A boy name Shivaay was born into a different world consisting of many powerful figures. Every 7 year old  receives a blessing from different gods and goddess of hindu mythology acquiring different weapons and powerful skills.His blessing from a high-god becomes the reason for envy of someone really poweful. Can he really overcome his hurdles? 

If you are reading the note from this amatuer writer, thankyou for supporting me. I tried my best to improve the error and plot holes in the story, but if any reader finds out anything please inform me.

Shivaay is a normal boy sometimes he is timid, sometimes brave and sometimes foolish. As bravery, cleverness comes from experience, together with you I will also follow Shivaay in his journey to acheive greatness.

Please write your suggestion I will be happy to improve myself.

Note: The image was taken from http://evolvinglaunda.com/2020/08/lord-shiva-images/

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