Chapter 84: Android Parts.

Shin looked at the list Crule gave him. Kate looked over his shoulder at the paper. Since Kate couldn’t really kill a higher level monster by herself, she went along with Shin.

The list included various parts of an android that could be changed with monster material. It seems that Lawks’ father gave him the list before they parted.

The main important part were the synco-nerves. This series of sturdy cables are made from either a very conductive metal, or a conductive monster part. At times it could be replaced with perhaps vines from a Steel Ent, or perhaps the whiskers of a Thunder Karp. These nerves are what gives the pilot control over their android’s large body. If the nerves are top quality, they do not need to be replaced and allow orders to be sent from the pilot to the limbs just as fast as in the brain. This requires a lot of work as the android was significantly larger than people.

The speed of which normal electrical wiring will be slightly slower thus resulting in delays when the android is given a signal to move by the pilot. So thus the better the synchro-nerves, the more control the pilot is given to make split second movements. This was incredibly important as most android users on the planet were martial artists who can end a duel in mere fractions of a second.
The sheer amount of nerves needed means they would either have to find an extremely large monster or a horde of them.

Shin looked at the first item on the list and pondered. Since he had to find his share as well as Kate’s, they are going to require a large horde of monsters.

It was interesting enough that the wristband had an encyclopedia of monsters that was not complete. It mainly contained beast around the levels that humanity had been hunting over the years and have been selling to the auction house.

Scrolling through the encyclopedia, Shin spot a monster that had been discovered recently. Its attribute was electricity so it would certainly have materials that could be used as synchro-nerves.

Kate looked at the beast with wonder.

[Kate]: It looks like an eel. Does it mean it lives under water?
[Shin]: Not quite. The name of the beast is sand eel. I think I remember my father catching one of them for dinner back when I was young.

[Kate]: Oh so it isn’t that tough?
[Shin]: I don’t know anymore. Since Crule released the seal, monsters have gotten stronger.
[Kate]: Oh right…

[Shin]: Either way, they come in swarms of ten to twenty in the wild. This beast should yield hopefully enough conductive fibers for us both to use as synchro-nerves.

[Kate]: Eh, you’re going to do all the work anyways.
[Shin]: Hmm, anything for my beautiful wife.

[Kate]: Praise will get you nowhere, hunny buns, but keep going.

She hugged him from behind and laughed. The cheerful atmosphere seemed like it would never end as they headed toward the nearby dense jungle lying at the border of Mt. Tai. Sand Eels tend to live in sandy places and since beaches are far too difficult to find, quicksand was also another habitat they could be found in.

They began their search for the first item category on the list. Shin will focus one item at a time.
Chun Qin looked at the first item of the list and sighed.

[Chun Qin]: Synchro-nerves huh? Really brings back memories of the space academy…

Chun Qin remembered the older models of the Lawks android. The ones on earth use glass fiber cables to act as nerves. Even then there was still a slight delay. The pilot had to work around that delay but inputting commands earlier. You would have to be always one step ahead of the opponent just to keep on the same level.

He could imagine the sheer amount of improvement that using metals or monsters found on Noxia or its moons.

[Chun Qin]: Things really have changed…better get started.

He put the paper in his priest rode, picked up a newly found walking stick and darted off into the wild. He already knew what his target was going to be. It was a hunch he could not resist following.
Brigid looked at the blue prints of the android with enlightenment in her eyes. Crule also gave her a list but she was just going to ignore it anyways. With these blue prints she might as well make her own android at her own pace.

[Brigid]: That little brat sure has his uses, being able to pry the secret from that old Lawks fellow.

She snickered and rolled the blueprints up. Putting it into her unnecessarily large travel backpack, she suddenly disappeared from thin air as her speeds caused a sonic boom. A mighty demon was on the hunt. Wild creatures beware.
Ming took a quick glance at the list and remembered all the components she needed.

[Ming]: I should really get started on finding suitable synchro-nerves. I only got a week to get as much parts as I can and I really want to make an android of my choosing.

She smiled as the image of her ideal android appeared in her head. A humanoid pink monstrosity of epic proportions. Not only that, she hoped with the material she finds, it could transform into a combat mode. She was really thinking ahead for this one.

Still grinning at the idea of her new android, Ming dashed off into the mountains in search for materials.
[Crule]: I assume everyone would be following the list in order…Considering the hardest to get are the synchro-nerves, even after a week if they can’t get everything, they at least have the hardest part done.

He began envisioning his own android. It’s got to be sleek black, his favorite color. All the important parts that he needs could be found within the vicinity of the mountains. He wasn’t blind. In front of him was a treasure trove. A treasure trove known as Mount Tai.

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