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Character Sheet 5 and Time Skip Summary


A note from Superboy8338

I didn’t feel like writing whole chapters about what happened during the 5 year timeskip, so I’m giving a summary in the form of a bulleted list:


-Universe 7’s Mortal Level increased to 4.5

-Shadow uses some of his fortune to buy stock in Capsule Corp., Hercules dojo, and other successful companies to make even more zeni

-The Z-fighters begin to see #17 and #18 as friends and allies

-Shadow went back in time using Trunks' time machine and killed that past version of Zamasu before he could kill Gowasu and switch bodies with Goku

-Goku begins training Evil Buu's reincarnation, Uub

-Trunks learns the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb from Goku

-The Galactic Patrol slowly reclaims its former glory.

-#18, #21, Zangya, and Fasha came to an “agreement” resulting in Shadow now having 4 wives. Shadow now also has 4 children:


    -Daughter of Shadow and #18

    -4yrs old

    -Has #18’s blonde hair and Shadow’s red eyes

    -A hot head



    -Daughter of Shadow and #21

    -2 yrs old

    -Has Shadow’s raven black hair and #21’s eyes

    -Already showing signs of a high intellect



    -Son of Shadow and Zangya

    -4yrs old

    -Has Zangya’s orange hair and green skin and Shadow’s red eyes

    -Is mostly calm and reserved

    -2nd oldest


    -Son of Shadow and Fasha

    -3yrs old

    -Has a tail, Shadow’s red eyes, and main timeline Gohan’s Cell Saga hairstyle

    -Friendly, but eager to fight

    -3rd oldest


-Trunks and Mai have a child:


    -Daughter of Trunks and Mai

    -4 yrs old

  -Personality is the same as Gohan’s at the start of DBZ


-Gohan finally published his book about martial arts and ki control:

  -Scores of teenagers, young adults, and some children have now begun flying and firing off ki blasts.

  -Society, the government, and the economy is in a state of considerable flux

  -Flying cars and planes are slowly becoming obsolete.

    -The police and military have begun to incorporate ki control into their basic training.

-Some Namekian refugees have moved to Earth

-Ginyu and his new Ginyu Force are basically the Power Rangers of an entire solar system in a galaxy far, far away

-Inspired by Cabba, Vegeta has begun changing the Universe 7 saiyans from being genocidal conquerors to warriors who fight injustice.

-Majin Buu tore off pieces of his flesh and gave them life, creating Mr. Buu and Mrs. Buu thus starting the Majin race in Timeline X

-After Bulla’s 5th birthday, Vegeta began training her to be the next queen of the saiyan race.

-In his free time, Shadow scours the universe searching for Dr. Wheelo and his allies, he even goes to the time patrol for help, but to no avail


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