrolman asks, not answer Goku’s questions.


Goku then appears behind one of the patrolment carrying Buu and knocks him unconscious with a single chop to the back of the head. Turning his attention to two more patrolmen, Goku disarms them of their blasters with a quick and precise kick. The mysterious patrolman then appears behind Goku from out of nowhere and knocks him out with a shot from his blaster and then does the same to Vegeta. As the patrolman turns to face Shadow, Shadow has already raised both his hands in the air.


“Wait, there’s no need for that, I know what’s going on and I know who you really are, Merus.” Shadow claims in a nonchalant tone, trying to avoid an unnecessary fight. “My name is Shadow and I work for the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa.”


“Oh, good then.” says a now relieved Merus who holsters his weapon. “Then I’ll explain the situation to Goku and Vegeta back at our headquarters.”




Some time later, Goku awakens from his slumber with both Jaco and Shadow there to greet him.


“Huh…? What happened?” Goku grumbles in a stupor. “What was I doing?”


“Sleeping like a baby. Our stun guns pack a punch, huh?” Jaco replies.


“Oh, Jaco, it’s you!” Goku says as Vegeta begins to rise from his own slumber. “Where are we?”


“Where we are currently is the headquarters for the Galactic Patrol” Shadow answers. “Ah, the commanding officer Mereus wishes to speak with you.”


“Galactic Patrol, you say?” Vegeta asks while rubbing his head.


“Hey, I was going to say that!” Jaco says in an annoyed tone. “And why’d you have to say it with such casual indifference?!”


“All right, you two lets get going.” Shadow tells the two saiyans while ignoring Jaco’s whining.




As the ship arrives on planet Jung, Merus exits the vehicle and proceeds to go and apprehend the Macareni siblings. Shadow looks at the Galactic Patrol symbol that a patrolman drew on his chest.


And this is my favorite cloak. Shadow thinks to himself as he sighs. I hope it’s not permanent.


Mereus lands on one of the train carts, carrying the substance, blue aurum only for one of the siblings to destroy the lock connecting the cart Merus is on from the rest of the train, another sibling, a woman, elongates her arm and flips a switch, changing the tracks. The initial sibling pulls out a blaster and shoots the tracks that Merus is on, destroying it.


“That jerk!!!” Jaco yells from the helm of the Galactic Patrol ship. “That was shady!”


“Excuse me?!” Shadow asks, interrupting Jaco’s rant. “They are both your enemies and criminals and you're upset that they’re doing whatever it takes to get away with it?”


Jaco looks the other way, speechless with an irritated look on his face.


“Agent Jaco! Requesting retrieval of the blue aurum.” Merus says while stopping the train carts from falling off of the edge of the broken train tracks. “I’ll head them off at the tunnel’s exit.”


“Roger!” Jaco replies.


“Wait, where did Merus go?” Vegeta asks.


“He’s at the tunnel’s exit.” Shadow says pointing in Merus’ direction.


Goku and Vegeta respond with a shocked “WHAT?!” as they look to where Merus is currently.




Merus gives chase to the gang, but finds that they are making their getaway upon a spaceship. Fortunately, Goku stops the ship in its tracks.


“You’re not getting away!!” Goku calls out.


“He’s with Galactic Patrol?!” one of the Macareni siblings yells.


“He can fly?!” yells another sibling. “That’s no fair at all!”


“I appreciate the assistance.” Merus tells Goku.


Both Vegeta and Shadow notice that Merus has something in his hand and then look to see that one of the Macareni ship’s thrusters is damaged. They realize that Merus tampered with their ship and that they wouldn’t have gotten far.


I just may ask him to train with me sometime. Shadow thinks to himself, impressed by Merus’s efficiency.




As the Galactic Patrol departs Planet Jung with the Macareni siblings in a holding cell, a curious Vegeta approaches Merus.


“You could’ve saved the day much sooner, couldn’t you?” Vegeta accuses Merus. “You’re hiding your true power? Nothing deceives my eyes.”


“I’m afraid not.” Merus answers calmly. “While I may be the strongest in the Galactic Patrol, Moro is altogether beyond me. Moro has no limits...”


“Wait, you mean this Moro guy is getting stronger and stronger?!” asks a surprised Goku.


“Correct.” Shadow interrupts. “And if we don’t end him soon, the situation will only become even more dire.”


It is at this moment the patrolman piloting the ship receives an update from headquarters. The others turn to face the pilot.


“Kusaya Squad was scouting and they discovered Moro’s location!” says the pilot.


“Passing through Sector kt40.” Merus informs the group. “He didn’t get as far as what was expected.”


“Uh, which way is that?” Goku asks.


“You mean which direction? That way.” Jaco answers as he points at his 9 o’clock.


Both Shadow and Goku attempt to sense and hone in on Moro’s energy. After a brief moment of searching, the two saiyans find him, but a chill runs down their spines at the sensation of a pair of eyes staring back at them.




At an unknown location, Dr. Wheelo is working on a new experiment; at this point, it appears to be nothing more than a small blob in a tank.


“It won’t be long now.” Dr. Wheelo declares. “With this weapon I will be unstoppable.”


“Why do you need that measly toy when you have both Tambourine and I?” asks a cloaked figure who enters the lab.


“For the same reason I revived the both of you.” Dr. Wheelo answers in an irritated tone. “In order to eliminate Goku, Shadow and their allies, we need a number of powerful allies of our own with a variety of powers and techniques!”


“Which reminds me, did you acquire what I asked for?” Wheelo inquiries.


“Yes, yes here are the blueprints for this OG73-I machine.” the cloaked figure says as he hands the data drive to Dr. Wheelo.


“Excellent!” says a satisfied Dr. Wheelo. “Now go and aid our other allies. They’re experiencing difficulties with the “heroes” of their worlds.”

As the cloaked figure leaves, he begins to think in a seething rage. Kakarot, “King” Vegeta IV, and you damned namekian. Soon, very soon, I WILL have my revenge…!


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