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Chapter 55: The elite three.


Chapter 55: The elite three.

Going back a few hours in the past.
Lawks entered her dream world. The scenery that was in front of her was a large hill. A dozen or spruce trees dotted the hill and bushes of berries and vines of thorns covered the ground.

[Lawks]: So beautiful.
She walked forward looking at the sunshine that covered the dainty hill of greenery. But as soon as she passed the border, the sky changed. A sinister moon replaced the warm double suns and night fell instantly. The hill shook violently and Lawks lost her balance.

[Lawks]: This…
The hill contorted and slowly a large giant covered in greenery rose from the ground.
[Lawks]: So this is my attribute beast…
The large golem lifted its two large fists and smashed it toward her general direction.
[Lawks]: Shit.

She quickly got up and started running circles around the golem trying to find a weak spot. Avoiding the debris that flew toward her as the golem shatter the ground, flinging dirt and stone up toward her, she found a small blue gem-like core on the top area of the golem.
[Lawks]: That should be the spot.

She condensed her aura and made a pillar of stone, propelling her forward toward the top of the golem.
Sensing danger, the golem lifted its arms to cover its head.
[Lawks]: Crap.

To avoid the arms, she immediately disintegrate the stone pillar she was on and fell down.
The landing made her entire body shake with pain.
[Lawks]: Nothing broken so far, but that was damn painful…
She had to find another method to approach the beast…and thus she ran circles around it for days upon days avoiding the arms, trying to get to the blue gem.
[Lawks]: My stamina will not last any longer…

She was well trained from a month of war games so she kept her calm the entire time but she was starting to feel like her body was made of lead, heavy and immobile.
[Lawks]: Wait…that golem is a manifestation of my own attribute. Couldn’t I make one of those myself?

She used almost all her remaining energy and created a similarly large golem. The two titans crashed into each other and dirt and rocks pelted from the sky. Lawks got behind her golem and was generally protected. She started to climb her own golem.
[Lawks]: This is all or nothing.

She condensed her aura on her hands and it started to harden into a stone like substance. She formed a pillar straight out of her golem’s head and sky rocketed onto the enemy golem. She jammed her fist into the blue core and a blinding light shined from it. The light beamed upon her and she seemed to gain endless insight into her powers.

[Lawks]: This…I understand now.
As she stood on top the collapsed golem, with her golem behind her, she looked up at the sinister moon in triumph. Then she woke up.
Donovan Thunes walked into his dream world. In front of him was a world of metal. A giant steel box with rivets lining the walls stood in front of him upon a hill.
[Thunes]: So this is my dream world…

He admires the shining hue of the polished steel of the box. But since it was the only thing upon this hill other than him, he could only assume it was his enemy.
Thunes placed his hands on the steel box and the world started shaking violently. The box in front of him melts onto the ground into a puddle of shining steel.

He quickly retreated away from the puddle. A sharp scythe shot out of the puddle as it struck the position he was just in. The puddle slowly rose up.

[Thunes]: This…it’s a metal slime.
The slime faced Thunes and various metal tendrils shot from underneath it into the ground.
[Thunes]: Shit.

He quickly jumped as needles pop out of the ground, nearly impaling him.
[Thunes]: How should I do this…?
He constantly jumped around avoiding the spikes that pop out of the ground.
[Thunes]: I can’t possibly keep this up.

He quickly spread his aura over his feet as the metal soles under his shoes started to melt into a puddle. It became an elastic metal and Thunes started to bounce around, still avoiding the spikes popping out from the ground.

[Thunes]: Oh crap.
The metal slime started to vibrate and thousands upon thousands of small metal needles shot out from it.

Thunes quickly liquefied the metal he keeps as part of his jacket and formed a liquid shield in front of him. The needles lost its momentum upon passing through the liquid metal and harmlessly bounced off Thune’s thick jacket.

[Thunes]: This is far harder than I thought it would be.
Having to use his aura so quickly in split second reactions, he was quite tired since he couldn’t regulate the amount of energy he used each time. He wasn’t efficient enough without any gates.
[Thunes]: What can do to kill this bastard…?

The metal slime stopped shooting needles after seeing how it’s ineffective. It then formed four scythes and rushed toward Thunes.
[Thunes]: Close combat huh?

The spikes from the ground have stopped too. He took all the metal he had on his body at the time and created a sort of whip. He nimbly dodge the four scythe arms the slime slashed at him. Using the whip, he constantly damage the slime, only for it to quickly reform its body afterwards.
The combat continued for a long time. He lost all sense of time during this fight, but Thunes could feel that his fatigue was starting to get to the dangerous zone.

[Thunes]: I have to finish this…buy how?
Suddenly, an idea appeared in his head.
[Thunes]: Right, there is that method.

He quickly turned the liquid metal whip he had into a cylinder. He had a rod of metal rotate at the fastest speed he could spin it. It started to vibrate. The slime started to attract to the rod in the middle.

[Thunes]: Magnetism. I completely forgot the slime could be made out of the same metal as the ones I can control.

The slime, having its liquid metal body forcefully ripped from its core, lost all ability to fight. Thunes took his metal and made a quick whip and destroyed the core.

[Thunes]: Finished.
The liquid metal rotated around Thunes like metal snakes as he looked up at the sky toward the twin suns. Then he woke up.
George Shepard was just your average A class student. He was pretty unnoticeable but as soon as Crule and Ming’s training started. He excelled at it and quickly rose to one of the top of his class.
He looked around at his dream world. A white desert of white sand. The twin sun roared above creating mirages in the scene in front of him. A large worm popped out of the sand. Its thousand rows of teeth sent shivers down Shepard’s spine.

[Shepard]: Really…A sand worm? Isn’t this a tad bit cliché?
As he said that, the worm suddenly transformed into a scorpion.
[Shepard]: Wait a minute, isn’t this even more cliché than the worm?

The beast once again transformed…into a large ball. It started sprouting tentacles of sand and a large eye appeared in the middle.

[Shepard]: Now that’s better.

Shepard noticed the sand tentacles started to shoot toward him. The tip of the tentacle detach from its origin and shot toward him. Several hundred meter sized balls of sand rained down upon him. He quickly surged his aura into his arms and slashed around the air in front of him. A large wall of sand sprouted from his side and blocked the oncoming barrage, but it couldn’t hold long. Shepard quickly dashed away from the point of impact.

[Shepard]: Its giant eye looks like a weak spot, but currently it’s far too protected by its sand tentacles…If I tried to create one myself to get to it, the tentacles would destroy it before it finish forming.

Dodging barrage upon barrage of sand bullets, Shepard had to come up with a plan of attack. Only dodging will not pass this trial, and the constant heat from the two suns is sapping his stamina fast.

[Shepard]: How will I do this…?
He looked toward his watch for the time, but it had stopped upon entering his dream world.
[Shepard]: Wait a minute, this might work.

He rapidly gathered almost all his remaining aura and condensed a shield. He compressed the shield, applied more and more pressure until it started to heat up to extreme temperature.

[Shepard]: A sand spear would travel too slow, and would not do enough damage upon impact, but what about a glass spear.

From the shield, layers of layers of sand fell to the ground as a large glass spear emerged from it.
[Shepard]: Last ditch effort!

He threw the spear with all his might at the sand evil eye. It pierced the eye right in the center and with a loud shriek, it collapses into a large dune of sand.
Shepard crawled up on the dune of sand where his glass spear was still intact and sticking out of the ground.

He leaned on it and looked up toward the blazing twin suns. Then he woke up as well.

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