Arc 11 Epilogue.

The world is fueled by many forces. Whether its gravity, electro-magnetism, strong or weak forces, or the forces of the occult. They make the universe work the way it does.

The scientists of Noxia split the forces into two sections. The forces of nature, and the forces of the occult.

The forces of nature were ones that can be explained mostly by science.

The forces of the occult were ones that no one can explain them other than those who use them.

In the forces of nature, gravity was the weakest. It can only attract but never repel. It cannot be shielded against, nor can it be absorbed or changed. Although it is said to be the weakest, one should not underestimate its sheer power on the large scale. Black holes are prime examples of just how powerful gravity can be.

This was one force energy on Noxia can simulate. Scientists were baffled as how the energy can form a gravitational pull. Since they cannot explain it by science, gravity formed from energy was considered the occult.

This is where it gets confusing. The forces of nature can be explained by science, but if recreated using energy, it’s a force of the occult. Some may be explained by science like the power of heat. Acceleration of electrons to produce heat is possible as it is known that the energy can push electrons. This also means they can slow them down thus resulting in coldness.

Let’s have an example of some of the differences between occult and natural forces.

As stated, heat and coldness are considered natural forces.

Time and gravity are considered occult.

Scientists were baffled as to how energy can affect such forces. They know it can behave like a charged electron, but how can such a thing affect the very gravity caused from density or time itself?

Perhaps if they understood more about the energy swirling around on their planet, they might have discover new uses of it.


Brigid stared at the book on her desk. She too pondered on the forces of the world and energy. Her own energy was one of temperature control. It helped with her forging and manipulating materials.

Other questions started to pop up as well. Why can we humans see the energy in a physical manifestation, aka the aura?

Why can we feel the presence of the energy? Just which organ in our body allows for that? It is a sort of gut feeling like a sixth sense?

Endless questions that doesn’t have an answer to filled her head.

She summoned a ball of energy in her palms and just stared at it. Without filtering it through her aura, the energy was in its purest form. A ball of colorless light. Why is it a light? Why not a solid or a liquid or gas? Better yet, is it a plasma like fire?

She started rotating the energy. It began to spin slowly. In motion, the energy acted like a liquid or gas, depending on its concentration. From a view point, it is a light.

Perhaps science can never explain something as unique as this. Perhaps the occult should just be left in its own category. Somethings in this world just doesn’t want to be explained.

Brigid dissipated the ball of energy and leaned back on her chair. She stared at the ceiling above her. The grey tiles was covered with dark spots in a pattern. It was intricate but at the same time repetitive.

[Brigid]: A formation…A pattern…A lattice structure…

Thoughts flowed through her head like a raging river.

She remembered when her grandparents took her to see the seven seals. They were an intricate pattern woven from energy. They were timeless, endless, and mysterious. The only world she had that perfectly describe them was the occult.

She thought to herself.

[Brigid]: Why can’t I make a formation too?

She mind was spinning with various information on patterns, formations and such.

Suddenly, she realize she needs more research.

Formations have been a thing for a long long time. It was brought from their original home planet. Formations have been used by shamans, mages, wizards, and many other occult jobs.

They performed many tasks, including sealing, buffing, and performing mechanical processes. Some were even used in alchemy.

As she thought about this, a smile appeared on her face.

Looks like she found a new toy to play with.


The old Sage and Maximus had been walking for weeks now. Finally they reached civilization again.

They came to see an old friend. Although not one of the original seven, she had been around since the beginning. Her age as timeless as they were and her powers as mysterious as ever.

The old Sage shivered at the thought of her power. Maximus only teased him for it.

The town they came to was a medium sized one. A thick wall made of cut stone protected the region. The outer places had fields of wheat. The suns were high in the sky and domesticated beasts were seen grazing in the fields.

Upon entering the city, they headed straight for the darkest corner. Completely having its light covered by the wall, they found the building they were looking for.

An inconspicuous set of stairs led downwards into a basement bar. Perhaps it was too early in the day so everything was very quiet. The garbage can was being purveyed by rodent beasts so the rustling of trash and banging of metal could be heard.

The sound of wind blowing through the crevasses between the buildings created as sort of eerie tune.

The sage took a deep breath and knocked on the metal door.

The slit on the door opened revealing a pair of eyes.

[Guard]: Whats your business?

People don’t normally come this early.

The Sage revealed a more serious face.

[Sage of Time]: Tell your mistress old man time and Max has come to pay a visit.

The guard was quiet for a moment before shutting the slit.

Moments later, the metal door opened.

Maximus chuckled a little while the Sage only sighed.

They walked into the bar to see their old friend.


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