Silverscale Paradise (A Yandere Harem Adventure)

Silverscale Paradise (A Yandere Harem Adventure)

by Overload

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Warning: This story contains R18 content and depicts sexual acts.

Hey there, Mark Gregory here! This is the story of how I got sucked into the world of a trashy Harem manga that only lasted 12 chapters. I read it while I was high the night before and only vaguely remember anything about yeah. No foresight. Also, it appears I am a brokenly powerful character, possibly the secret end boss, that was hiding in plain sight the whole time. - That is to say, the "Quiet Prince" student in their class.

My new name is Zeneff Silverscale...can you guess what I am? If you guessed overpowered godlike dragon, then you are correct! The problem is...I don't want to be evil...and I don't know enough about the story to follow what do I do?

The Answer: Whatever the Fuck I want.

I will also be posting this story on Scribble Hub

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It sounded fun and the writing isn't half bad but the MC has 0 agency. The all powerful MC folds to literally everybody even if it's against his wishes. What's the point of making him OP if he's more or less living in misery anyways?


Good idea but terrible execution, honestly a pain to read.

Danamic Panda

I'm in chapter 75, after reading this novel so far I'm just going to say I don't really like the MC....he is like every other cliché Japanese beta protagonist that I have seen so far. Really wish that he had some spine and a bit of ambition....he would have really died from the yanderes if not for his THICC plot armor. As for the comedy......too cliché and highly another thumbs down. The grammar is readable. The style at which the story is written is also good. As for the story itself, its like  the anime 'To-Love-Ru' where you can just turn off your brain and enjoy how ridiculously the author pulls the clichés and collect MCs Yandere harem.


Laughed a little. No tears. Very descriptive. Enjoyable read overall. I hope there is more to come. Every yandere harem member needs to be properly addressed. A lttle apprehensive about the one on one with Cthulu... lol. I will try and check out the author's other stories as well. 50 words needed for a review?