Saga of the Soul Dungeon

by AJFoxmoor

When Caden dies in an accident he is merged with a dungeon core in another world. The problem with that? He still has a conscience, but the original dungeon core is still there in his mind, and it doesn't...

Of course, other people add their own issues:

Two human nations gain access to the dungeon and are not particularly pleased to share.

A sentient plant race claims the dungeon as sacred ground.

And, amidst the chaos, teams of adventurers just want to make a living.

This is a reworking, and eventual continuation, of my original novel into first person.

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Toby Ziegler

Any fan of dungeon core stories would be best served not to miss this one.

As usual, our main character starts with nothing but their mind. The journey taken by that mind to learn a new, magic-filled environment using just wits and applied science is truly a wonderful ride.

I normally have to deduct for grammar in a review, but only a tad so here. In this story you'll find excellent grammar and spelling, with an occasional slip soon corrected by the author.

Reading this work you'll also find interesting characters embedded in a fascinating story delivered with a wordy style. I, personally, enjoy a verbose style of descriptions and don't find the word count or paragraph density anything but delightful. If lots of words are not your thing, you may find the story daunting.

Early on, only three characters are present in the entire story. Even so, they are all fleshed out exactly as much as you would expect from a single observer's point of view. The main character has great depth and slowly parses an understanding of the enigmatic other characters. Well done, in my opinion.

Overall, this is a fantastic story I will heartily recommend to any and all who will listen!

nouseva valo

 I like  The first version of the story. Its was instresting take of dungeon story whit some nice limitations on MC placed on him by antagonist. And some clear progression of skills that make scense. Chaters that mostly keep their act in "person" than in "plot" plus some find worldbuding  to make place well alive.if bit clucky in telling. It is Instersting to see how this New versio come out first 1.1-1.4 chapter well "show" and paced plus easy to follow allong. The witter has up his game sinne last version. i would strongly recomed giveng this story a try.  


An excellent rewrite of an excellent story

Reviewed at: SSD 1.6 - Tangled Web

I have long enjoyed Saga of the Soul Dungeon, but recently the author has chosen to rewrite it. The original was an excellent story, so I was concerned that the rewrite would fail to capture the story's essence or that it would die out a few chapters in.

Fortunately, neither worry seems to hold true. Now set in first person, the story retells the tale of the captured, unique dungeon core Caden (and SPOILERS). I'll miss/look forward to when the dungeon is actually established, but if it's anything like it was in the old version, it'll be pretty impressive.

This is definitely worth a read, and not just because it's one of the few dungeon stories that's being actively written. It deserves credit on its own merits, of which there are many.


I have read the previous version and I think I love both, good job on the rewriting! And I can't wait to eventually get to where the book left off before and beyond. Not only that but we will eventually get to explore creatures and creation further and see how the people react to the dungeon.


This type of story is not in any way new, we have been wanting to escape the mundanity of our lives since time immemorial. But as we grow as people and a society so to does the want to escape. Stories like this are a type of wish fulfillment In that sense and this one in particular does a good job of that. It is written really well compared to some of the other books I read.

The grammar is good to the point that it allows the story to flow without jarring you out of it. The story so far is well written, and you can tell the author put love and care into writing this. This is especially clear when you take into account that this is a rewrite. The works of authors like AjFoxmoor keep me sane in a way I can't explain and as such I, personally hold an unquantifiable amount of gratitude towards them.

I really think these stories deserve far more attention than they get. And as such, I rate this story as 5 stars.


Tries for a fresh take but falls short

Reviewed at: SSD 2.2 - When You Really Need to Go

As of the most recent chapter, this is not a dungeon story. It's a reincarnation story that needs a  slavery cw tag, but this time the enslaved tortured MC is soul-trapped in a core, and has no follow through with its self preservation instincts as of yet despite its origin story. Do not expect conventional world building or character  motivated plot, but if you're looking for a decent read with potential for growth, you found it. No dungeons as of yet and MC still thinks it's human to the point of risking death or worse to act 'moral', creating a system enforced life debt. This extends the missing slavery cw tag warning problem.