Saga of the Soul Dungeon

Saga of the Soul Dungeon

by AJFoxmoor

When Caden dies in an accidental fall, he is merged with a dungeon core in another world. The problem with that? The dungeon core wasn't dead, and he has share mind-space with it.

And that doesn't take into account mastering his new abilities well enough to escape from the powerful wizard that is, understandably, leery about allowing a dungeon to escape.

Even after he manages to escape he needs to found and manage a dungeon.

Of course the location he chose might have a few issues of its own.

He is on the border of two human nations who are not particularly pleased to share.

A sentient plant race claims the dungeon as sacred ground.

And, amidst the chaos, teams of adventurers just want to make a living and figure out how to deal with the latest challenge.

Just so readers know, Caden is not a murder-hobo. He is a genuinely nice person trying to make the best of his situation. If you want a main character that revels in killing people, this is not the book for you.

This is a reworking, and continuation, of my original novel into first person. And it is going great! The writing is well past where my original novel got to.

This work will never be dropped. Hiatuses may happen due to life, but I will never abandon this fiction.

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Table of Contents
71 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
SSD 1.0 - Arc 1 - (Re)born into Captivity ago
Art - Arc 1 ago
SSD 1.1 - An Unexpected Death ago
SSD 1.2 - Minor Evolutions ago
SSD 1.3 - Of Mice-Bugs and Men ago
SSD 1.4 - School of Hard Rocks ago
SSD 1.5 - Prison Food ago
SSD 1.6 - Tangled Web ago
SSD 1.7 - Night School ago
SSD 1.8 - The Great Escape ago
SSD 1.9 - Interlude - Mourning Prayers ago
SSD 2.0 - Arc 2 – Shifting Currents ago
Art - Arc 2 ago
SSD 2.1 - Up Shit Creek ago
SSD 2.2 - When You Really Need to Go ago
SSD 2.3 - A Tale of Two Cities ago
SSD 2.4 - Second Thoughts ago
SSD 2.5 - Taking Stock ago
SSD 2.6 - Exploring Your Inner Self ago
SSD 2.7 - The Magic Words ago
SSD 2.8 - When My Partner Says We Are Having Company ago
SSD 2.9 - Caverns, Crystals, and Cloth ago
SSD 2.10 - Baring My Soul ago
SSD 2.11 - The Trappings of Power ago
SSD 2.12 - A Leap Into Magic ago
SSD 2.13 - Environmental Testing ago
SSD 2.14 - Man to Man-Eater Talk ago
SSD 2.15 - Interlude - Dungeon Thoughts ago
SSD 3.00 - Arc 3 - The Way Opens ago
Art - Arc 3 ago
SSD 3.01 - Grand Nopening ago
SSD 3.02 - Waiting for the Restroom ago
SSD 3.03 - The Vitre-uvian Man ago
SSD 3.04 - Off the Wall ago
SSD 3.05 - Evolutionary Biology ago
SSD 3.06 - Making Sacrifices ago
SSD 3.07 - Jack of All ago
Quick Announcement ago
SSD 3.08 - As a Matter of Pact ago
SSD - 3.09 - Transfiguration ago
SSD 3.10 - This Has Been a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System ago
SSD 3.11 - Interlude - Know Thy Enemy ago
SSD 3.12 - A Test of Strength ago
SSD 3.13 - The Inner Self ago
SSD 3.14 - Naked Soul ago
SSD 3.15 - First Contact ago
SSD 3.16 - Stone, Ice, and Fire ago
SSD 3.17 - In Remembrance ago
SSD 3.18 - Interlude - Planting a Seed ago
SSD 3.19 - Tunnel Vision ago
SSD 3.20 - Seeing the Stars ago
SSD 3.21 - Meetings ago
SSD 4.0 - Arc 4 – Into the Dungeon ago
SSD 4.01 - Plate-Rodents of Unusual Size ago
SSD 4.02 - Training Like a Boss ago
SSD 4.03 - Day and Night ago
SSD 4.04 - A Map for the Future ago
SSD 4.05 - Dimensional Theory ago
SSD 4.06 - Money is Power ago
SSD 4.07 - Long Green Vines ago
SSD 4.08 - Social Grooming ago
SSD 4.09 - Fish in the Water ago
SSD 4.10 - Spiraling Down ago
SSD 4.11 - A History Writ in Stone and Fire ago
SSD 4.12 - Assessing the Gravity of the Situation ago
SSD 4.13A - Authority ago
SSD 4.13 - Simply Enchanting ago
SSD 4.14 - The Alloyed Truth ago
SSD 4.15 - A Tempest in a Teapot ago
SSD 4.16 - Interlude - Part 1 of 2 - No Pain, No Gain ago
SSD 4.17 - Interlude - Part 2 of 2 - In the Water ago

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Toby Ziegler

Any fan of dungeon core stories would be best served not to miss this one.

As usual, our main character starts with nothing but their mind. The journey taken by that mind to learn a new, magic-filled environment using just wits and applied science is truly a wonderful ride.

I normally have to deduct for grammar in a review, but only a tad so here. In this story you'll find excellent grammar and spelling, with an occasional slip soon corrected by the author.

Reading this work you'll also find interesting characters embedded in a fascinating story delivered with a wordy style. I, personally, enjoy a verbose style of descriptions and don't find the word count or paragraph density anything but delightful. If lots of words are not your thing, you may find the story daunting.

Early on, only three characters are present in the entire story. Even so, they are all fleshed out exactly as much as you would expect from a single observer's point of view. The main character has great depth and slowly parses an understanding of the enigmatic other characters. Well done, in my opinion.

Overall, this is a fantastic story I will heartily recommend to any and all who will listen!


An excellent rewrite of an excellent story

Reviewed at: SSD 1.6 - Tangled Web

I have long enjoyed Saga of the Soul Dungeon, but recently the author has chosen to rewrite it. The original was an excellent story, so I was concerned that the rewrite would fail to capture the story's essence or that it would die out a few chapters in.

Fortunately, neither worry seems to hold true. Now set in first person, the story retells the tale of the captured, unique dungeon core Caden (and SPOILERS). I'll miss/look forward to when the dungeon is actually established, but if it's anything like it was in the old version, it'll be pretty impressive.

This is definitely worth a read, and not just because it's one of the few dungeon stories that's being actively written. It deserves credit on its own merits, of which there are many.


A lovely story in the dungeon genre

Reviewed at: SSD 3.06 - Making Sacrifices

I realy enjoy reading this story, and am always happy to see a new update. I've followed the book for over a year now, and while the slow updates are frustrateing at times when I'm excited to see what happens next I am so glad the author is shareing their work with us.

Thank you so much!


I have read the previous version and I think I love both, good job on the rewriting! And I can't wait to eventually get to where the book left off before and beyond. Not only that but we will eventually get to explore creatures and creation further and see how the people react to the dungeon.


This type of story is not in any way new, we have been wanting to escape the mundanity of our lives since time immemorial. But as we grow as people and a society so to does the want to escape. Stories like this are a type of wish fulfillment In that sense and this one in particular does a good job of that. It is written really well compared to some of the other books I read.

The grammar is good to the point that it allows the story to flow without jarring you out of it. The story so far is well written, and you can tell the author put love and care into writing this. This is especially clear when you take into account that this is a rewrite. The works of authors like AjFoxmoor keep me sane in a way I can't explain and as such I, personally hold an unquantifiable amount of gratitude towards them.

I really think these stories deserve far more attention than they get. And as such, I rate this story as 5 stars.


Really Good Story, Read it if You Haven’t Yet.

Reviewed at: SSD 3.06 - Making Sacrifices

I really like this story, I've been reading it for awhile now, and I gotta say that everything about this story is good. It's definitely one of the better dungeon core stories that I've read, the grammar is good, not many spelling errors, and the characters (so far) are decently developed. Ontop of it all, it has a pretty unique aspect in the two people in core/dungeon, and I've only seen it once before, but even then it's different from that one in that this one has one of the "core members" being the actual original dungeon, with the other one I read having the two parts of the core being both human. Another thing, the way the dungeon is developed is nice, with the dungeon having an ecosystem and with the monsters being created through evolution, I really like this. Overall, good story (and as the title of this review says) go read it if you haven't already. Though the only gripe I have with it (which is a pretty minor one) is the somewhat inconsistent update rate, but the author seems to be more consistent as of late. Yet, the quality of the story and each chapter overcomes the wait for the update and makes it worth however long it takes for a new chapter to come out.

nouseva valo

 I like  The first version of the story. Its was instresting take of dungeon story whit some nice limitations on MC placed on him by antagonist. And some clear progression of skills that make scense. Chaters that mostly keep their act in "person" than in "plot" plus some find worldbuding  to make place well alive.if bit clucky in telling. It is Instersting to see how this New versio come out first 1.1-1.4 chapter well "show" and paced plus easy to follow allong. The witter has up his game sinne last version. i would strongly recomed giveng this story a try.  


This is the dungeon core book I wanted!

Reviewed at: SSD 3.11 - Interlude - Know Thy Enemy

This book is coming along great with solid writing, a well crafted story, and most importantly a balance of elements in the genre / sub genre. It has the dungeon core, the building and materials, the people perspectives, and the greater world building.

Often dungeon core books half suck and I'll skip chapters of the people or stop reading them. But this is a very well balanced book and I found I enjoyed the non dungeon perspectives. The ability system is solid and gives a nice amount of detail and is consistent. The world feels quite real and there is a sense of freedom of action and realistic characters and personalities. I liked others like Blue Core, but that book felt like a shonen with its people. This book is far more grounded and reality based, feeling like actual people doing and saying things real people would do in such a situation.

Often these books suffer from too much detail or too little or variable amounts of detail. Or they'll have too strict a system with gamelit type quests removing agency...but this is the dungeon core book I was looking for with true LitRPG with both literature and rpg elements....often the literature part gets forgotten! 5 stars great writing and I hope you keep going.


Great dungeon core story!

Reviewed at: Quick Announcement

Honestly, a really good story so far. It's a bit of a slow burner but it has very good world building and is one of the better dungeon core stories on RR. 

Starts out a little bit slow (Takes a solid 10-15 chapters for the MC to start figuring stuff out and to establish his dungeon) but speeds up a little bit. Honestly, just wish the author is able to put out chapters quicker but as this doesn't seem to be his main job, the speed is understandable.



As much as I would like to recommend this novel I can't.
I enjoyed reading most the first arc. The pacing was slow but with good reason and the MC made good or reasonable decisions given the situation. The skillprogression was slow and the manaefficienty was left rather vague given frequent multiday timeskips. But the last bit just broke any hope I had for the powerscaling. Spoiler with a better explaination.

So the MC had spent weeks preparing for his escape fromt he wizard that summoned him. It was only then that we learned that the MC can freely move his core in his claimed territory, ok. He can also use his basic level two skills to move a small part of a magicdefencegird that sould easyly tower over his own manapool at any point of the grid, ok.. He also spents his two hours before corefailure exploring the sewers he found himself in, killing the wildlife and absorbing everything he can get his hands on, ok... Sees two dudes come down the sewers, one shanks the other, feels instantly responsible, saves the victim from drowning, fixes his stabwound, prevents sepsis, fixes other old injuries, builds a stonebett to transport the victim despite the fact that it gets harder and more expensive for him to do stuff on or near living being, transports the victim out of the sewer, with no apparent cost, builds him a hideout to wake up in and creates blankets so he does not freeze to death, ok.... Most of this is done while he is in contantly escalating pain because of his core breaking down and he does all this with about 50 mana which as far as we know is absolutly nothing.

With the amount and complexity of what the MC has done his manaefficency is worldbreaking. Given that the MC can reproduce just about anything he has absorbed with pure mana including lifeforms very little should be a problem for him. Despite him only being level three at the end of arc one.
Sadly most of the desciptions regarding the things the MC absorbs are also rather vague. I get that it is hard to come up with how stuff tastes but then maybe just make the absobtion tasteless instead of every organic thing simply "tasting organic".
Another disapointing part are the dungeoninstincs that fused with him that his soul got bound to the dungeon. Up until now they haven't mattered. The MC was never in any danger of them taking over but given what has happend at the point I dropped the story they seem to be more important going forward.

Again I really enjoyed the beginning but given the direction of the story I just can't recommend it.