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Chapter 83: Beginning Quest.


Welp, Coiling dragon ended in a graceful manner....I should really continue reading stellar transformations.

anyways, was listening to some music while writing...

as you can tell i play SRW Z3 :3

Chapter 83: Beginning Quest. 

A carrier ship brought the close beta participant to the border of the wild. It couldn’t travel any further to do the electromagnetic interference the wild had. At the extremely large wall they landed at, was a well-guarded gate. It was similar to the one Crule and his class went through on their little field trip. But this one had more of a theme. It was a well decorated town. Apparently it acted as sort of a “beginner” town for all who just started the game. It was a fully equipped town with a blacksmith, an apothecary, tailors, even a branch of the Beauxi auction.

As they landed, the thirty six people walked out and went their separate ways. They own group of six left to prepare for their finding their first task.

Crule turned to his group.

[Crule]: So our first missions is to gather materials for making our androids that Lawks’ father promised us.

[Brigid]: Hahaha, you really know how to get my hyped. I will gladly be watching the creation method.

[Crule]: What we will be hunting will be former Rank B beast, or what the new ranking system label as lvl 50 to 60 monsters.

[Shin]: So this is the new ranking system?

[Kate]: I kind of like it. Gives a really definitive measurement of power.

[Ming]: Not exactly.

They turned and stared at Ming.

[Shin]: What do you mean not exactly?

[Ming]: Crule didn’t explain but we have only opened a single gate out of seven. Since we will be opening the others, the level system will very quickly become outdated.

[Chun Qin]: What? The beast will get even stronger?

[Crule]: What she said is right. You should really learn your history.

[Chun Qin]: Enlighten me, you do realize I was born on earth right?

[Crule]: Ah, I tend to forget that. Anyways back when the pioneer first set foot on this planet, the energy density was so great that normal people started showing symptoms of energy overload. The beasts were also so powerful no one but the original seven sages stood a chance. Thus the original seven sealed a majority of the energy under the planet’s crust in what they call ley lines. Each time we open a seal, the power stored in the ley lines starts to leak back out into the atmosphere. But by now, humans have adapted enough to combat such powerful forces. So as the energy return, the beast get their power back slowly but we as well get stronger.

[Chun Qin]: I had no idea this was a thing.
[Shin]: I didn’t know about it too.

[Kate]: I do. But man, I sometimes forget Shin didn’t have a proper childhood and Chun Qin isn’t born on Noxia.
[Crule]: Hey, I also am not born on Noxia.

[Kate]: Hmm, so that leaves only Brigid, Ming, and I?
[Brigid]: Nope, I was born on Crecentia.

Everyone was suddenly silenced by her remark.

[Crule]: I didn’t think you would so blatantly date yourself…now everyone knows just how old you are.

[Brigid]: Eh, you were going to find out eventually. I mean my stats are something abnormal.
They were chatting among themselves as they reached the entrance of the Wild.

As soon as they walked out, their wristband shined a turquoise color and a warning was stated.

[AI]: You are now leaving the designated safety zone. Monsters can attack you now. Please beware.

The voice autonomously rang from the wristband.

[Shin]: So fancy, they even added voices.
[Brigid]: I kind of want to take one apart to see how it works.
[Crule]: I could show you later, but for now we need to head deeper into the zone.

They started walking.
The entrance they currently are in was a border of Aponis. They are currently headed toward the nearby mountains. As explorers, any landmark they find first, they get to name. This was a privilege for the close beta testers as they get a week head start.

Upon entering the mountain ranges off in the distance, Crule’s team decided to name it Mount Tai due to its sheer size.

Although its high was not overly astonishing, it was a mountain range none the less. It covered nearly twenty percent of the Wild. The mountain ranges from dense forest to frozen tundra. There were many ups and downs as hundreds upon thousands of peaks littered the ground.

They had barely reached the edge of the mountain range.

[Crule]: We will be staying here for a week. I think we should spread out and each hunt an lvl 50 to 60 beast we can use a material for our android.

He smirked and looked at Ming signally something. He faced back toward everyone else.

[Crule]: Remember to pick carefully and get as much rare things as you want. This will be used for your androids in the future and will be a major boost in our fighting force.

They made camp near the edge of the mountain in a clearing and marked it on their wristband mini map. As they explore, more of the area will be unlocked. They had to manually map the area. It was a sheer miracle that the wristband worked at all due to the electromagnetic disturbance but good thing it ran on energy instead of electricity.

They each made a promise to meet up here after a week’s time no matter what. Those who don’t make it back will be assumed to be in danger.

As they were about to leave, Crule hands each of them an item.

[Crule]: I made this while I had some free time. It will allow you to capture one beast, and only one beast. It doesn’t matter the size or strength. So this can either save your life when you meet an incredibly stronger beast, or it will be your golden ticket if you meet an extremely rare one.
Everyone eagerly took the metal cube Crule hand in his hands.

[Brigid]: You have got to teach me some of your tricks when we get the time.
She winked at Crule.

Ming looked at her with disgust.

[Crule]: Right, right.

They each left on their own to hunt for monster material to use for their android. This was also a good chance to find rare ores and minerals that lies under the wild’s explored subterranean caves.

This android will be the second body. Their life line when doing space combat. The only people who could survive in the vacuum of space without any protection are those who has reached the highest level of gates. This allowed them enough control to form a protective barrier to withstand the forces acting on them.

[Crule]: I wish the Lawks clan wasn’t completely wiped out by Chaos’ first wave. I could have really used a war super robot. Honestly fighting something the size of a celestial body when you yourself is but the size of an average human was not feasible.

He shuttered as he remembered his futile attempts in the previous world.

[Crule]: I didn’t get the memory of what happened after my old self split his power into the orb. I wonder if he manage to kill the menace in his time…

Realizing there was no use in dwelling in the past, or future in this case, Crule refocused his attention on the hunt.

Time to hunt…for monsters.

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