Shadow has just returned to his own timeline where Trunks has just left to give Goku the medicine for the heart virus. Shadow's carrying a device that will restore 17 & 18's true personalities, but also erase their memories of the last eighteen years. After hearing a radio broadcast on their current rampage, he quickly flies to their location. Once there, Shadow quickly uses instant transmission to rescue and evacuate all the civilians in the surrounding area to Capsule Corp. and proceeds to activate the device while #17 & #18 are wondering why all their "playthings" suddenly disappeared. A pulse is emitted from the device and the 2 androids fall to the ground unconscious. Pressed for time Shadow hides #17 and #18 on a deserted Kami's Lookout and instant transmissions to New Planet Namek. 2 hours later, Shadow instant transmissions back with Dende who has agreed to become the new guardian of Earth, Dende proceeds to restore the dragon balls.

A day later, Trunks returns from the past, stronger due to the events of the Cell Saga and is on the hunt for the androids. Sensing Trunk's return, Shadow quickly summons Shenron; As Sheron erupts from the dragon balls, Shadow pours some of his magic into the dragon making him stronger. For his 1st wish, Shadow brings back everyone the androids killed, including the Z-Warriors, As for the 2nd, Shadow erases the memory of the androids and everything they've done from the minds of everyone (due to Shenron being empowered by Shadow's magic, Shadow retains his memories), and for the final wish, Shadow brings Goku back to life in full health. #17 and #18 awoke in time to see the dragon disappear and the dragon balls scatter and ask Shadow what's going on, Shadow gives them a quick rundown of what's been happening (keeping a few details to himself). A ki blast hits #17, the blast came from Trunks.

Shadow checks on #17, he's alive, but hurt badly. He theorized that Trunks retained his memories because he time-traveled to the past to stop the androids in the first place. Shadow tells Trunks that he'll protect the androids even if that means fighting him, as Trunks prepares to fire a Buster Cannon, Shadow appears right next to him and punches him in the gut and Trunks is knocked out. Shadow and the 2 androids then leave the Lookout and travel the world together as friends (the androids stole a car and the three ride off in it).

Fu travels to Universe 7, timeline X and has begun to "mess with the pot and see what happens." He resurrects ALL the saiyans that died around the time Frieza blew up Planet Vegata (Bardock & his crew, King Vegeta, Gine, etc.), but not before restoring the planet, of course. Fu then summons a version of Cooler & his Armored Squadron, Turles & his Crusher Corp., and Lord Slug & his Demon Clan to Universe 7, Timeline X. Then Fu went to Earth and freed Garlic Jr. & his Spice Boys from the Dead Zone and then teleported over to Dr. Wheelo's secret lab and handed him Dr. Gero's blueprints for making a bio-android. With this Dr. Wheelo can now create the ultimate body for his ultimate mind. Fu also grabbed a version of Super Janemba and put him in Timeline X's Hell and even plucked a version of Baby from just as he was about to die by SS4 Goku’s Kamehameha and left him on a distant planet inhabited by very human looking aliens who were currently in their stone age.

The universe is in complete chaos, with all these villains suddenly coming from out of nowhere and causing death and destruction everywhere they go, the Galactic Patrol has been stretched to its breaking point. Cooler has conquered key planets in the Galactic Patrol, Turles and his men attacked their prisons and freed all of the prisoners, and Slug with his Demon Clan have enslaved the other Namekians. Patrolman Jaco is headed to Earth to hide. Unknown to the universe as a whole, Babidi and Dabura have just arrived on Earth to free Majin Buu...

While traveling the world, Shadow, #17, and #18 find a strange looking frog. While the frog tries to write something in the dirt, Shadow realizes who this is and captures him in a cage believing he might be useful later. Shadow informs the androids that this frog is in fact Ginyu of the Ginyu Force and that they should keep him as a pet.

Six months later, Cell has finally found the androids. Since the Z-Fighter have all been brought back to life and are stronger than ever, Cell has been forced to suppress his power and absorb the bio-energy from the Earth’s animals to keep his power up. Cell gleefully thinks about what he’ll do after he achieves his perfect form, he might hold a tournament due to the fact that there are numerous warriors, but his dreams are quickly dashed as Shadow quickly finds him, gut punches him, throws him into the air, and finishes Cell with a Prominence Flash. Due to Shadow’s burst of energy, Goku was able to find him and Instant Transmission to his location along with Vegeta. Vegeta wants revenge while Goku wishes to test himself against Shadow and the androids. Shadow flexes by powering up a bit and then tells them that if they want the #17 and #18, they’ll have to go through him 1st.

As the planet begins to shake due to a small fraction of Shadow's overwhelming power, Goku and Vegeta realize the only way to have a chance against them is with fusion; both saiyans transform into SS3 and then perform the fusion dance. Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta is born; Shadow goes SS1 and the two warriors duke it out. As Shadow and Gogeta’s fight neared its climax, Dabura, Majin Turles, and Majin Slug arrived. Babidi’s henchmen engage the warriors, but Shadow senses that something’s off, these warriors shouldn't be this powerful; Gogeta defuses after a minute of fighting Turles and Slug, Goku and Vegeta are just getting torture at this point. Shadow quickly powers up and gets Goku, Vegeta, and the androids to safety and then continues Dabura, Turles, and Slug. After what feels like an hour of fighting (a few minutes), Babidi arrives and he’s accompanied by Majin Buu.

Wanting to speed things along, Shadow goes SS3 and then uses his magic to forcefully separate Buu into his good and evil halfs; sensing his demise, Evil Buu quickly absorbs Babidi, Dabura, Turles, and Slug. After Evil Buu powers up, SS3 Shadow kicks Evil Buu into the atmosphere. Evil Buu gathers energy and launches a Super Vanishing Ball at the Earth while SS3 Shadow fires a full powered Final Kamehameha destroying Evil Buu and his Vanishing Ball. As the dust clears, Turles appears and is in good health. Turles reveals that before he came to Earth with the others, he paid a visit to Zuno’s. After he got the information he wanted, Turles killed Zuno and then collected the Super Dragon Balls and wished for immortality. After hearing Turles’ explanation, Shadow quickly double axe handles Turles into the ground. As Turles’ getting up, he sees a frog on the ground and it wrote the words, “change now!” There was a brief flash of light and Ginyu in Majin Turles’s body thanks Shadow and takes Babidi's ship to travel the universe and remake the Ginyu Force as a mercenary team. Shadow used telepathy to make a deal with Ginyu that if Shadow helped him get a new strong body, Ginyu would leave Earth and never return. After the battle, Shadow dropped off Gku and Vegeta’s unconscious bodies at Capsule Corp. and Good Buu at Hercules’. He found #17 and #18 to make sure they were okay, later he left them to their own devices to go and train, but not before #18 kissed him goodbye on the cheek, saying that she’ll see him later.

Meanwhile, as the battle against Buu raged, Dr. Wheelo hunted down Garlic jr. and his Spice Boys and then absorbed them. While the power boost was insignificant, he gained Garlic jr.’s immortality and his ability to use magic. Dr. Wheelo knew he couldn’t really do anything without all of these other powerful warriors getting involved so he used his magic to open a portal to another dimension so he could continue his work in peace. Little did anyone that the interdimensional allies Wheelo will make would lead to a crisis that would leave all of creation hanging in the balance.

On a planet similar to Namek, one month into his training Shadow is approached by Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers, he informs Shadow that his fight with Buu is what freed them from their eternal prison and is here to express his gratitude by brutally killing him. Shadow casually speeds over and punches a hole in Bido’s chest while launching a Destructo-Disc, cutting Bojacks head off. After a few seconds to let what just happened sink in, Shadow looks towards what remains of the Galaxy Soldiers; Zangya, Bujin, and Kogu all out of fear submit and pledge their eternal allegiance to Shadow and ask what his orders are...


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