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Chapter 76: Shameless praising.


Chapter 76: Shameless praising.

The sage of time gazed at the city sized magic formation from a nearby hill. He was currently on the planet Crecentia.

[Sage of Time]: Even sealed, you cause the world problems.

He stared in anger at the center of the magic formation. In the middle was six crosses stabbed into the ground with chains connecting between them. In the middle of it was a shadowy figure wrapped in a cocoon of chains. Six intertwining beams of light shined from the crosses and form a rainbow above the figure.

This figure was Chaos.

[Sage of Time]: I will finish you before you take the world with you to hell.

The sage of time sat down and started gathering energy. He had to release the seals on his power he placed on himself over the years. He had to get ready for the fight ahead of him.
Back at the Lawks’ courtyard, Crule and company exited their ship. They admire the large androids up close.

[Lawks’ Father]: I see you like our guard androids.
[Crule]: Indeed they are very nice. Excellent quality metal and articulate attention to detail.

Lawks’ father face beamed as he was praised.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hahaha, as a thanks for making my daughter a genius beyond all my possible imagination, we will make an android for you if you like!

[Crule]: Hahaha, even if you weren’t going to gift me one, I would have bought one anymore.

Lawks’ Father was once again shocked since the price of one of their android was a small fortune. Even the richest of nobles in Beauxi could at most afford a dozen at the cost of nearly their entire fortune.

Crule being as young as he looks, being able to buy an android was saying something about his financial power.

[Lawks’ Father]: Hoho, don’t worry, we will make them free of charge of course. We cannot give my only daughter’s teachers nothing.

Either way he wanted to build relationships with Crule and Ming.
[Crule]: Hmm… I know a thing or two about android creation. About the power core, can you use this?

Crule took out a black colored pearl. It emitted an aura of shadows.

[Lawks’ Father]: This…such high purity.

He knew the thing Crule was holding wasn’t any normal monster core. Yes, the android’s power source were cores of powerful beasts from the Wild. It allow the androids to use energy based attack and allow it to perform many of its task with little power expenditure. Since monster cores natural gather energy over time, it was their way of recharging as well.

[Shin]: God damn, if Crule keep taking things out of that pocket of his, I’m starting to think he’s related to a certain mechanical cat from the future…

[Lawks’ Father]: Indeed, looking at this incredible monster core, my creative instincts are set to overdrive. Do you have more materials like this? Since we will make one for both you and Professor Ming there.

Ming walked up to him and placed a red orb in his hand.

Crule looked at the orb and was astonished. He realized it was the dragon core of the drake they fought. How did Ming get her hands on it?

[Ming]: You didn’t think that old man Maximus was the one who did the final blow did you?
She whisper to Crule.

[Ming]: You should know by now that those who hurt you will face my wrath.

She put her arms around Crule and grinned. Crule was helpless to her advance…he knew he probably shouldn’t resist…it was a good thing this crazy girl loved him…

Lawks’ father seeing such an action realized these two were closer than he first imagined. He looked down at the red orb and realized it had an intense power as well. Both should be at the minimum A ranked beasts according to the old Beauxi ranking system.

[Lawks’ Father]: Good, good. Do you wish to watch our creation method?

Lawks who was standing quietly beside her father opened her mouth in shock. Her father ALWAYS reminded her never NEVER to show anyone their creation method. It was a clan secret that must stay within the clan. Why would they suddenly show her professors and his friends?

[Lawks]: Dad what are you doing?!

[Lawks’ Father]: Looking at your professor’s knowledge about power cores, he probably already knows about the method. I just don’t know how he got the information…did you…

Her father stared at her in a serious way.

[Lawks]: N-no father I didn’t! I know how important it is for this information to stay within the clan!

Lawks’ father sensing that his daughter’s words were true reverted his serious face back to one of a smile.

[Crule]: No need, I know it’s a great secret to your clan and I respect your privacy.

Lawks’ father smiled this time for real. His respect for Crule went up another level. Most would be incredibly greedy and curious to know the method that has been passed down for thousands of years.

[Lawks’ Father]: Thank you for your consideration.
[Crule]: No, thank you for offering such a great secret.

Crule cup his hands together and bowed. Showing such respect was his way of trying to build a steady relationship.

Lawks’ Father was beaming now.

[Lawks’ Father]: Lets head in, no use lingering around the entrance!

He brought Crule and company into the courtyard.

After touring around their headquarters, night had fallen and a feast was being prepared. Shin, Kate, and Crule went to the kitchen while Ming, Brigid, and Chun Qin was entertained by Lawks.
Crule took out a large chunk of Drake meat. Shin and Kate each took a portion and went to make their own dish. Crule too started to cook.

Shin took a large pot and filled it with water. He took several spices and made an herb bag. He tossed it into the pot and set it to boil. He put the drake meat in and allow it to cook. Normally the meat is a bit tough for eating so he soften it up by slow cooking it. He took several shallots and garlic, minced them and toss them in the pot as well. Shin covered the pot with a lid and allowed it to cook.

Crule took his drake meat and wash it under cold water. He then tried the steak with paper towels and marinated it using ginger, spring onions, wine, and salt. He also sprinkled some white pepper on it and left it to marinate.

Kate took the drake meat and minced it. It was very tough but after being minced, it became quite soft. She placed it in a pot and dished a bushel of cilantro and fennel. She mixed the minced drake meat with the diced cilantro and fennel to form a mix. She added salt and pepper with some sesame oil. Kate then got some flour and made a dough. She placed it in a wooden bowl and covered it with a cloth allowing it to rise.

Shin’s pot had been boiling for a while by now. He opened the lid once every so often during the boiling and skimmed the top. Then he added the vegetables. He diced some celery and radish and toss it in the pot. He added a dash of fish sauce and rice vinegar. He then added in a few cloves of cilantro and placed the lid back on.

Crule’s drake meat had finish marinating. He prepared a deep pan for frying. Coating the marinated drake meat in tapioca starch, he carefully placed it in the hot frying oil. He took some shrimps, removed the head and removed the shell leaving only the tail. He fried those too with the drake meat. He removed the finished steak with the shrimp and drained them on a paper towel of the excess oil. He proceeded to make a sauce.

Kate’s dough had risen by now. She took small nobs of the dough and rolled it into a circular sheet. Taking a small spoonful of the drake meat mix, she made dumplings. One by one, artful uncooked dumplings started to fill the wooden chopping board she used. Kate then boiled a pot of water and prepared to cook.

Shin’s stew was now done as he lowered the flame from medium to low and opened the lid. The rich aroma of the herbs with the drake meat filled the room. He took a large porcelain bowl and scooped the stew into it. He garnished the soup with a few more cloves of cilantro and finished up.

Crule’s sauce started with sautéing garlic, spring onions, and ginger. He removed the three and left the oil. He then added tomato ketchup, stirred and added some chicken stock. Then tasted for salt and sugar and added the necessary amount.

He added in tapioca starch to thicken the mix and once again boiled it. He then added a dash of sesame oil and poured the sauce over the fried drake meat and sprinkled the shrimp on top. He garnished the dish with a blanched green leafy vegetable. The dish was done.

Kate’s dumplings were placed in the water to cook. As they rose, she quickly took it out and placed them in cool water. It made sure they don’t stick together. She plated and her dish was done with a saucer of soy sauce and vinegar with a hot pepper sauce.

They brought out the three dish and the feast was ready to begin.

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