Dungeon I/O (⚒ Crafting ⚒)

Dungeon I/O (⚒ Crafting ⚒)

by zryfurn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A young engineer with photographic memory dies after choking on a pretzel. He is reincarnated in a fantasy world as a dungeon core. Having near infinite knowledge from Earth, and infinitesimal common sense, he begins to shape his dungeon into the ultimate factory of resources. Collect all the things! Automate all the systems! Even adventurers can be farmed! And if a few world governments collapse in the process, well, it’s all for the sake of science!

This story is like if Factorio was about dungeons, played by someone with ADHD.

Warning, lots of numbers and spreadsheets. Arithmophobes beware!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: To New Beginnings ago
Chapter 2: Elizabeth & Douglas ago
Chapter 3: First Transmutation ⚗️ Decompose ago
Chapter 4: First Transmutation ⚗️ Exchange & Materialize ago
Franklin’s Notes: O-Points 📝 Conversion Factors ago
Chapter 5: The Wilderness 🧭 Enter Swamplands ago
Chapter 6: Encounters 👹 Swamp Slime ago
Chapter 7: First Industrialization 🏭 Discovery of Fire ago
Chapter 8: First Industrialization 🏭 Discovery of Pottery ago
Chapter 9: Transmutation ⚗️ Water ago
Chapter 10: First Craft 🛠️ Create & Imbue ago
Chapter 11: Craft 🛠️ Acetic Acid ago
Author’s Note: One Week Anniversary, Thoughts and Polls ago
Chapter 12: First Summon 👹 Swamp Slime ago
Chapter 13: First Town 👑 Bristle ago
Chapter 14: First Town 👑 Adventurers’ Guild ago
Chapter 15: Bladgor Dungeon ⚔️ Layout ago
Chapter 16: Bladgor Dungeon ⚔️ Combat & Aftermath ago
Chapter 17: First Contact ⚔️ Meeting ago
Chapter 18: First Contact ⚔️ Introductions ago
Chapter 19: First Contact ⚔️ Experience for Experience ago
Chapter 20: Industrialization 🏭 Troubleshooting Iron ago
Chapter 21: Industrialization 🏭 Playing with Sticks ago
Chapter 22: Transmutation ⚗️ Organic Discoveries ago
Author’s Note: Two Weeks In Review ago
Chapter 23: Industrialization 🏭 Bellows ago
Chapter 24: Industrialization 🏭 Bloomery Blues ago
Author’s Note: What Next? ago
Chapter 25: Industrialization 🏭 First Tool ago
Chapter 26: Dungeon Construction 🏗️ First Expansion ago
Chapter 27: Industrialization 🏭 Recap and Planning ago
Chapter 28: The Wilderness 🧭 Enter Mineshaft ago

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edit: There have been some changes to the earlier chapters (in part based on my suggestions), but I have decided to leave my review as it was, and just include this warning. I quickly looked through most of those chapters, and I think it's still mostly accurate. Also, while I point out some of my complaints about the story in the first part, these are not major problems in any way.


Most of my issues about this story can be summarized with "why?"
Why does the MC get to choose how he reincarnates? Please don't tell me every single person can choose to become a Hero after they die...
Why does he get such an absurd amount of information? Not just about dungeon cores, the system, but also the world he was reincarnated into (which he couldn't choose).
Why does he have a human body if he is a dungeon core? It would be more logical to call him a Dungeon Lord, instead of a core.
Why does the system store materials as elements, if he can't materialize them as such? All in all, the whole system seems needlessly convoluted. If at least he could select compounds to materialize, instead of just materializing an element that becomes a predetermined compound.
Why do slimes work according to Earth science? Seriously why? How the heck would he know the molecular composition of magic slimes?

Despite all my complaints, this story is good. It has an interesting premise, but I think it's somewhat lacking in execution. Good writing and grammar. Nothing much to say about that.
The story is very slow so far. Mostly because until now, we just followed the MC as he tested out (parts of) his dungeon system to create things. I enjoyed it, but if you want exciting action, you should probably look elsewhere.
Franklin, the main character is, in my opinion both the greatest strength, and the biggest weakness of this story. Franlky, I dislike him. The photographic memory genius with near unlimited knowledge is the premise of the story, and he works well within it. I think he is a well written character, it's just... I find him annoying.
Not to mention that his "photographic memory" is used kind of like a cheat. And by that, I don't mean just the knowledge from Earth. For some reason he also has knowledge about his new world memorized.

All in all, this is a good story, that just isn't for everyone. I encourage you to try it.


Now I love a good dungeon story as much as the next person, and usually the more detail a dungeon story has the better it is as a dungeon is essencially a god and should know about how it does its stuff. However, Dungeon I/O seems to have the problem of have the "problem" of diving too much into the detail.

Now not the "air quotes" there as this isn't really a problem of such but it can and likely will put off some readers. I think this is expressed in how slow the story seems as 10 chapers in and it seems the protag is still only just starting to understand the system, add into how he's not the typicall dungeon with at least a small tribe of creatures like other story have, and some people may get bored. Again not a problem as in the future once the ball starts rolling and the protag has the resources and knoledge to really start experimenting it may become closer to other good dungeon novels in a way or have a spark of its own. But till then I'll likely just sit and wait.

P.S. I understand its progressing this way because of how the protag is a mad fellow who wants to understand everything in detail, and props for the author for going into all that extra detail as people do like that stuff. just not for me right now.


First sorry for my poor english, I write a lot less than I read.

The info dump is so massive that sometime I have the impression of reading an author paid by lines (or words) But I found the text well written, with good grammar and vocabulary. 


The story is for now divised in two type chapter. World building chapter with new characters and very littles informations, and mc's chapters which are in fact info dump on science where an engineer try to build modern process with a powerful system but do not try to use correctly the "System". It's like the first thing the mc do with his new car it's to use the fuel tank to measure a volume. 

There's for now no direction to the story and the pacing is very slow. This two things make the story rather boring for me.


The mc have so little common sense that he should be non functionnal in society, have edeitic memory (an excuse for a lot of disparate knownledge) and apparently no social skill.

And the other characters are for now with very little developpement so nothing to say about them.


I will probably retry this story later with more chaptes published. But I can't recommend it now when there so much to read elsewhere.


This is a great start. Im very interesed in where its going to go. BUT the chapters a very VERY short. So my recomendation for now "ch 5" is to favorite the book then wait till it reaches 20-30 chapters before reading. Or you'll be left wanting like me. 


I haven't read a dungeon story for a while so I'm probably a bit resistant to their tropes for now. Even still I feel this one has a rather unique take on the whole thing as the core feels a lot less like some sort of tower defense manager and more like some weirdly bound-in-place semi-immortal reincarnator.

Overall the vibe and character give off feelings similar to Dr. Stone and maybe a hint of How To Tame Your Princess.

Pacing is also quite good as the story doesn't get bogged down focusing on one thing at a time. For example while the MC is off grinding out data about slime death a resource counts we get a side chapter following the first character to(/in) discover(ing) the dungeon.


A large amount of not too much yet, slow paced

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: The Wilderness 🧭 Enter Mineshaft

Another interesting premise , the chapters so far are short and the content isn't seeming to be going too fast. I like the more "scientific" way of looking at things but thats all that has happened really so far. keeping an eye on it with a neutral score for now

Slip Shadow

The dungeon factory story is a worthy experimental work in progress from a new author.  It's like your really passionate chemistry professor landed in a standard fantasy dungeon world and (for lack of a better phrase) noticed gigantic gaps in the physics engine.

What I like about the story is that the concepts new, and that I'm probably going to learn something, maybe even a lot of something.

I do wish that the hacks could be explained.  I keep finding myself saying "so what?" And mentally pulling up the periodic table.

A useful device might be another adventurer from earth who has a very basic chemistry understanding (i.e. they took chemistry 20 years ago) who can point out little oddities in the periodic table and what the point of the back is.

Also the not-quite murder of the girl.  If the POV had immediately switched to the girl, the scene would have maybe been funny. I don't know about the other readers, but I would have been p.o'd at the dungeon and at myself.  I would have REALLY been upset with myself that I had to go back to that idiot because as horrible as the main character is, (I'm guessing) the benefits to registering a new dungeon will prove benefits that can't be easily stolen from me.

Bottom line, the guy needs a keeper, but he's completely untrustworthy.  Well, he's like a cat.  You can trust him to do horrible things to you in the name of science.  And then you will have to feed yourself for five days to get back and mistreated again.  

There's an interview with shirtaloon (on YouTube) where he talks about his process for writing "He who fights with monsters" it could be useful.

Long story short, this feels like an amazing first draft of a genre breaking story.  I want to see much more.


SHORT CHAPS, nice read tho so do check it out

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: Industrialization 🏭 Bellows

... it is exactly how my title says.... its a nice read but the chapters are to short. put it in your follow list and check it every 10 or 15 chaps. or if the author makes the chaps longer.. its about an engineer/chemist (trust me im an engineer) that choices to be a dungeon instead of an hero


The story is pretty fun so far. I love the math and science with it. I don't always read all of the really descriptive bits, but when I want to I can which is nice. I'm curious to see if the writer sticks with this style past the point of mideval technology, when things get much more complex. After I read the description I'm imaging him walking through a big factory just transmuting massive quantities of iron or gold or silicon, and then having assembly lines of goblins and traditional monsters making stuff out of it. Maybe the dragons just use their firebreath because it's more efficent to feed a dragon than wait for trees to grow to make charcoal or something like that. 

The only negatives are that it could use a little bit of editing. I don't remeber finding any misspelled words, but a couple sentences here and there need reworked. Also the chapters are really short. It seems like you're trying to have one main idea per chapter so I kinda understand why they're short, but I find that reading one larger chapter is generally easier than 2 or 3 smaller ones. That's also just a personal preference though.

Overall it's really good. A little bit more editing, fleshing out the characters (which is happening slowly like it should), and getting a little more content and I think this'll be great. 9/10, keep up the good work.


if you have the grit to read alot of science facts you will enjoy this.

it's a story that focuses on the "sci" in "sci-fi" and the "system".

i peronally think the only reason it got less then 4.5 stars is the grit needed to read it and lack of awsome innovation from the mc at the immediate start.

i wish good luck to the author beacause any type of crafting book needs to really "simplefy" (use less precise and scientifically correct words) the process so you need less grit or backgrounf knowledge to understand it.

he does a good job explaining for now