Arne woke up to darkness. His fingers scraped his ribcage, he could feel it, that unique sense of being awake. He tried opening his eyelids but remembered that he had none. He moved his eyes, left and right, up and down. In the corner of his eye he saw a flash of light.


He jerked his pupils towards the light, it was an agonizing feeling, like scraping against a black board, he continued pushing. In a jolt, his eyes rotated. His eyes flashed all over the room, he could focus! He focused his... charcoal black fingers. He brought them up to his face accidentally touching his newfound eyes. His entire body was pitch black.


His fingers had changed. Their shape was sharper and more precise. He felt a lot more dexterity in his hands, they were that of a master piano player. Oslo walked into the room, his face slowly turned towards Arne, he froze. His hands jerked up and he jumped into the air.

“Whaaaat the fuck???? Your bones are black and you have eyes like those pesky humans!” He shouted.
“Yeah right!” Arne said.

“What? I’ve never seen a black skeleton with eyes, heck, I’ve never seen a skeleton with eyes. Are you cursed or something?”
“Umm I dont think so. I’m a skeleton archer, this is one of the perks.”
“Woah, sick. By the way, have you seen Loko?”
“No, you?”
“No, that’s why I’m asking. Anyway, get up, we’ll be late for class.”

They speed walked to the class, they almost ran when they saw Marga. The door to the classroom was wide open, they walked in, and took their seats beside each other. The rest of the class filled in over the next five minutes. Loko entered last, there was text written all over his bones. He sat at the very back of the classroom.

Midol floated in through the roof, with a wift of his hand the door shut close.

“Today we will speak about ogres.”

Arne turned his head, he received a lot of stares from the classroom. Everyone was interested in his colour and eyes, but Kloso. Loko had annoyed Kloso by sitting beside him.


“The demon lord has specified Ogres as a lower entity. I guess that is because of their very low intelligence. They are very emotional creatures, you should have seen how frightened that one Ogre I spooked got.” The wide smile that almost made Arne shake appeared.

Arne saw Oslo spinning his finger. On top of his finger there was a ball of air, it was soundless and very small. Arne remembered that he had a skill he could fidget with as well. He opened a black rift under his table and one beside Oslo’s head, he poked him through the rift. Oslo turned, confused at what had happened.


“However, what ogers lack in intelligence they make up for in raw strength. They use large trees as their weapons, sometimes they fight barehanded. Their tough skin makes it a viable choice. If you ever meet an Ogre, slap their balls. The pain immobilizes them. In the rare occurance of a female ogre, attack her knees. They are the weakest point of the ogres body.”

Nokko’s long blue hand slapped Lokko in the back of the head when he was sure Midol wasn’t paying attention. The class briefly glanced at them, Nokko glinted a devious smile. Lokko got furious about this. One of the texts on his hands lit up, a silent shockwave sent Nokko flying into the wall.

“That’s enough. You’ll have combat class soon” Midol commanded.


Nokko slumped down on the floor and got up and walked up to Loko, he whispered. Loko froze. Nokko sat down on his chair and Midol continued with his lecture. Kloso chuckled, he had overheard what Nokko said.


“Ogres are found in forests large enough to support their massive appetite. They’ll feast like bears, and then sleep and wallow around below a large enough tree. You can domesticate Ogres, they are wonderful at dragging or carrying heavy loads.”

Oslo sent a small air ball towards Arne’s head, it packed a bigger punch than he had expected. Arne poked him through the shadow rift, but Oslo completely ignored him. He needed to up his game.

“The best way to domesticate ogers is probably to whip them until they break. Their first response will naturally be to crush you, but when they realize that it isn’t an option they’ll beg. That’s when you whip them harder. Continue until their voice has been completely exhausted.”

Arne felt disgusted. He glanced around the room, the other creatures seemed apathetic. It was as if they had gotten used to this a long time ago. He made an arrow and poked Oslo through the rift. Oslo’s head slowly turned and stared, he silently cackled.


“Well that’ll be all for today's lesson. Go up to the combat lessons now.” Midol floated through the floor. The class rushed out, especially Loko. However, Nokko followed behind him, stalking him.

Arne got confused as to what was happening, Oslo seemed confused as well. They slowly stood up and followed after them. The second they were outside, they were met by the sight of Nokko pushing Loko up against the wall. Loko furiously shaked his head.

However, before Arne could intervene, Midol floated up through the floor.


“Did I not say that this…” His tone turned demonic, “type of behaviour was not allowed?”

Midol hands had grown larger and sharper. They spread out towards Nokko. Nokko dropped Loko, he slumped down on the floor. Midol flashed towards Nokko, he was in front of him. There was a large frown on his face. Midol’s blanket flew up into the air, revealing his pitch black body, he grabbed Nokko and pulled him in. They tussled and tore, suddenly, the blanket stopped moving. Midol floated down again, beneath the floor. Nokko’s skin was covered with slashes, as if he’d been mauled by a tiger.


Loko stood up and ran away. Arne and Oslo chased after.


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