Bringing Earthling to Conquer Another World

Bringing Earthling to Conquer Another World

by elusivetiger

The universe consists of many worlds.

A genius programmer died from exhaustion and reborn as a demon that survived a deadly event that killed his entire family.

But he realized that without resources, getting revenge would be a pipe dream.

He knows where to get cheap soldiers with endless potential, earth!

As long as he disguised this world as a game, millions of players would do his bidding, or as the players said a quest!

Follow Joe's journey conquering multiple worlds while he racked his brain daily to keep players on track and keep loyal to him.


I upload Sunday - Wednesday two chapter per day

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Author may have read a few too many stories on RR to come up with this... and I  love it!

Why should an Isekai-ed hero work towards the main quest? Why do people spend tons of money to play computer games?

This story seems to be headed towards an enjoyable angst free subversion of the Isekai/LitRPG genres.

It's still early days, and I will update this review after a few more chapters, however already I recommend giving this story a try.