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Chapter 100: Crule’s Armor.

Ming stepped back from the field area satisfied. Her armor seem to fall apart like it melted. It reformed on the armor stand in perfect condition and dormant.

Brigid silently stored the armor in a crystal and handed it to Ming.

[Ming]: Why are you guys so quiet?

[Lawks Father]: My mountain…

[Ming]: Oh, don’t worry about that. At least now the west side of your house will get some sunshine.

[Lawks Father]: My…mountain…

Ming was extremely carefree and smiling while Lawks’ Father was kneeling on the ground holding his head. She walk back to Crule expecting more praise.

[Crule]: Good job.

Crule smiled warmly. The only person who had ever stayed with him even under the constant threats of death and barrages of ridicule when he became public enemy number one, was Ming. Although Crule realizes her attachment was borderline psychopathic, he appreciates it as his most important social connection.

He rubbed Ming’s head softly.

She closed her eyes in satisfaction.

Crule could never understand the girl. Although they were married in the old world, he never got fully intimate with her. He realize she treasures their relationship a lot to the point where it’s borderline obsession. But he himself soon realize that he too did the same. Whether it’s the apocalyptic setting or the way they were raised, they never had a normal relationship. Perhaps their possessive relationship is their only way of showing love.

[Brigid]: Ok you’re up Crule. I have a feeling you’re going to do something even more amazing. Although I feel tired as hell, my curiosity about your abilities has keep me awake till now. Hurry up and show us so I can go pass out.

She snapped her finger and a haggard looking engineer pushed a dolly with the armor stand on it towards them. The armor looked very menacing.

Having been created out of a nearly invisible lynx, a black dragon corpse, and various other components, the armor gives off a mysterious and dark feeling especially with the legion eyes dotting the armor.

The body armor was coated in a leathery layer of dragon scales. On the shoulders where to patches of hard to see fur with a sharpened spike sticking out. Fangs ran along the sides of the chest plate like a rib cage. Between the bones, were countless numbers of eyeballs closed, just waiting to open.

The pants was made of the same leathery dragon skin. Although it looks very light and flexible, the durability was shockingly high. The knees was covered in a hard black cap with an eyeball embedded in it. It was wide open compare to the other ones on the chest plate. It was larger than the others and seem to stare directly into your soul.

For the gloves, only one glove was provided that looks exactly like the black colored prosthetic hand Crule has. Along the back of the palm were crimson red veins that ran along from the wrist to the tips of the fingers. On the back of the glove were five smaller eyeballs that form a pentagon.

They were open as well and each of the iris was a different color; Hazel, teal, crimson, turquoise, and orange. Each of the eyes dart around gathering in information like a starved animal. Every so often, a pulse travels through the eyes to the veins on the other side of the glove to the wrist.
The shoe piece was the shape of sideways “J”. The tip of the shoe curved upwards like the shoes of a jester. But instead of being floppy and has a bell attached to the end, it’s a long dragons horn.

On the two sides were half opened eyeballs. They were a decent distance up from the bottom of the shoe and looked like fish eyes. They were protected from the dirt and dust that lie near the ground.

The bottom of the shoe was lined with small half inch spikes making it like cleats.

The helmet covered the entire head and face as well. On the forehead were two yellowish cat eyes that belonged to the lynx. They melded well and connected the entire body’s eyes to the helmet piece, giving information to the wearer. On each side of the helmet were small wings fashioned out of dragon leather. The actual eye piece was fashioned out of the cornea of the dragon’s eyes.

They glow a deep crimson color and brings the whole outfit together.

If one where to see the armor they would feel completely terrified with all the eyes and the sleek black leathery scales and spikes. It was the perfect depiction of a dark dragon knight. It looked exactly opposite of Chun Qin’s. Chun Qin’s was a knight in shining armor, a hero of light. Crule’s armor was the embodiment of darkness, the black knight.

Crule looked satisfied but at the same time confused.

[Crule]: Do I really look so evil that my armor has to as well?

[Brigid]: Eh? I thought you liked the evil look.

[Crule]: …

[Ming]: I think it looks great!

Ming tried to cheer up Crule. But he still look dejected.

[Crule]: Man, it sure does bring back some unpleasant memory…

In the previous world Crule didn’t have this armor, but by his evil looking face along and how he always wears the color black, after the incident, everyone associated him with evil.

Back then he didn’t have the strength the fight against the world, so he went into hiding. Months upon months, waiting, in fear that someone might recognize him. If not for Ming, he would have gone completely insane.

But now as time have passed, Crule’s mind was stronger. He was ready for it all. Months spent in hiding, his mind wandered. He planned and schemed all possible “what if” situations. Now if the same incident happens, he has a way to deal with it.

Crule stuck his hand out and Brigid placed the armor’s crystal in it.

Crule stared closely at the gem and slowly let a drop of blood fall from his finger onto the gem. The gem reacted quietly with a satisfied glow. It wasn’t as extreme as everyone else’s. Brigid took the crystal and shoved it back into the armor without asking Crule what he named his armor. She was feeling kind of guilty for bringing up the past with Crule.

Crule walked out and stood on the broken area. The cloud of dust from Ming’s attack had settled by now but the thunderous echo from the mountain being destroyed still rang in the audience’s hearts.

Crule looked up at the setting sun and sighed. He turned around and looked toward everyone.

[Crule]: Devour, Onyx.

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