Ursus Ex Machina

by Exterminatus

Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Ozzy was a man of the wild. Raised in a remote village atop the world's mightiest mountain, he'd been taught to respect and revere the natural world. The realm he was born into had been there long before him, and it would remain there long after him. Sure, there was the occasional madman who threatened to destroy it, but such boasts were always empty. No one individual was actually capable of demolishing this beautiful blue-and-green ball Ozzy called home. No matter what terrible magics these villains wielded, they were incapable of causing permanent harm to the environment. Even if the planet was completely devastated, it would recover. Life would find a way to flourish, same as it always had. That was what Ozzy believed from the bottom of his heart, so he never once felt the need to save the world he loved. After all, it was never truly in danger. The world would be fine no matter what. The people were a wee bit endangered, but that was another story altogether.

However, what would happen if Ozzy suddenly found himself devoid of his beloved wilds? What would the man do if the realm he knew - one of wonder, magic, and chaos - was replaced with a man-made environment of concrete, industry, and steam? Ozzy could never imagine such a thing happening, and yet that was his new reality. After losing a fateful confrontation with a mad wizard, he and his friends found themselves transported to a strange world so thoroughly alien that every waking moment feels like a fever dream. Separated and scattered to the four corners of this land, each of these adventurers will need to adapt, survive, and overcome if they hope to reunite. They would also need to do so quickly. The sooner they are able to find one another, the sooner they can figure out a way back home and have another crack at putting an end to the villain's plans. Whether such a thing was actually possible in a world with barely any magic in it was a valid concern, but Ozzy had more immediate things to worry about. For instance, why did the air smell like a perpetual forest fire? How did ships sail through the sky as if it were water? And most importantly, was the pavement he was hurtling towards at high speed much softer than it looked?

Probably not, but a man could hope.

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Everybody loves good reads

Reviewed at: New Soil, Old Roots 1

And this is a very good read indeed. its perhaps a bit early to to make a judgment, with only eight chapters to go on, but I have faith in Exterminatus as an author and this start is as strong as they come. this story is, once again, quite diffrent to exters last stories, taking place in an urban/steampunk setting with some low magic for spice, and isekaing a quartet of adventurers to take that to the next level. so while it is still early days for this story what i've read gives me plenty of hope for this stories future 


Another great writing so far from Exterminatus. A little too early to tell but no problems so far. Look forward to where this is gonna go. On the bright side we know the story is in good hands with Exterminatus. I'll be trying to follow his series from now on and I suggest you do too.


Good worldbuilding with discworld vibes

Reviewed at: New Soil, Old Roots 6

I have to admit I put off reading this fic because of the title: Ursus ex machina. It seems to be a play on Deus ex machina, but It's understandably hard to imagine what a "Bear from the machine" has to do with a Druid torn from his own dimension. Even after reading this, I have no clue what the title means.

But that doesn't matter because Ursus Ex Machina is a damn decent read.

The story goes like this: Our protagonist, Ozzy, a hulking mountain man/druid, a denizen of a high fantasy world in which science has become a lost art, is separated from his adventuring party during a battle with a comically evil lich. He then ends up in a post-industrial low fantasy metropolis, and has to try to find a place in this new world, while trying to also find his old adventuring party. (He's probably not going to be doing the second one anytime soon though)

The most compelling aspect of the story, is as mentioned in the title of this review, the discworld-esque vibes. The new city is populated with a motely cast which really drives the plot onwards. But what really clinches this the side story featuring a troll cop - if you read it you'll see what I mean.

Style: P good, see above

Story: P good, see above

Grammar: No issues

Character: Sometimes the characters can feel a little flat/one note, but overall not bad.