The Steward of the Howling Tempest

The Steward of the Howling Tempest

by DerpyBunny2020

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This is the story of Garran Darkfrost, a wolfkin who lives up in high mountain peaks with his tribemates. One day his friend goes missing and Garran must search for clues to find out what happened to him. Embarking on this arduous journey to find Sius, Garran meets a Bastion of Aegis who tells him he has been chosen by their deity and has a role to play in a prophecy foretold when he was a pup. He must now uncover the clues to decipher the prophecy while still searching for his friend, Sius.

Artwork for the cover done by Betofall: 

Ever seen a book with its own theme song? Navigate to the link below to hear Garran's Theme by TheGrizzleMusician:

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Publius Decius Mus

Edit for the sixth chapter:

There was a big timeskip in the story, and I would have preferred to read some picaresque adventures to ground the personality of the main cast better before the main plot kicks off. Also, I think the author should use more dialogue, though that is just my personal taste.

Edit for the third chapter:

Interesting change in pacing, I really did not expect it. We'll see what comes out of it!

Original review:

In the first two chapters we have some worldbuilding, and we get to know one or two things about Garran, who will be presumably the main character.

Style score:

There are some odd wordings, but that might just be my personal preference. In general we have nice and detailed descriptions, slowly but relentlessly moving action, and some quipping during fight. It's all around enjoyable.

Story score:

I myself like more in medias res starts, but a slow first chapter packed with worldbuilding is also nice. Also, in the second chapter we already see some good action, so it's hard to complain. I will watch the progression of the story with great interest! (And refrain from sharing my horrid wolf-puns in the comments. I promise!)

Grammar Score:

I have not found any mistakes, but I am not a native speaker, so take it with a grain of salt.

Character Score:

There is only really one character as of know, Garran. He is tough, no-nonsense, and has a good sense of fashion, that's all what we know of him so far, I think he's ideal fantasy-protagonist material. But we'll see.

All in all this is an interesting start, and I think we are in for an enjoyable ride!


Every time I start Skyrim I linger on the character creator, never selecting to play as anything but a boring old human, fearing I'd be unable to empathise with something not human as a protagonist. That is not the case here, and pleasingly so.

The world, and the creatures in it are handled with a deft touch, achieving a lot with efficiency and pace, creating a rich setting that is above all believable. The action is well judged, a well blended mix of human and animal styles where one doesn't shadow the other.

I'm not a big fantasy reader, yet this felt easy to read with an intriguing lead, a detailed, credible world, and told at a good pace

I look forward to reading more   


High quality story albeit slower updates

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The Ascent

Grammar: Every now and then there is a mis spelling but there is nothing major.

Style: There is no discernable style, but the writing is still good. It's descriptive, especially with the snowy landscape. It's no seven pages of describing a mountain, but it's pretty!

Story: Magical dogs? Rabbits? I have imagined them as half dog/rabbits. I have not read a story with a non-human lead before, and this is very interesting, how there is a magical system, a history, tribes. Its different but not too different to get too confused and it doesn't hand hold one too much while learning about the world

Character: I  like how the character has a look, the half white and black fur. I like how all of them can be distinguished. I never thought that you could distinguish animal like(anthromorphic? I don't want to use the word furries, lol) creatures without it sounding wierd in writing, but it works great here!

Overall, the style needs something to make it stand out a bit more, but the quality of writing is a lot better than most on this site because the writer takes their time to think it over. Quality sometimes is better than quanity of daily updates...I say this as someone who updates daily... lol..