Chapter 129: Just a spar.

Sharp winds blew past the two as their fists collides. The shockwave created an outward explosion of water.

They were steadily depleting the tide pool of water. The sound of their spar has attracted a few onlookers.

The onlookers didn’t dare to get close though. Their mouths were wide open in both shock and awe.

Crule and Ming separated from their exchange only to immediately dash back into it.

Ming once again goes for a high kick. Crule ducks this time instead of taking it head on but as he crouches, Ming’s leg changed direction and started to slam downwards into a drop kick.

Crule quickly lifted his arms over his head and cushioned the blow. His knees bent and body lowered to absorb the blow the best he could. But the strength of the blow was quite powerful. It caused another shockwave which shook the tall rocks around them where the onlookers were hiding behind.

Crule took advantage of how long Ming needed to recover from such a kick and grabbed her ankle with both hands. With a twist of his waist, he threw Ming toward a wall. Ming did a flip to position herself as such she lands feet first onto the wall.

Using the force of the throw to bounce back caused her body strain but it wasn’t enough to cause actual damage. She kicked off the wall like a spear directly at Crule.

The greenish rock wall crumbled at the force of her kick. The debris fell into the tide pool displacing most of the remaining water.

Good thing there was no one behind that rock or they might have been seriously hurt.

Crule dodged by rolling to the left since he was already kneeled on the ground. The remaining water slowed his rolling and Ming manage to kick deep into the ground nearly hitting him. She left a sizable crater in the tide pool around three feet wide. Crule stared at the ground and felt a shiver crawl up his spine.

[Crule]: H-hey we are still just sparring right?

Ming smiled, but all Crule could feel from that smile is rage.

[Ming]: You dare throw me?

[Crule]: Shit.

Crule realized he messed up. He forgot the thing Ming hated the most was someone throwing her by the ankles.
Flames ignited in her eyes.

[Ming]: Lets “spar” some more.

She said as aura enveloped her body.

[Crule]: W-whoa there, wasn’t this supposed to be a spar.

[Ming]: It is, we are just upping the ante.

She cracked her knuckles while slowly walking toward Crule.

The onlookers walked to run from the bloodlust they feel from the fight but it was too interesting. Some even started to record the fight.

Crule gulped.

[Crule]: F-fine, let’s make it a real spar then.

Aura enveloped his body as well.

Their aura acts as a protective cover over their body so they can hit each other with harder blows.

Crule punched the ground and made a large hole. The punch also splashed what remained of the water upwards blocking Ming’s view.

Crule lunged from his spot toward where Ming was hoping to get a sucker punch in.

But as he emerged from the water, Ming was no longer there.

[Crule]: Where? Oh shit.

A shadow loomed over his head. Ming slammed downwards like a meteor directly hitting Crule in the back. The aura visibly bends and Crule was slammed into the ground. A crater in the shape of his body formed on the rocky ground now devoid of water.

A drop of blood dripped from Crule’s mouth. Although his aura protected him from the hit, it still shook up his internal organs.

Ming grinded her feet on Crule’s back.

[Ming]: Do you concede?

Crule only laughed weakly.

His aura suddenly flared and expanded. The force pushed Ming off of him and back several meters. Crule once again dashed at her. He stopped immediately near her chest and uppercuts. The blow his Ming’s chin and sends her flying several meters into the air.

Crule quickly followed up by leaping after her. A barrage of punches and kicks follow. Ming wasn’t fully prepared and could only block half of the blows. Finally Crule balled his fists and slammed her downwards.

She lands with a shocking sound in another tide poor adjacent to them. As she bounce back upwards by the blow, a drop of blood also escaped her mouth.

Crule landed a few meters away panting.

[Crule]: D-do you give up?

He said panting.

Ming slow got up while rubbing her chin.

[Ming]: That was unfair. *cough* Why do you gotta be so rough on your wife. *cough*

She said angrily while coughing due to the water getting in her lungs.

[Crule]: Well, you…

Crule realize he couldn’t talk back as she didn’t do anything wrong.

He sighed and walked up to Ming. He took out a blanket and draped it over her with a hug.

[Crule]: Sorry…I love you.

Ming looked at Crule like he was an idiot.

[Ming]: You realize the spar isn’t over right?

[Crule]: What?

The next thing he knew, the ground was coming up awfully fast.
When Crule woke up, the moons were already visible as were the countless stars in the sky.

A dull headache and ringing in his ears told the story of what happened to him.

He saw Ming sat beside a roaring fire with her clothes drying on a tree branch nearby.

The sound of water told him they were still at the tide pools.

He slowly got up clutching one hand to his head.

[Crule]: How long was I out?

[Ming]: A good two hours.

Crule sighed.

[Crule]: I guess we’re even now?

[Ming]: Mhm.

Crule sighed again. It seems he was sighing a lot more now days.

[Crule]: I’ll cook your favorite for dinner then…

Ming finally turned around with a smile.

[Ming]: I won.

[Crule]: Sure, sure.

He sat next to her by the fire. Then kissed her on the cheek.

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