*A Dwarf's Story*

by naosu

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Reader interactive Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
A dwarf having been raised in another world, full of magic and even technology while struggling to survive against insurmountable odds, in a world full of war, and carnage. Some elements similar to but not exactly like steampunk, with lots of heavy dungeon feel, mixed with magic. Survival with even a bit of world building and while trying to build interesting characters.

Will he be dwarf enough and wizard enough to conquer the maze?

Detailed and slow build up. Note that readers should be aware of fantasy violence, killing, and fighting is prevalent in all my stories. This isn't a story for younger children.

Want to also say thanks to all the wonderful people that have shared and offered help to make stories better and more fun.

*Still deciding if other genre tags should be added to this or not.*

Please keep up your support.
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  • Overall Score

Proper begining to what could be a great story

I first read too late to pull the fire alarm from the same author. Luckily he linked his other work or I might have missed it. Story is properly written, characters look interesting and has a massive potential. A few grammar mistakes here and there but mostly a truly solid work. Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

This needs more views (havent read alot of it yet will update it as i go)

Although i havent read alot of chapters yet, judging from the first chapter the length is quite long and is consistent updates of similarly length chapters. 

Obviously the author has spent time going over the story again and again, as the story itself is well written, the grammar, descriptions, the lengths, story etc.

This really needs more views i guess its because people don't like dwarfs its all about the elves and humans, a shame as if this wasn't about a dwarf it will get far more recognition from the community.

I sincerely hope the author would not write stuff typical popular troupes to attract readers but write what he truly wants to write.

The idea is really malleable and therefore provides a lot of freedom so the fiction doesnt get stale fast. 

Anyway enough of this Keep up the good work and keep on trying, 


  • Overall Score

good story, the title is lame, and the writer put a lot of effort and imagination into it, just needs more readers.


There are a few spots the plot is a little too abrupt, one is in the very beginning, it felt like more intro to the mage test was needed.


The second was the sudden shift to high ranking noble, from slum rat, that needs worked out also.



Other than that the story is pretty decent,  its sad that other crummier stories get more reads and reviews than this one.... its probably cause the title is super lame.

  • Overall Score

Agree excellent beginning to early mid story. The natural end of this part would be first contact with his new subjects, doubtless with them in a tough situation. Pity that story has stalled. A title mentioning mountain, labyrinths, magic system would be more likely to pull readers in I think.