Antagonist Rewind

by Minaku

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A new frontier, a new galaxy, an ancient seal. The end of the world already happened once. To prevent it from ever happening, one person goes back. To enter the Game, to stop the ultimate evil, all whilst being public enemy number one. See Crule save the world. The world he failed to save once before.

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The Antagonizing Wordsmith

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Galaxy beyond the rift. ago
Chapter 1: Rigs of Metal and Rust. ago
Chapter 2: Stranded. ago
Chapter 3: Morning Ambush. ago
Chapter 4: Desperate situation. ago
Chapter 5: Within arms reach. ago
Chapter 6: Devastation and chance. ago
Chapter 7: Tunnels and Dreams. ago
Chapter 8: Memories. ago
Chapter 9: Massacre. ago
Chapter 10: Queen and demon. ago
Chapter 11: An old friend. ago
Chapter 12: Escape. ago
Arc 1 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 13: Beginnings of a mentor and friend. ago
Chapter 14: Tragedy and Hope. ago
Chapter 15: Participant and gifts. ago
Chapter 16: Energy Manipulation and Attribute. ago
Chapter 17: Taboo Attribute. ago
Chapter 18: Deal and Clothes. ago
Chapter 19: Rescue. ago
Chapter 20: Power. ago
Chapter 21: Battle between True General ranks. ago
Chapter 22: Victory or defeat. ago
Chapter 23: The Past or Future. ago
Chapter 24: Shin and Kate. ago
Arc 2 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 25: Beauxi. ago
Chapter 26: Gaian Garuda Steak. ago
Chapter 27: Banquet. ago
Chapter 28. Borders, Customs, and Passport. ago
Chapter 29: The Girl. ago
Chapter 30: Slave. ago
Chapter 31: Casino Del Furito. ago
Chapter 32: Sage of Time. ago
Chapter 33: Training. ago
Chapter 34: Result of Training. ago
Chapter 35: A full year. ago
Chapter 36: Auction. ago
Arc 3 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 37: Membership. ago
Chapter 38: Favorable trade. ago
Chapter 39: Grand Event. ago
Chapter 40: Buying time. ago
Chapter 41: Recommendations. ago
Chapter 42: Three years. ago
Chapter 43: B rank combat. ago
Chapter 44: Power of Red Rider. ago
Chapter 45: Seals. ago
Chapter 46: Tasks and Parting. ago
Chapter 47: Test. ago
Chapter 48: Demonstration of Power. ago
Chapter 49: Shatter! ago
Arc 4 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 50: Professor Crule. ago
Chapter 51: Cruel Crule. ago
Chapter 52: Maniacal Ming. ago
Chapter 53: Rumors. ago
Chapter 54: Hallucinations. ago
Chapter 55: The elite three. ago
Chapter 56: Excursion. ago
Chapter 57: The start of the field trip. ago
Chapter 58: Race hype. ago
Chapter 59: Forest Combat. ago
Chapter 60: Attack Strategy. ago
Chapter 61: Bad Timing. ago
Arc 5 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 62: Return. ago
Chapter 63: What’s in the box?! ago
Chapter 64: War of the past. ago
Chapter 65: War incarnate. ago
Chapter 66: Reunion. ago
Chapter 67: The hand of Starvation. ago
Chapter 68: Instant calamity. ago
Chapter 69: Fighting the Drake. ago
Chapter 70: Drake Elimination Complete. ago
Chapter 71: What now? ago
Chapter 72: Accidental Meeting. ago
Chapter 73: Press conference. ago
Arc 6 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 74: Closed beta test. ago
Chapter 75: A generation of demons. ago
Chapter 76: Shameless praising. ago
Chapter 77: Feast of Drakes. ago
Chapter 78: Class Rankings and Stats? ago
Chapter 79: Fame. ago
Chapter 80: Dynamic Duo. ago
Chapter 81: Classes. ago
Chapter 82: Regaining Time. ago
Chapter 83: Beginning Quest. ago
Chapter 84: Android Parts. ago
Chapter 85: Ripping the Nerves. ago
Chapter 86: Evil eye. ago
Arc 7 Epilogue: ago
Chapter 87: Difficult situation. ago
Chapter 88: Endless slaughter. ago
Chapter 89: Luck? ago
Chapter 90: Another near death experience. ago
Chapter 91: Little creature. ago
Chapter 92: Breakthrough. ago
This is not a chapter, its a sandwich. ago
Chapter 93: Meeting up again. ago
Chapter 94: Open Beta Storm. ago
Chapter 95: Brigid’s ideas. ago
Chapter 96: Mobile Suit. ago
Chapter 97: Show of force. ago
Chapter 98: Ming’s Armor. ago
Chapter 99: Clothes of Deities. ago
Arc 8 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 100: Crule’s Armor. ago
Chapter 101: The evil within. ago
Chapter 102: Farewells and Next Seal. ago
Chapter 103: Guild Hall and sandwich. ago
Chapter 104: A thousand miles. ago
Chapter 105: Division Forest and hordes. ago
Chapter 106: Schemes and failure. ago
Chapter 107: Lord of the forest. ago
Chapter 108: Lights! Camera! ago
Chapter 109: Action! ago
Chapter 110: The town of Janus. ago
Chapter 111: The insanity race. ago
Arc 9 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 112: Turf’s vessel. ago
Chapter 113: An old Enemy. ago
Chapter 114: The mutation. ago
Chapter 115: Race for your life. ago
Chapter 116: Blankness ago
Chapter 117: Unexpected. ago
Chapter 118: The illness and the Occult. ago
Chapter 119: Symphony in the sands. ago
Chapter 120: Dungeon Excursion. ago
Chapter 121: Budding Friendship. ago
Chapter 122: Musical Recovery. ago
Chapter 123: Last song. ago
Chapter 124: Echo. ago
Arc 10 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 125: Arriving at Lake Trysl. ago
Chapter 126: A Decaport Tradition. ago
Chapter 127: Tide pools. ago
Chapter 128: A new low. ago
Chapter 129: Just a spar. ago
Chapter 130: The first hour. ago
Chapter 131: The second hour. ago
Chapter 132: The fourth hour. ago
Chapter 133: The eighth hour. ago
Chapter 134: The ninth hour. ago
Chapter 135: The tenth hour. ago
Chapter 136: The eleventh hour. ago
Arc 11 Epilogue. ago
Chapter 137: Overwhelming debut. ago
Chapter 138: Pocket World? ago
Chapter 139: Mistaken identity. ago
Chapter 140: The fourth color. ago
Chapter 141: True identity of the Treasure. ago
Chapter 142: One extra? ago
Chapter 143: From low to high. ago
Chapter 144: What ordeal? ago
Chapter 145: 8th Demigod ago
Chapter 146: Part of the truth. ago
Chapter 147: The other reason. ago
Chapter 148: An inhuman test. ago
Chapter 149: Starting over. ago
Chapter 150: Antagonist Rewind. ago
Book 1 Epilogue. ago
Book 2 Prologue. ago
Chapter 151: The New Day? ago
Chapter 152: Money problems. ago

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not a bad story but it has many plot holes!!

Story has good action, badass MC, interesting world and power system. So why do I not give story all 5 stars? The reason is simple….Plot holes!!! Too many stupid plot holes in main storyline!!! And I hate plot holes!!!


Warning spoilers ahead!!!


Why is current MC so weak? In his past life he was able to fight Chaos one on one. Chaos was already stronger than any being on planet or universe. So MC should have also been stronger than anyone other than Chaos. In recent chapters MC reached higher level power than he had in his past life, But he struggles while fighting with some normal monsters (who are not even strongest ones). 

MC got really OP mecha armor in recent chapters. He even said that if they had such android armors in his previous life they might have had better chance to defeat Chaos. So why does he not just go and kill Grimly? Current MC should be much stronger than current Grimly so why hell doesn’t he just finish the guy off? MC has knowledge from future so he should be able to find perfect time and place to kill him.

Why is time sage sitting on his ass and doing nothing? He could just go and lift seals or at least help MC in  lifting the seals.  When time sage finds out that Chaos survived his attack why doesn’t he kill him while Chaos is still weak? Why does he leave job of killing Chaos to MC and his companions. when currently he himself is much stronger? He risks the life of every living being in the universe….so stupid!

There might be some other plot holes, but these are the most important ones.


UPDATE: author answered my question in chapter 122 comments. But some answers meant that  MC and some side characters act based on their emotions and not pure logic. In my opinion that is too much risk(and not smart), when the lives of so many people depend on them. so I increased my scores to only 4 stars but not more for now.


Ignore The Start. I doesn't do the story justice.

This is gold... After the start. You need to read it, but it is shit. Suffer through it. At this point, you get like 60 chapters of gold in return.


so, i must say i'm not a “reviewer” kinda person so ill just be blunt.

A Great fiction, is what this is.

so please people, endure the first 7 chapters!

its only after those that i could get into the story.

Also the prologue is basically an info-dump, so if u can get past that you're in for a great story.


Awesome story!!! -Just skip to chapter 8

The story is amazing!!! There is an op kid, that could actually get stronger since he has a seal. By he way for those who dislike that, he ages 3 years in a day in one of the arcs. There is a school life(?) part. It is in school so I guess that counts? There are crazy people's that defy logic. Yeah, that's a much needed thing. The MC is not a baby. Yep, more like a badass. Also, there's romance. Not much, but enough to keep you satisfied. And for all harem haters- YEP THERES NO DAMN HAREM!!! There's already a love partner. 


The first arc though, that's not the mc. That's the before mc. drastic changes after chapter 8. The story is definitely not crappy. 


Great LN!!! this is definitely a must read for people who like op MC and single love interest stories


This story could be much much worse but still falls very flat. 


As harsh as this may be the best way for me to describe this fiction would be: "Someone narrating what is going on as they play with dolls or action figures."


I can normally deal with the speech tags being used the way this work has however in this case it's actually seriously hurting the work. This is actually probably a big part of the reason I would describe it as I did. As is the lack of character development, though that could be an issue of when I stopped reading.


The author seems to have given some thought to the characters lives prior to the story which is nice to see. However, the final product has failed to do justice to that effort, because all the characters feel as if they are coming from the came singular voice. So the characters have been given some backstory but are shown to behave as though they all think exactly the same way, regardless of their supposed backstory.


In fact most aspects of this work share this weird incongruity between well planned and poorly executed. The story itself has potential, even if it's lacking subtlety, but is hampered by the author's inexperience at or inability to properly convey/ing it.


I hope this will be taken as it's intended and not as simply bashing at the author's hard work. These are areas that could use improvement, but don't go back and try to fix it. Change it moving forward if you feel the need to change it, but move forward.




Enjoyable and addicting read!

As a binge reader i had a great time with the MC's along with the universe they live in! From start to finish i was eager to find out how will the MC's solve their fate along with their interpersonal development. After a few chapters i'm sure if this genre is aligned with your mood (fantasy & adventure) along with light sci-fi this is a worth while read to follow.


Can't stop reading. More please.

Some grammar mistakes here and there, and walls of text. (Took half star away for each)

The story is great in my opinion, a light read, you don't have to concentrate too much, just enjoy the OPness of everyone around the MC, the interesting environment and the struggles of the author in trying, and succeeding, to create his own amazing universe. (I meant everything in a good way)

The story's quality varies from time to time (too many flashbacks in my opinion) but overall stays high.

People who want porn stories and harem can go away. Thank you author for this great story.



The story is very good and not tiring to read. (I read all 124 chapters in 1 day and a half)

The grammar is very good.

The characters are well built and each has their mood.

The plot so far this very good.

Truly worth reading, so that now I'm sad because I'm done.