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A little background:

Sentinel is a 195,000 word, standalone, science fiction novel with elements of action, adventure, drama, and mystery.

This is a novel I started writing back in 2018. It's a passion project of mine. The story is inspired by a roleplaying game I ran for my twin sister and my brother back in highschool. I started adapting the story and brainstorming ideas for it some time in 2016 or 2017, but originally I was planning to make it a web comic. Eventually I realized I would rather write it as a sci fi novel.

I finished the first draft at the end of 2020 after working on it for two years. Since then I have been editing it, working on recording and editing the audiobook, and posting it online. I've spent hundreds of hours on this project, and though I have had some help with ideas and feedback from some of my close friends and family, I wrote every word myself and I am recording all of the audio by myself as well. I'm also responsible for all of the artwork.

I believe that stories can awaken our emotions and sometimes help us process challenging things or get through difficult times. I wrote Sentinel with this belief, prioritizing the emotional experience of the story above everything. I genuinely hope that you enjoy reading Sentinel, and that it adds something to your life, even in a small way- whether that's by being a fun and exciting adventure you can read to help pass the time, or by inspiring you on a deeper level.

Thanks for your interest in Sentinel. :) I hope you enjoy the adventure!

The investigator sat across from me. She wore a black uniform and hat, with a sky-blue trim. She looked pristine, as though she’d never touched a speck of dirt in her life, which was curious since dirt is exactly what she was looking for. She placed a small computer on the desk in front of me, which I found interesting; why didn’t she just use her holo-gauntlet?

I knew the answer. This way, I couldn’t read whatever she was typing. She hadn’t broken eye contact. But I did.

Silver light beamed in from the glass wall to my right. The moons were full, and the Toru nebula was in the sky tonight, glowing a striking purple. I took a deep breath in, and exhaled.

I turned to the investigator. “I appreciate you coming all this way, investigator; I am honoured. But I don’t think I’ll be of much help.” I cleared my throat.

She smiled at me. “No need to be so modest, your highness. There’s a reason I came to you, specifically. You have knowledge and experience that no one else has.”

I shuffled in my seat. “Perhaps I should have someone bring us some refreshments?”

I’m fine, thank you. I’d just like you to start from the beginning. This doesn’t need to be a long process.”

I glanced at the time on my holo-gauntlet.

So, you’d like me to start from the beginning… of the Duhrnan incident?”

She shook her head. “We’re not interested in Duhrnan. We’re more interested in the Brotherhood’s role in all of this.”

Well,” I said, “I’m not sure where to begin…”

Anywhere that feels natural. We can go from there.”

Alright,” I said. I nodded slowly, but my mind raced back in time. There really was only one place the story could begin.


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Seb Woodland

Bio: I'm a writer, game developer, artist, and musician. Just a creative guy working on art and trying to make his way in the world.

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