The Lazy Hungry Giantess LitRPG

by Epikos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

She's sentient, formless, and floating through the black void. It's a serene experience. No worries. No hunger. No abuse. But then an excitable message prompt called the System arrives. It wants her to do things and it won't leave her alone.

Soon enough, our girl finds herself awaken with a tall, strong, and curvy form. It's a body she'll love to enjoy while relaxing. Unfortunately, there's this thing called hunger. And quests. And monsters. And people who want to control her... or slay her.

This is the LitRPG tale of a troubled giantess acquiring power so she can defend her nap time and eat the things that want to hurt her. She might even make friends along the way while she stumbles into tiresome (but sometimes delicious) misadventures of mayhem.

Chapters 1-16 are the Tutorial Arc. They're a little silly, but it sets up some good drama for the future.

We're currently in the Exploration Arc. This Arc expands upon the world and sees Rhonda grow in unique, unexpected ways.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The start of an annoying adventure of hunger ago
Chapter 2 - the first enemy encounter! Oh no! ago
Chapter 3 - Broken stats are broken ago
Chapter 4 - Eliminating the draugrs can be a pain in the butt ago
Chapter 5 - When dealing with an Overworked and Hangry Giantess ago
Chapter 6 - It's raining, it's pouring! ago
Chapter 7 - Miss Rhonda, the Administrator would like to speak with you now ago
Chapter 8 - What does it take to do as you please? p.1. ago
Chapter 9 - What does it take to do as you please? p.2. ago
Chapter 10 - It’s fun to relax after kicking butt ago
Chapter 11 - Hunting a boss that’s hunting you ago
Chapter 12 - Slobber-knocker death match between mad dogs ago
Chapter 13 - What befalls the trash? ago
Chapter 14 - A noble giantess and her true intellect ago
Chapter 15 - When you're adventure-ready and fabulously fashionable ago
Chapter 16 - Arc one finale! The tutorial ends! ago
Chapter 17 ⁠— Here’s a jaunt with the typical isekai hero ago
Chapter 18 ⁠— The five heroes without their sixth ago
Chapter 19 ⁠— As you start to explore, you will be alone with a king ago
Chapter 20 - There once was a baker boy ago
Chapter 21 - Welcome to your first day as a survivalist, young noble ago
Chapter 22 - Roughing it in the mud like a beast ago
Chapter 23 - A Song of Ice and Fire ago
Chapter 24 ⁠- Monster Mayhem ago
Chapter 25 - Simply living is an achievement ago
Chapter 26 - Woodswoman Rhonda and Not-So-Nice Londa ago
Chapter 27 - Rhonda vs Londa ago
Chapter 28 - The simple forest life Part 1 of 3 ago
Chapter 29 - The simple forest life Part 2 of 3 ago
Chapter 30 - The simple forest life Part 3 of 3 ago
Chapter 31 - To rescue a King ago
Chapter 32 - Ice cold killer rabbit with a devil on her shoulder ago

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This is a very competenly written story by a very talented writer. So far the writing is supurb; head and shoulders above most isekai in descriptions, action and pacing. The main character comes through strong and is a step above most isekai protaganists (dispite being a functional amnesiac). The setting is probably the weakest part, relying heavily on isekai tropes and bordering on generic at times. Regardless the first few chapters left me hungry for more.

The reason for the lukewarm rating comes down to a two main gripes which make this story hard to swallow.

Firstly the system and the admistrator as 'characters' fall flat. The system doesn't really do much, just suggest things and get rejected. They act like a person at times, but at other times they act like a 'system', its a bit vague and confusing but thats what you come to expect with blue boxes.

The admin on the other hand is supposed to be an angagonist. He's got a plan for the body our hero inhabits and gets super mad when she doesn't follow it. However he doesn't really work as a serious antagonist since he and the system fail at manipulating a 1 intelligence amnesiac (who can easily be bribed with food), give up immediately and then try to kill her.

They feel like the usual incompetent villians you see in iskeai stories which is a bit disappointing. Showing up talking a big game but just spluttering indignantly when the protagonist chooses not to give up or die. Ultimately though thats not a dealbreaker.

My main issue with the story is "Londa". She is a "voice-in-the-head" character who is incredibly offputting. Nearly every line of dialogue where she interacts with the protagonist made me want to crawl out of my own skin thanks to her non-stop over-the-top groveling. Its just really, really bad, and feels very self congratulatory considering Londa is basically the protagonists alter ego. I get the general idea of why they're written that way and maybe they'll come to develop into something more palatable in time. But having an insufferable sychophant living in the protagonists head is too much for me.

Really this story is a diamond in the rough and I'd recommend it to everyone except myself.


i got to chapter 10 before i got tired of a couple things. the grammer and all the other writing was average if not better. however the character interaction was grating at best the main character has what i assume is another soul or personality inside her mind that constently slathers her with praise YAS QUEEN, your so cute etc that's bad on it's own if it's just internal pride and dialogue that the character grows out of or with good enough writing it can even be a good trait. the second gripe with the characters is the system or dm who are both laughably incompetant it's stated that the dm is taking over from a much better person for the job you would think someone with such an important position would get some traing on how to do their job or at least don't argue on the blue screen where the mc can see you ,and another thing the idiot was blatantly saying how the mc was one of the most important puzzle pieces for the story to progress so why give it to the random soul who doesn't even want to be there the entire reason the mc got the body she did smells no, stinks of PLOT. anyway wrapping this up i like the idea of a big dumb mc i even would be fine with the weird sex stuff like her butt crushing a zombie or fingering herself ,but come on you can do better.


First off just want to say that I love this story. The only reason why I don't have it at 5 stars is because of the grammar, but even that is not too bad. It also has a unique system with a wonderful story to go along with it. Don't let the title throw you off, this a complex story hidden under a goofy mask. If you don't think the story is complex, then you should think about it a little harder.

We do not really know where the first character came from or how she got there. This has potential in the future to have major plot potential. Also, the system is fighting itself somewhat. So that is even more plot potential.

Overall this story is goofy on the outside, but really deep if you look close enough. Great work Epikos you got me interested and as long as you don't mess it up too bad I don't think I'm going anywhere either.



The story so far has been entertaining and interesting. This has some very clear differences if you are expecting another generic isekai story. 

The main character is very fun and likable (in my opinion).

There are some mistakes with grammar every now and then, but nothing that ditracts from the story.

Adithya Pandit

By the time this came along I had pretty much given up on Isekai Litrpg's, but this story offers a nice twist to the formula. If you are looking for a montage of the MC experimenting with magic, hidding OP powers while attending a magic school while making "references" no one else gets,  look elswhere, Why? cauz the MC is a GIANT ! not some prissy elf or fox Girl, she might get around to doing "things" as soon as she satisfies her unending hunger pangs. There is some  "plot" but its too early to tell where its going, its still a fun read ( if you ignore the wierd BDSM thing thats currently going on with the voice in head, hope that evolves into something healthier) 


So this is nice y'all, like it's a simple story about a simple giantess who just wants to eat sleep eat sleep and eat some more.

It's well written (I'm no editor, but i didn't have any problem reading it is what I mean) The style flows nicely and the characters are nice ( except maybe the admin who is... kinda trashy, but I guess that's his point)

So try it !

magical heart

The main character is just so much fun,  she just does not care about the bull that the people around her trying to force on her. She's just so fun to watch so if you're reading this I can't recommend this be a queen taking names and playing nobody's game.