Chapter 117: Unexpected.

The worm started shivering. Its heads look toward Crule with a strong hunger. But it seem realize its prey will not fill him up even a little bit. It need something bigger, something to satiate its loud profound calls of hunger. It looks towards its own head. With each of its head having a mind of its own, it realize that the other heads look awfully delicious. Surely it wouldn’t mind if he took just a nibble…

Dante watched in shock as in merely a second, the worm stopped in its tracks and went insane. Its head attacked each other, taking bites out of the weaker ones. Soon, the heads started to diminish yet their hunger have not been satisfied.

Not wanting to see the end result when only one head is left, Turf quickly steered the boat away from the worm.

Originally Dante thought Crule was just a strong youth full of potential. Now she knows just how wrong she was. This was not just your average strong youth…this was a demon in the skin of a child. But she didn’t discriminate. No, she just found something far more interesting. It filled her with anticipation of what was to come next. Perhaps if she followed the two youths she may see even more amazing things.

Crule smiled at the scene of the carnage. It was just as he expected. He even praised himself a little on the inside.

But a surge of power caught him off guard.

The mysterious being suddenly appeared next to him with a glowing green dagger.

[Mysterious being]: Plan failed: Initiating False safe plan.

The being stabbed the dagger toward the unexpected Crule.

[Crule]: Shit, I can’t move fast enough.

It was as if everything slowed down at that moment.

Just before the dagger was about to hit Crule in the neck, a whip of blood lashed across and stabbed the mysterious being in the hand. The sheer impact made it drop the dagger. But the being now focused its attention on Ming.

He quickly severed his hand that was impaled by the blood whip and dashed toward the fatigued Ming with a second dagger in his other hand.

Crule finally reacted and summoned a mouth on the floor where the mysterious being’s foot stood. The foot sank into the mouth and as the teeth clenched, his foot was severed. This altered the course of the dagger, but sadly it was not enough.

Ming couldn’t react fast enough as the dagger hit her shoulder.


The dagger imbedded deeply in her shoulder and green veins exploded from its center. The mysterious being quickly backed away. It was now seriously wounded. But what leaked from his severed hand and foot was not blood. It was a black fluid that looked sinister.

[Crule]: NOOO MING!!

Crule felt his heart sank. He stared at Ming with fear and worry. He didn’t know what kind of weapon the mysterious being used and its current effect. He had to act quickly but first he need to eliminate the threat.

He looked toward the mysterious being.

[Crule]: YOU! You are going… TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!

Extreme rage filled his eyes and he shouted at the mysterious being. Crule’s aura became unstable and exploded outwards as his anger peaked.

Dante and Turf who were near them felt the aura and nearly fainted. It was a powerful aura of rage and deprivation. They felt incomplete, that something was lacking. It was strong than just the normal feeling of hunger. It was like they lacked everything. Air, food, water, emotions, everything. They lacked it all and they needed it now. It was suffocating them.

The aura receded after its initial explosion. The feeling that Dante and Turf felt left them slowly but it left them with a scar in their minds and heart. It was the feeling of being incomplete so powerful they could not stand it if it had lasted longer.

The aura hit the being as well but it seem to have no effect on it other than knocking him off his remaining feet.

Crule dashed toward the being. He could no longer hold back. From the explosion of his aura, his armor was immediately activated. The armor flew around Crule and snapped itself into place. A fully armor Crule was now lunging at the being. Before the being could get back up. Crule was already on top of him.

Whilst screaming in rage, Crule clawed at the being. Ripping flesh from flesh, metal from metal. The being’s tough skin could not bear the sheer force and it rend and teared. Its insides were strangely mechanical.

Crule ripped the being’s remaining limbs off with a gut wrenching crunch. Dante and Turf stared in fear. The fully armored Crule look more monster than man. The eyes staring in every direction was unsettling. The dark color gave them a feeling of dread, as if a large predator was directly in front of them.

The mysterious being was shredded into nothing but parts. Only its head remained intact.
A blue light was flashing behind his eye.

Suddenly a bright light enveloped the boat followed by a large explosion.
Everyone was knocked off the boar and its deck was blown apart. Wood shrapnel flew everywhere.

Crule however was completely safe in his armor. Dante and Turf however, was not. They were knocked out cold by the explosion and the ship now had a large gaping hole in the middle of the deck.

Crule looked at the hole with a cold anger in his eyes.

[Crule]: This asshole self-destructed…

His anger then quickly subsided as he rushed to the side of Ming. He knew Dante and Turf only sustained small injuries. But Ming was bleeding still. The dagger was still imbedded in her shoulder.

Crule quickly took it out but it was quite difficult. Part of the metal had seemingly melted and was now bound to her skin.

Ming was unconscious but it was obvious from the great amounts of pain she was feeling. Perhaps if she had not taken the pill Crule gave her earlier, the pain could have killed her directly.

Crule quickly used his aura to envelope the dagger and corrode it away. After it was eaten, the wound on Ming’s shoulder was still visibly serious. The bones of her shoulder could be seen. Crule knew it was dangerous as there were blood vessels leading from her shoulder to her brain. He had to stop the green poison from spreading. Ming’s face was now extremely pale and the veins on her face could be seen clearly. Crule felt a strong tug in his heart as he could do nothing to ease her pain.

[Crule]: Hang in there Ming.

He sealed the wound with his aura to stop the bleeding. He had to get her help immediately.
He looked at the wristband on his arm and sighed. He pressed a button and a list of names appeared. He scrolled down and clicked the name of the only one who can help him at this time.

A screen appeared from the wristband. Crule talked into it.

[Crule]: Chun Qin. Where are you right now? We need your help immediately.

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