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Chapter 4: Wrath of the FighterZ Saga


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It has been a little over 2 months since the Z-Fighters and Galaxy Soldiers battle with Omega Shenron and Fused Zamasu, everyone is gathered on an island resort for a special occasion. It’s Trunks and Mai’s wedding day, Beerus and Whis even attend, but mostly for the cuisine. While everyone is enjoying themselves, Shadow is a little annoyed about something.


How do humans wear these things? They’re so uncomfortable and difficult to move in. Shadow thinks to himself as he adjusts his tie and collar.


Trunks and Mai kiss and everyone cheers, the wedding goes off without a hitch. Later at the wedding reception, everyone is dancing, enjoying the food, or both. Shadow sees Beerus and Whis fight over what looks like the last kabob and gives a small chuckle. As the reception nears its end, the celebration is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a woman with messy hair and glasses and a tall, muscular man; they’ve arrived bearing ominous news.


“Sorry to interrupt, but i’m in need of your assistance. The world is in great danger and the Red Ribbon Army are the ones responsible.” She says in a polite, but distressed tone.


“She speaks the truth, we need you all to help.” The man says in a monotone voice and calm demeanor.


The two reveal themselves to be #21 and #16, as they prepare to explain everything, a ki blast comes flying out of nowhere and destroys the resort. As the smoke clears, Shadow sees that the ones who attacked them; one appears to be a redneck with a cap, one is a short man with an odd hat, another is a big pale man with a ponytail, and the last is a woman with white, messy hair, a tail, and purple skin with splotches. Shadow realizes that these people must be the other androids.As Shadow prepares for a counterattack, he hears Trunks cry out, Shadow looks back and sees that both Bulma and Mai are hurt and unconscious. Shadow then looks at Trunks who is now shaking with rage.


“I won’t forgive you…! HOW DARE YOU HURT MY FAMILY!!!” Trunks cries out as a blinding flash of red light engulfs him. Debris from the three enemies’ attack scatters to the wind as Trunks powers up.


As the light dissipates, Shadow takes a close look at Trunks and thinks to himself, He’s SS4, but something’s different. His eyes are completely white and there’s a blue hue inside his red aura. Lets call it Super Saiyan 4 Rage. Shadow raises his hand to give Trunks more energy to further power him up with Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin following suit.


After being given more energy by his allies, Trunks goes and double axe handles #14 into the ground and stomps on his head, crushing it. Trunks then kicks #13 away and fires a Galick Gun at #15 and Evil #21, #15 is destroyed, but Evil #21 begins to regenerate.


“Why’d you have to do that?! Regenerating makes me hungry!” She says maniacally, as turns and fires a Candy Beam at Good #21.


Shadow jumps in the way and deflects the Candy Beam, the beam hits a nearby tree and it turns completely into chocolate. He looks back at Good #21 and tells her, “Don’t worry, I protect you and your friend.” Upon hearing these words and sees Shadow’s strength and bravery, Good #21 begins to blush.


#13 returns as a number of components emerges from the remains of #14 and #15, the parts enter his body and he then transforms into Super #13. Super #13 goes to punch Trunks, but Trunk’s aura acts as a natural defense and begins to incinerates #13’s right hand. #13 goes to use his left hand, but then it gets incinerated by Trunk’s aura, just as Trunks gets ready to destroy Super #13, Super #13 turns into a donut and is quickly consumed by Evil #21, making her even more powerful. Trunks performs a Ki Blast Thrust to break Evil #21’s guard and push her a distance back. Angered, Evil #21 fires an Absolute Release Ball and Trunks counters with a Final Flash, the attacks clash and it looks like Evil #21 is about to win when Gohan and Goku both fire Kamehamehas, Piccolo shoots a Special Beam Cannon, and Shadow channels his demon energy and fires a Serious Bomb. The Absolute Release Ball is quickly overpowered and pushed back at Evil #21, she’s sent flying high into the sky and then leaves the atmosphere. Evil #21 is destroyed by the Z-Fighters’ attacks and a huge explosion ensues.


As the first responders come to help any injured bystanders, the Z-Fighters all quietly leave and go search for the Dragon Balls to revive anyone who was killed in the androids’ attack.




Sometime after, the battle with #21 (Evil), Shadow is currently sparring with both Vegeta and Goku in the Gizard Wasteland, #21 and #16 are there with them to analyze their current battle data to make #16 stronger. As they’re all finishing up, a spaceship crash lands approximately forty-six yards from their location. Upon further inspection, Vegeta and Shadow both realize that the ship is of Saiyan origin; before anyone can do anything, the ship’s hatch opens to reveal an injured Fasha. As Shadow heals Fasha, she begins to wake up and upon seeing a shocked Vegeta, she immediately kneels before him.


“My prince our people are in great need of you, the Tuffles have returned and are at war with us...!” She exclaims. “Somethings different about them, they’re still technologically, but they now also rival and even exceed us in physical power...” “Their leader even killed King Vegeta with one blow.”


Hours later, Bulma, Dr. Briefs, and #21 fully not only repaired the ship, but improved upon it, making it faster, more durable, and has a fully stocked fridge. The saiyans and the two androids begin their trek to the location of the Saiyan-Tuffle War II. During the flight, Fasha reveals that after the King was killed, all the remaining elite and mid-class warriors began to prepare for one final assault on the Tuffle homeworld and that her team should be with them.

As they arrive just outside of Planet Tuffle’s atmosphere, Shadow can see many bright explosions. When the ship lands and the group exits the ship, they see scores of dead bodies both saiyan and Tuffle scattered all over the entire area. Just then, they see a gravely injured Bardock, Tora, and an unconscious Sugesh surrounded by tuffle warriors. Fasha was about to go in and help her allies when both Vegeta and Shadow casually, but quickly decimate the small group of New Tuffles without killing them; Shadow then heals the three Saiyan warriors. As Bardock and Tora inform Fasha of Burgo’s death and that they have a new guy, Shadow notices that these New Tuffles share similarities to Baby and theorizes that like machines, they were programmed to be loyal to him.


“#21, I need you to go back to the ship and make a computer virus that purges these people of their program to obey Baby.” Shadow asks.#21 agrees and flies back to the ship with #16 following close behind.


Shadow, Goku, Vegeta, and Bardock with his crew proceed to charge into the heart of the battle field; the three Earth saiyans are each taking out hundreds of tuffle soldiers by the minute. The tuffles try to overwhelm the three saiyans with sheer numbers, but are quickly blasted away. As the tide begins to turn in the saiyans’ favor, Shadow gets separated from his allies. He’s once again surrounded by tuffle warriors; they begin to fire various ki blasts at Shadow and as the smoke clears, Shadow is unharmed with an energy barrier protecting him. Shadow then quickly expands the barrier until it blows away all the enemies surrounding him, as he takes a minute to relax, another smokey, black fog appears and three of those black saibamen with bird faces come out and each is more powerful than the first one Shadow encountered. One of them even has six arms with drills for hands on four of them. Before they can do anything, Shadow turns SS1 and teleports right behind them and fires a Big Bang Crash causing a powerful, controlled explosion that completely destroys them.


What are these things and where are they coming from? Shadow thinks to himself, but is quickly brought back to the war by a large explosion in the distance. Shadow uses Instant Transmission to where the explosion occurred and sees both an injured Goku and Vegeta on the ground and a SS1 Bardock with Broly in his full powered Super Saiyan state fighting an adult form Baby. This is impossible! How does Baby possess god ki?! Shadow wonders to himself as he heals Goku and Vegeta. As Goku and Vegeta get up and teleport a safe distance away, Shadow transforms into a Full Power SS4 and lunges at Baby delivering a series of powerful punches followed by an uppercut from Bardock with Broly firing a barrage of ki blasts. An injured Baby counters with a Super Galick Gun, knocking the three saiyans back a distance.


“What, is that the best you can throw at us...?!” Bardock says mockingly as he gets up. “Don’t underestimate the saiyans!!” Bardock yells as he then transforms into an SS2. Bardock then charges at Baby with a Rebellion Spear, but Baby punches him in the gut and then double axe handles him into the ground, knocking him unconscious.


It is then that Gogeta in his SSB form suddenly appears throwing a Stardust Breaker at Baby, greatly wounding him. Shadow sees that Baby is making a facial expression that one would make when they know they’re about to lose.


“I won’t stop until all of you putrid monkeys are all extinct!” Baby shouts as he readies himself. “RELEASE THE SECRET WEAPON!!!” A flash of light engulfs the entire area and what stands before the warriors is the monster, Hirudegarn, but it’s different, it has a Majin mark on its forehead…


Wha--?! How? Shadow thinks to himself, but before anyone can do anything, Baby fires a ki blast at Hirudegarn, leaving a small scratch. Baby then uses his parasitic abilities to enter Hirudegarn’s body and takes it over.


“YOU WILL ALL DIE SLOWLY AND IN PAIN!!” Baby Hirudegarn says laughing maniacally while lunging at the Saiyans. Shadow and Gogeta move out of the way, but Broly tanks the attack and uppercuts Baby Hirudegarn, causing him to land on his back allowing Broly to grab his leg and throw him a relatively short distance. As Baby Hirudegarn gets on his feet, Bardock regains consciousness and fires a volley of ki blasts, but Baby Hirudegarn only receives minor damage from the attack. Bardock then goes to deliver a powerful ki-laced punch, but is swatted away into a nearby building by Baby Hirudegarn.


“The one dying today is you…!” says Bardock as he slightly struggles to get up, he then begins to charge up his energy and digs deeper for power causing a flash of light. Bardock has now transformed into a Super Saiyan 3; Bardock roars, “Time to die!!” as he once again charges at Baby Hirudegarn to deliver an elbow drop to his forehead, causing Baby Hirudegarn to stagger backwards in pain.


Taking advantage of this sudden opening, Gogeta kicks the side one of the beasts knees stunning him so that Shadow can throw a Serious Bomb greatly damaging Baby Hirudegarn while hurling him across the wasteland. Growing more angry and desperate, Baby Hirudegarn uses his flame breath to engulf the entire area and then uses the distraction to telepathically command his fellow Tuffles to send him their energy to both heal and empower him, but even after waiting for a few minutes, nothing happens. Shadow then telepathically scans the planet and sees that not only are the Tuffles not giving Baby their energy, they’ve stopped fighting the saiyans and have turned against Baby.


Looks like #21 finished the computer virus and began spreading to the New Tuffles. Shadow thinks to himself. As Baby Hirudegarn realizes he’s lost both the battle and the war he begins to fly away, but is stopped by both a Gigantic Roar from Broly and a Final Spirit Cannon from Bardock, injuring the monster greatly. Shadow then fires a Dragon Fist at the beast, the energy dragon pierces Baby Hirudegarn’s abdomen completely destroying Hirudegarn, leaving a helpless, defeated, and gravely injured Baby. Gogeta walks up to Baby and picks him up by the head just to throw him into the air and fires a Big Bang Kamehameha x100, sending Baby to New Planet Tuffle’s sun. Shadow knows that if Gogeta’s beam didn’t kill Baby, the sun most definitely did.


In the following month after the battle with Baby, Vegeta became the new ruler of the Saiyan race, Bulma and #21 created a portal in the form of a gate that connects Earth to Planet Vegeta, Vegeta makes peace with the New Tuffles, and Tapion and his brother Minotia are found in a top secret Tuffle prison and freed. Goku finds the Tuffle Dragon Balls and brings back all the lives that were lost due to the war and Shadow makes the second wish to forever free the New Tuffles of Baby’s loyalty programming. As Shadow, Goku, #21, and #16 walk through the gate that leads back to Earth, Shadow sees Fasha waving at him with a smile and rosy cheeks.

Why is she looking at me like that? Shadow thinks to himself as he passes through the portal. It doesn’t matter, it’s not like we’ll be seeing each other much in the future.

A note from Superboy8338

I looked through the FighterZ game saw that the story was actually pretty short, the bulk of the cutscenes were just fun character interactions to give the DB fans a laugh, meaning I kind of had to make something up. I know the the new Broly movie takes place after the T.O.P., I just wanted the universe to be reatively safe before I actually get to the T.O.P. and beyond. Also, due to the relevence of the plot, the Broly can be placed before or after the T.O.P. As for Fasha taking a liking to Shadow, all I have to go on Saiyan romance culture is that the men like firey women and the women like men stronger than them.

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