• Created by the remnants of the RR Army
  • A bio-android like Cell containing the DNA of the Z-Fighters, Frieza and King Cold, Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, and Cell himself
  • Because it took so long for Buu to be revived, #21 (Good) does not have Buu’s DNA
  • Dr. Gero’s wife’s body was used as the base
  • Escapes and rebels against the RR Army
  • Find’s #16, activates him and modifies him
  • Creates a device that emits waves to hide her power level specifically
  • Joins Shadow’s Galaxy Soldiers for “reasons” ;)




  • Appearance is based on Dr. Gero and #21’s son, but programmed to be a gentle giant
  • Reactivated and modified by #21
  • Power level is comparable to the warriors of Earth when they fought against Universe 6
  • Follows his “mother” to join the Galaxy Soldiers




  • A duplicate of #21 (Good) created by the remnants of the RR Army
  • This duplicate was created to be an exact copy of #21 (Good), but has Buu’s DNA
  • Cares only for feeding her endless appetite
  • Upon activation, she destroyed the RR Army’s remnants
  • Found other androids and programmed them to help her find food
  • Revived Frieza, Cell, Nappa, Dabura, and the Ginyu Force (except for Ginyu because he’s still alive and somewhere in space) just so she could eat them and gain more power
  • She is currently in her transformed purple state
  • Like Good #21, she created her own device to mask her power level


ANDROIDS #13, #14, & #15 X:


  • Reprogrammed by Evil #21 to help her find food
  • Modified by Evil #21 to be as strong as the Earth Warriors when they fought Omega Zamasu




  • A version of Baby from a GT timeline
  • Was saved from Goku’s Kamehameha at the last minute by Fu
  • He’s in his adult form
  • Possesses all the techniques he used when he took over GT Vegeta’s body
  • Converted a planet of human-looking aliens into Machine Mutant Tuffle hybrids like himself, only weaker and don’t have his parasitic abilities and programmed them to be loyal to him; He named the planet New Planet Tuffle
  • Kidnapped a Namekian adept at magic and converted him into a Machine Mutant Namekian hybrid so that Planet Tuffle could have its own set of Dragon Balls
  • Used his Tuffle Dragon Balls to wish to have the power of a God (wishes for his body to naturally possess god ki)
  • Declared war on the saiyans (Planet Vegeta and Tuffle are in neighboring star systems)




  • Timeline X’s Hirudegarn
  • The same as its movie counterpart
  • Was given the majin mark by Babidi, making it more powerful
  • Is captured in a digital prison to be used later
  • Gets possessed by Baby X




  • Timeline X’s Tapion
  • Is Minotia’s older brother
  • The same as his movie counterpart
  • Has his half of Hirudegarn forcefully extracted against his will by Baby and Babidi
  • Is still alive and imprisoned by the tuffles
  • Returns to his homeworld with Minotia




  • Timeline X’s Minotia
  • Is Tapion’s younger brother
  • The same as his movie counterpart
  • Has his half of Hirudegarn forcefully extracted against his will by Baby and Babidi
  • Is still alive and imprisoned by the tuffles
  • Returns to his homeworld with Tapion




  • Timeline X’s Bardock
  • Is an amalgam of Classic Bardock, Minus Bardock (he’s the same Bardock that appears in the DBS Broly movie), and Xeno Bardock:
    • Has the appearance of Classic Bardock (with the blood red bandana)
    • Has Classic Bardok’s precognitive abilities
    • Has Minus Bardock’s personality
    • Can go SS1-3 like Xeno Bardock
  • Revived along with his planet and fellow saiyans with the Dragon Balls
  • Because of the war with the Tuffles, Bardock and his crew improved their fighting skills and have gained many zenkai boosts, making them each of them on the same league as Battle of Gods Goku
  • He and his crew are hated by all the elite and super elite saiyans because their so much more powerful than they are despite being ranked as low-class warriors
  • Even as a SS3, he is weaker than Baby, Broly, Shadow, and Gogeta (He is only able to keep up with them because they were already weakened from fighting)




  • TImeline X’s version of Broly (DBS)
  • For the most part same as his main timeline counterpart
  • Has a strong bond with Cheelai and Lemo
  • Hates Baby for killing his father, Paragus
  • Is a temporary member of Bardock's crew
  • Is given a capsule house with food and water by Goku

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