Chapter 77: Feast of Drakes.

Nearly a hundred people who currently resides at the Lawks clan headquarters joined for the feast. They were utter amazed at the three dishes Crule, Shin, and Kate prepared. Everyone was complementing them. With so many people, half of the drake meat Crule saved was used, but it was a necessary sacrifice to obtain the favor of the Lawks clan.

After a hearty meal and festivities full of laughter and cheer, Lawks’ father made a suggestion.

[Lawks’ Father]: Would Professor Crule and Ming want to try out one of our androids?
[Crule]: Gladly!
[Lawks’ Father]: Then let’s have a friendly spar.
[Crule]: A good way to help us digest!
[Lawks’ Father]: Hahaha, indeed.

He waves his hand as he brought Crule and company outside. There were two androids around twenty meters tall in the large courtyard. They look exactly the same as the guard androids standing outside.

[Lawks’ Father]: These are generic brand androids with the exact same capabilities. It isn’t installed with an energy core so it cannot use energy skills. It’s about the same model as the one we sent to earth a few years back. At the very least they are capable of physical combat and are equipped with a standard issue laser rifle. Due to safety reasons, we will not be using the rifle.

[Crule]: Deal. So who is up first?

[Lawks’ Father]: Of course my daughter will be first up!

[Crule]: Ahaha, I see. Then Ming can go up first.
[Ming]: Eh, but I don’t want to move so much right after eating…
[Crule]: Well you don’t want to get fat now!
[Ming]: I’m not fat!

She subconsciously looked down at her belly. Slightly panicking, she hurried to the android.

Lawks walk to the other android and stood behind it. A pod was slowly lowered from the android. Ming and Lawks each entered the pod and placed their hand and feet in the slots. Inside the pod was a very flexible metal skeleton and register even the slightest of movements. This allow full control of the android so that it only require very little training.

This means the army can send out many soldiers armed with androids to combat with little training.

The pod lifted back up and entered the back of the android. Tattoos of electricity pulsed through its metal body and both androids came to life.

Lawks faced Ming with a defensive position. She knew just how skillful Ming was and knew she could only put all her effort in defending.

Ming however, just stood there in neutral. It looked as if she had many openings but Lawks felt that no matter what, she would be immediately beaten down if she tried to attack.

Lawks’ father saw the martial expertise of Ming and was shocked once again. To be so skillful at martial arts at such a young age. He begin to wonder if she was one of those aloof immortals that wander the world.

[Lawks’ Father]: Start whenever you want to.

Ming suddenly made a move. With a powerful dash, the android already got behind Lawks. Without being able to react, Ming chopped down at the androids limbs. The sound of metal on metal clashed through the skies and both Ming and Lawks’ android’s limb shattered. Since they were made from the same metal, the clash actually destroy both the attacker and defender.

But it was clear to all that Ming had won. Although her robot was damaged, it was only due to the material was insufficient whereas Lawks lost due to skill.

[Lawks’ Father]: Marvelous! My daughter has been using androids since a young age yet you manage to do it so easily. Perhaps you had used them before?

Ming jumped out of the pod before it hit the floor.

[Ming]: Nope, my first time. But I think Crule used one before.
Lawks’ father looked toward Crule.
[Crule]: I’ve used one only once before.

Lawks now exited her pod and was not disappointed. She respected Ming and her power so it was not shameful to lose to her. In actuality, she wanted Ming to teach her martial arts as well. So far Ming has only taught them how to endure and control their energy in group situations.

[Ming]: It was quite fun!

She ran toward Crule with her hands behind her back. She looked up at Crule with a certain smile.
Crule knew what she wanted…he sighed and patted her head.

[Crule]: Good job.
[Ming]: Ahhh, this feels nice.

Lawks stared at their public display of affection. She cringed a little but was also slightly jealous. She wondered if she could find someone to shower her to affection and praise.

[Lawks’ Father]: Ahem, I will be next, how about on your team?
[Crule]: I will go then.

They waited for the clan’s member to take away the broken androids and replace them with new ones.

Crule and Lawks’ Father each got into each other’s pod and took their stance. Crule’s android had one hand in front and one hand in back. Lawks’ father’s android lowered its center of gravity with one hand forward in front of him and one by his waist.

No one tell them when to start. Lawks’ father was carefully observing Crule. He had no openings.
Ming yawned. It was now dark and the courtyard was being lit up by flood lights hanging on the wall. A gentle breeze blew through and a leaf fell from the nearby tree. As it landed on the ground, both androids vanished.

Powerful sounds of metal on metal clashing boomed through the courtyard. To the untrained ear, it sounded like a continuous jackhammer. Some unskilled clan members could not follow the fight with their eyes.

The androids were both high quality and could move at the breakneck speeds that martial cultivators could.

Fist collided with chop, kick was met with grapple, even a head-butt was used somewhere between the exchange.

Crule started with a barrage of punches. It looked like he was using both fists to punch continuously without regards to defense but to Lawks’ father, he saw as soon as Crule finished attack with one fist, it returned to his side to protect him. Instead of barrage it was more like an incredibly fast set of jabs. Lawks’ father met the barrage with a palm to absorb the blows.

He knew that Crule was just testing him. Crule seeing how he manage to blow so well smiled. He picked up his speed. Their spar to experts looked like a beautiful dance under the moonlight. They were exchanging words with their martial arts. The careful way they cancel each other’s blows resulting in none of the metal being damage, but the sound of metal on metal still roared through the night sky.

Just as fast as it began, they both came to a stop. Crule had placed his hand right under Lawks’ Father’s chin. It was checkmate. Crule manage to lock Lawks’ father in place and was in position to deal a finishing blow. Without the android’s head, its power supply would be cut short and it was cease to function.

[Lawks’ Father]: You win.

Crule just smiled, but of course since he was in the pod, no one could see it.

[Lawks’ Father]: You are one of the strongest martial artist I have ever seen. This was without energy too!

[Crule]: You praise me too high.
[Lawks’ Father]: I am speaking the truth!

They both got out of the pod by jumping. As they walked back to the group, they shock hands. It seems they have reached an agreement.

[Crule]: I will be expecting your help in the future.
[Lawks’ Father]: Same.

Everyone applauded the show.
Thus ended the feast of drakes and android spars.
The Sage of Time opened his eyes.

[Sage of Time]: So far I have opened half my seals.

Illusionary stopwatches was floating around him now. His aura was causing distortions in space time. The ground has been charred black by the streaks of electricity sparking off of his body.
His face was no longer that of an aging old man. He looked like he was back in the 40s. A powerful blue luster shined in his eyes.

He smiled and closed his eyes again.

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