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All humans possess a Pith, the essence of a mind where consciousness, reason, and emotion reside. Those who study its power can control their surroundings, move from body to body, and alter the very fabric of another’s thoughts.

On the continents of the Eight Oceans, the magicians wielding this energy formed secret societies, ruling nations from the shadows.  Ten years ago, the public exposed them, plunging the world into chaos.

In the industrial empire of the Principality, Anabelle Gage has dreamt about Paragon Academy for as long as she can remember.  An exclusive magic school, that can hone her abilities and cure her terminal illness.

And then they reject her.

She has one shot at saving her life: Enter the city’s cutthroat underworld, and make enough money to buy a new body.  By any means necessary.

Ana forms a band of desperate exiles: A banished noble with dimension-warping power, a mind-reading mercenary, and a twenty-year-old bombmaker in an eighty-year-old body.

Together, they will uncover the secrets of this world.  The true face of Paragon Academy.  The drowned ruins of an ancient utopia.  And the ocean, slowly rising, swallowing the planet beneath the waves.

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Warning: This story contains mature, potentially traumatizing content.  Violence, mind control, genocide, bigotry, body horror, self-harm, suicide, addiction, existential horror, and more.  Read at your own risk.

Note: As a heads up, this story also includes LGBT content.

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1-A The Caterpillar's Dilemma ago
1-B The Caterpillar's Dilemma ago
1-C The Caterpillar's Dilemma ago
1-D The Caterpillar's Dilemma ago
1-E The Caterpillar's Dilemma ago
2-A The Problem of Names ago
2-B The Problem of Names ago
2-C The Problem of Names ago
2-D The Problem of Names ago
2-E The Problem of Names ago
2-F – Samuel ago
3-A The Empty Book ago
3-B The Empty Book ago
3-C The Empty Book ago
3-D The Empty Book ago
3-E The Empty Book ago
3-F The Empty Book ago
4-A The Mortal Soul ago
4-B The Mortal Soul ago
4-C The Mortal Soul ago
4-D The Mortal Soul ago
4-E The Mortal Soul ago
4-F - The Broadcast King ago
5-A Copycat ago
5-B Copycat ago
5-C Copycat ago
5-D Copycat ago
5-E Copycat ago
6-A The Bombmaker ago
6-B The Bombmaker ago
6-C The Bombmaker ago
6-D The Bombmaker ago
6-E The Bombmaker ago
6-F - Tasia ago
6-G - Clementine ago
7-A The Blue Charlatan ago
7-B The Blue Charlatan ago
7-C The Blue Charlatan ago
7-D The Blue Charlatan ago
8-A - Isaac Brin ago
8-B - Florence Tuft ago
8-C - Rowyna Ebbridge ago
8-D - Grace ago
9-A Silver Letters ago
9-B Silver Letters ago
9-C Silver Letters ago
9-D Silver Letters ago
9-E - Matilla Geffray ago
10-A The Wrong Side of History ago
10-B The Wrong Side of History ago
10-C - Samuel ago
11-A The Breadbasket ago
11-B The Breadbasket ago
11-C The Breadbasket ago
11-D - Max ago
12-A The Ant and the Beetle ago
12-B The Ant and the Beetle ago
12-C - Florence Tuft ago
12-D - Max ago
12-E The Ant and the Beetle ago
12-F The Ant and the Beetle ago
13-A The Butterfly's Dilemma ago
13-B The Butterfly's Dilemma ago
13-C - Max ago
13-D The Butterfly's Dilemma ago
Prologue - Free Waffles ago
14-A Imposter Syndrome ago
14-B Imposter Syndrome ago
14-C Imposter Syndrome ago
14-D Imposter Syndrome ago
14-E Imposter Syndrome ago
14-F The Wingtrooper ago
15-A The Jump ago
15-B - Leizu ago

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Its incredibly well written and is probably publishable, many of the early scenes feel like a punch in the gut though. I do hope it becomes a little more positive soon because some of the things that are happening are really depressing.

The author has done an incredibly good job at describing this world and I am very curious of where it will go.


This is a Professional Novel

Reviewed at: 4-C The Mortal Soul

This is one of the best novels that will (hopefully) be posted fully on RR. After blitzing through all the chapters currently posted, I headed on over to the Author's main website and discovered that the novel's first book has recently been completed! Needless to say, I found it just as breathless, introspective and action-packed as the currently posted chapters with writing that matches the very best across thousands of pages.

At it's core, Pitch is a character driven novel that explores a few central themes including identity, purpose and struggle. The two main characters, Ana and Nell, are deeply, fundamentally flawed and a central part of the story is exploring their weaknesses - meaning that this is no light-hearted romp. That said, the story is superbly executed with a complete cast of intriguing characters in a believable world.

Immaculate use of "show-don't-tell" (no exposition dumps)
Fantastic and steady world-building 
Consistent characterization and writing quality across thousands of pages
Completed narrative with meaningful closure (if partial)
Second book planned!


Comfortably my favorite currently updating story

Reviewed at: 1-A The Caterpillar's Dilemma

Pith is an amazing story on pretty much every metric I can think of.  It's one of a few stories I will drop everything to read the moment a new chapter drops. 

The characters are great, the world and story is compelling, and it is technically well written in a way that I don't often see outside of published works.  Almost every chapter is meaningful and the story is moving fast. 

I've been following it for a few months on the story's website and I'm excited to see where it goes.  You should definitely read it! 


Fantastic read, dark and gripping

Reviewed at: 13-D The Butterfly's Dilemma

Excellent reading, the writing is on par with other serials like mother of learning. First volume has just finished, with a super satisfying ending but still loads of places for the story to go so I'm excited for more.

The world is very dark, but not unreasonably so and the novel toes that fine line between grim but not depressing beautifully. I seriously can't recommend it enough. Excellent character development, interesting themes of body image, and for the life of me i could never really choose a side in the story and I LOVED IT. Try it now


Very good grimdark story. Absolutely recommended

Reviewed at: 5-A Copycat

A grim, deeply psychological novel with relatable characters, all together with an interesting world of "magic", make a wonderful combination. If you don't mind a bit of gore and grimdark and a world where not everything is flowers and sunshine I assure this novel will keep you hooked!

Congratulations to the author for his great job so far!



On royalroad there are bad reads, fun reads, good reads and occasionally, a masterpiece. This falls in the last category. There is an excellent sense of progression, the characters are unique, believable and fascinating. There are no cookie cutter characters in this story, they all have their own unique quirks and motivations, making it an incredibly compelling read. 5 stars, wish I could give more


I've been following this story for a while and it is one of my favorite serials going on right now. The story is compelling and follows a large cast of characters, each struggling in their own way while sometimes being diametrically opposed to one another.

The magic system is interesting, with the characters needing to study and learn hard sciences to understand what they are trying to do before it can actually work. 

I love the deeply fleshed out characters, each one has their own goals, personality, and flaws. Only thing is that I can't really root for any of the characters to succeed because either they, their methods, or their goals are deeply flawed. Your favorite characters can do something or have beliefs that you can see are illogical and a terrible choice, yet it's not the character dropping the idiot ball. It is completely in line with what you've seen them do in the past and you just have to keep on reading and see what happens.

The setting is pretty bleak and somewhat mysterious where everything isn't just info dumped on you. This leaves you with a dark  world that gets introduced bit by bit painting an even darker picture as the story goes on while at the same time introducing more mysteries for the reader to try and unravel.

Grammar is perfect, or at least I haven't noticed any egregious errors while reading the story.


Dark setting but exceptionally good

Reviewed at: 13-D The Butterfly's Dilemma

Having read through the first volume/book of the story I can safely say it was an excellent tale with plenty of action with a sustained sense of time running out throughout spurred by our protagonists circumstances.  As a whole it needs to be warned that this story carries a dark tone and doesn't pull any punches in terms of how things are depicted however it never strays all the way towards grim-dark as our protagonists move forward. The world is broiled in a large scale rising tension between the projector elite and the mere humdrums but also in a  larger international conflict that play out through the story effecting the flow of events.


 However it really needs to be stated that where the story really shines is in terms of the characters both the growth of our protagonists as they face hardship and adversity but keep moving forward before in the end coming to stand together against all odds however this growth and complexity is not limited to protagonists even antagonists will have the depth unveiled slowly ultimately driving their actions  in a way that parallels the main cate well as they face consequences of their past actions and harsh related trauma. There are dark elements throughout which have guided the actions of characters fraught with propaganda, lies and greater conspiracies. I didn't notice any grammatical problems but I am not really good at spotting those in the first place so this means little. 


The first volume/book comes to a satisfying end that reveals new mysteries and reframes old ones, affirming the protagonists path forward and setting the stage for the next grander stage. I look forward to more of what is thus far one of the best stories on this site.


Urban fantasy and magical revolution

Reviewed at: 10-B The Wrong Side of History

Pith is an urban fantasy set in ~1950s. Magic was revealed to the world a few years prior. The protagonist is trying to enrol in the prestigious Paragon Academy, where the heroes she's idolized teach, to learn magic but also to escape her decaying body.

Stylistically, the story is very well-written, and there are no obvious grammar/spelling mistakes.

The story itself is excellent, with the world being built up and believable; we get the sense that this is a world that people with godlike power would create in order to live their lives high atop the social hierarchy. The classicism is central to the story and is built up and slowly revealed to the reader, in a way that you can’t help but sympathize with the characters, while not completely condoning their actions.

The characters are well-written. We get to see them grow and learn, cheer for them at their best and sympathise with them at their worst. There are no characters who are perfect in the story, and while they will make mistakes and choices that (to the reader) are obviously wrong, there development makes sense given their histories and beliefs.

All in all, it’s a great story and I’d highly recommend reading it.


I won't get into the much details here since i know i won't do justice to the author on how good i think this is. What i know for sure is this book here, is a good fucking book with a good fucking plot and characters, yet it wasn't popular somehow. And things like bad isekai or xian xia ( i'm not saying that there is no good isekai or xian xia out there) is more popular then this.

1. Style:

It's a first person with multiple POV of different characters, which i think it good for development of the few main characters. There is no Jarring break in between POV, since so far the author only change the POV at the begining of a chapter. It's also formated into arcs, which again i think served the books well given the siriealized nature.

2. Grammar: 

Nothing to complain here, nothing that an editor can't fix.

3. Story:

This is where it shine the most i think. It's set in a dark (not grim dark) world where, at times it's quite political that kinda touch on todays politics but it wasn't there all the time. It also examine on Transhumanism and what it would to a society.

4. Character:

Since this is still early, i can't judge the characters development of both the main and side characters, yet. The only gripe i have is with a certain character on their value and believes which i think is kinda neat picking.

To close the review, i can only say just read it and do yourself a service.

PS: I don't Get RR, I really don't. Like honestly is the old fashion fantasy the likes of LOTR, WOT, ASOIAF, Dresden Files, TSLA is dead?