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A ticking timer is broadcast to every monitor in the galaxy- when it runs out, the mysterious alien Duhrnan promises to disintegrate Earth. It wouldn’t be the first planet he’s vapourized.

Osax, prince of the alien Skythers, will stop him, or die trying.

It won't be easy; Osax's companions are as much of a hindrance as they are a help. A carefree woman engineered for destruction, a special ops commander from Earth's own forces, and a cold scientist whose motives are questionable- the four of them are alone against an unstoppable alien battleship, a sinister brotherhood of terrorists, and a devious web of conspiracy and betrayal.

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Seb Woodland

Seb Woodland

1st Anniversary
Group Leader (III)
Word Count (11)
Faith in the Internet
Table of Contents
74 Chapters
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Present - One ago
Past - Two ago
Present - Three ago
Past - Four ago
Past - Five ago
Past - Six ago
Past - Seven ago
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05:22:28:11 - Thirty-Two ago
Present - Thirty-Three ago
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05:05:06:52 - Thirty-Seven ago
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04:19:25:45 - Forty-Two ago
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04:17:35:01 - Forty-Seven ago
Present - Forty-Eight ago
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Really into this space adventure

Reviewed at: Past - Twelve

Frikkin yesssssssssss. Read this if you want a classic adventure book with a bunch of cool unique world building. I really like reading through Osax's eyes and seeing humans that way. Kay is stressing me out but in a good way. Really looking forward to reading more!! Fun, chill, light, but also intense. 


What will happen next? Good cliff-hangers and suspense, mostly light and adventurous reading so far. I like Osax, he's a sensitive protagonist with a very inquisitive mind, like simultaneously a scientist yet a capable warrior and also a prince!? Mysterious Ruins and aliens, surpise attacks and potential friendships. Definitely curious to see where this goes.   


I really like this story! The characters are fleshed out well and their dynamics are engaging. The skythers are a really fun perspective to read a sci-fi story from and it's clear the autor is having a lot of fun with the worldbuilding. A good story to read if you are looking for an adventure with classic sci-fi elements


Four Chapters in! :)

Reviewed at: Past - Four

I'm on chapter four currently, and so far the story is very intriguing! It's obvious that the author's put a lot of thought into the culture and worldbuilding of the skythers, and the way that he delves into the thought processes and appearance of the main character is very intriguing. I'm curious as to what Kay will be like, who the Brotherhood is, and where the story will go! Would highly recommend checking it out! :)



The world building is so cool in this one! I can not wait to find out what happens next!!

who does not love a good adventure! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who likes fun, adventure, mystery, unique settings, deep characters and lasers! 

I'm already feeling the dread of being at the end of what's out...

subscribing for more ASAP 



Fun, unexpected, colourful, and visual

Reviewed at: Present - Fourteen

Lasers, feelings, chases, mysteries, a story in both past and present, planets in danger, friendship-- this story is a rollercoaster space adventure. It's light for science fiction but that means we can focus more on the characters. Super-hero-esque with bits of all sorts of classic sci-fi adventures in it.

Also based loosely on a table top RPG that I got to take part in (I am K, or the original K). That adds extra fun for me.