Arimane Blade was a living legend. He had been granted many names. They were not all bright. Some hailed him as a messiah, others slandered him as the Devil. A man that was feared by all even as a simple mortal.

One day like any other, decades after his retirement, an old god informed him that he had been killed by mistake and offered him a chance to start a new life with a younger body. Where? A place where fantasies are reality and where everything is possible.

This is where the story of the most legendary human started. People couldn't find a name for such a controversial being. Instead, they began to call him by his first and most fitting title: 'The Kind Demon'


Note: This is a re-upload. I have 260 chapters to go through and I'll probably do it in the following week or two... probably.

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Ahra Manyu

Ahra Manyu

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. “This fearful human.” ago
2. “Yeah... of course.” ago
3. “Magic is easy.” ago
4. “Why are people so good looking in this world?” ago
5. ''I went and returned, what's the problem?'' ago
6. ''I'll stay here for one month.'' ago
7. ''I even tried to be polite.'' ago
8. ''Is killing prohibited?'' ago
9. ''You're a total freak.'' ago
10. ''Wolves are cool too.'' ago
11. “Well, that settles it.” ago
12. “If I continue it'll just be rude.” ago
13. “... Why is it purple?” ago
14. “How did I end up with this guy?” ago
15. ''That's a freaking living being.'' ago
16. ''Do you accept?'' ago
17. ''You're not human.'' ago
18. ''It's not your business, big one.'' ago
19. ''It worked…'' ago
20. ''Next.'' ago
21. ''This guy’s easy.'' ago
22. ''What a real trade is.'' ago
23. ''Kind Demon.'' ago
24. ''We're off to a great start.'' ago
25. ''I'm just a bit eccentric, not crazy.'' ago
26. ''Messor.'' ago
27. ''Then let's go.'' ago
28. ''Madman?'' ago
29. ''Are you messing with me right now?'' ago
30. ''You'll destroy it?'' ago
31. “That is a marvelous contradiction.” ago
32. ''That was a good fight.'' ago
33. ''Clean up.'' ago
34. ''Why are you here?'' ago
35. ''Is that all?'' ago
36. ''I think we're being pressured.'' ago
37. ''What’s wrong with that?'' ago
38. ''If we're lucky.'' ago
39. ''Let’s begin.'' ago
40. ''It's a good sword.'' ago
41. ''No problem.'' ago
42. ''So? Convinced?'' ago
43. ''Are you perhaps impotent?'' ago
44. ''Thanks for teaching me.'' ago
45. ''Let's talk.'' ago
46. ''Karaskan.'' ago
47. ''To destroy you obviously.'' ago
48. ''That's just unfair.'' ago
49. ''Don't laugh.'' ago
50. ''That wasn't necessary.'' ago
51. ''I've got an idea.'' ago
52. ''Then it's decided.'' ago
53. ''Clench your teeth.'' ago
54. ''…Oops.'' ago
55. ''It should work somehow.'' ago
56. ''Dungeon?'' ago
57. ''I still can’t do it.'' ago
58. ''Tell me.'' ago
59. ''I'll take care of it.'' ago
60. ''Is he hibernating or something?'' ago
61. ''Life Judgement.'' ago
62. ''Your impressions?'' ago
63. ''Choose.'' ago
64. ''No, sorry.'' ago
65. ''Soul Contract.'' ago
66. ''…Why am I fighting again?'' ago
67. ''Silver Emperor.'' ago
68. ''Did you think about it?'' ago
69. ''It's pathetic.'' ago
70. ''Yes, I can beat him already.'' ago
71. ''The Kind Demon's Arts.'' ago
72. ''Let me show you.'' ago
73. ''I’ll resolve this for you.'' ago
74. ''Done.'' ago
75. ''Hi, Karma.'' ago
76. ''Did it work?'' ago
77. ''The Berserker's Path.'' ago
78. ''Simple, right?'' ago
79. ''Hell?'' ago
80. ''Ahriman, huh?'' ago
81. ''Homunculus?'' ago
82. ''So, we're in trouble, right?'' ago
83. ''He's dangerous.'' ago
84. ''Space-Time.'' ago
85. ''Stupid.'' ago
86. ''This will be fun.'' ago
87. ''Freaking book.'' ago
88. ''Not bad.'' ago
89. ''The gate is forming.'' ago
90. ''Libra.'' ago
91. ''We'll give it a try.'' ago
92. ''Kerberos.'' ago
93. ''Let me recapitulate.'' ago
94. ''So, what do we do now?'' ago
95. ''Escapee.'' ago
96. ''You're a hell of a teacher.'' ago
97. ''Eion.'' ago
98. ''Scary kid.'' ago
99. ''Yes, I have.'' ago
100. "Interesting analogy.'' ago
101. ''Pandora.'' ago
102. ''Show me what you can do.'' ago
103. ''Outstanding.'' ago
104. "Congratulations." ago
105. ''Ruthless…'' ago
106. ''How was it?'' ago
107. ''Little demons.'' ago
108. ''It's a really comfortable place.'' ago
109. ''A fox is mischievous but a dragon is wise.'' ago
110. ''Plane Guardian.'' ago
111. ''There’s only one possibility left.'' ago
112. ''Most likely both.'' ago
113. ''Why not.'' ago
114. ''Let's get along.'' ago
115. ''…huh?'' ago
116. ''It's time for war.'' ago
117. ''The Purgatory.'' ago
118. ''We'll cheat a little.'' ago
119. ''…Count the score.'' ago
120. ''I don't give third chances.'' ago
121. ''A mountain.'' ago
122. ''Seriously, this is too much...'' ago
123. ''It's open.'' ago
124. ''What is this?'' ago
125. ''Damn…'' ago
126. ''Are you serious.'' ago
127. ''I just want to destroy this thing.'' ago
128. ''Mission accomplished.'' ago
129. ''That foolish dream.'' ago
130. ''Eighteen, huh?'' ago
131. ''The Wicked One.'' ago
132. "It's time.'' ago
133. ''What the hell are you?'' ago
134. ''Basically, they're strong.'' ago
135. “So, I guess I'll have to eliminate you.'' ago
136. ''Glad to have you back.'' ago
137. ''You see? Wasn't that hard.'' ago
138. ''Again…'' ago
139. ''Reigen.'' ago
140. ''Looks like it started.'' ago
141. ''I think it's time.'' ago
142. ''I didn't sign for this!'' ago
143. ''What is going on?'' ago
144. ''Soul Manifestation.'' ago
145. ''Let the Judgment begin.'' ago
146. ''Come at me.'' ago
147. ''Show me what you can do.'' ago
148. ''If I die today; this world is not doing its job.'' ago
149. ''I am the Kind Demon.'' ago

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For what it is, it's not terrible. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it is enjoyable to read. Of course, you first have to turn off your brain, because if you look at this novel with a critical eye you won't last past the first chapter.

There are so many fundamental errors that make this borderline unreadable. To be honest, rewriting this from scratch would be its only salvation and to me it feels like this is the draft of a draft. 

Abilities are pulled out of the arse of the main character with no rhyme or reason. The plot is that there is no plot, and when there is plot, it's build out of nothing so it feels weak. 

Dialogue and character interactions feel forced and oftentimes weird. The characters themselves don't seem to be anything more than they show on the surface and due to the pacing we also never see any proper character development. If anything, the author should stop trying to jump from exciting scene to exciting scene and properly establish his characters.

At least there are few grammatical errors and the writing is well above average. 

Conclusion: Know how fast food is bad for your health but tasty and easy to consume? That is also how I would describe this novel. Easy to consume, low quality, high quantity. For me that just wanted to have more junk to read it wasn't too bad. 

In the end it all depends on how you go about it. Don't expect to find a diamond in the rough or even gold. Probably some copper with hints of silver. But hey, there is a lot of it and the ideas behind it are interesting.

A more polished version would probably look more like Azarinth Healer, or The Primal Hunter. Probably after a lot of polishing... A lot lot lot of polishing.


So yeah... if you even consider reading this story, please note that MC is op and can basically do whatever he wants to do when he needs to do it. He will pull abilities from his ass as he needs to. If this offends you, this story is probably not for you.

Personally, I read this entirely over several days. If you don't think of MC being too op, it becomes like popcorn in readable form. Just... don't try to make sense of it and you will be fine.

Plot? Eh... at least at first it seems nonexistent and doesn't seem to go anywhere as MC goes around being awesomely powerful. There is indeed plot, though, but it takes some time to get started with it. Just read and watch the MC be OP.

That should cover explanation of style mostly too. I'll have to add though that the story is basically series of events where mc goes from place to place, finding something to do, problem or perhaps just want to have fun, then deals with the situation in overpowered manner and then moves on to the next. As I said earlier, its like popcorn in readable form.

Characters outside of MC are there to support MC's overpoweredness, but for a story like this, I think its fine. Which is why these ratings I pick are chosen while keeping the story style in mind. Its popcorn.

Grammar. I'm not native english speaker, but I found no problems and story is very easy to understand. I'll just take half star away since I cannot say its perfect, if I myself didn't pay too much attention to it. That is to say nothing glaring enough that I would notice it at least.

Its good story to pass time with. Don't take it too seriously and its fine.