Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

Isekai Dungeoncrawl - Am Ende mit meinem Latein

by Publius Decius Mus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

I have always thought I would live out my life without any major surprises. You know, work on the estates of my parents, serve my time as a soldier, become a senator, a praetor, maybe a consul in time. I thought I will live the life that a Roman noble of my standing can count on.

But this was not to be. My previously simple life got suddenly very complicated. I was taken from my home, and now I have to live in a world where no one speaks Latin, no one prays to my gods, and no one knows what the heck garum is. Before, I thought I had all the answers, but now only questions remain.

Will I survive? Will I find my way back home? Will I ever be able to get the savage bastards living here to adopt the great accomplishments of Roman civilisation?

Not even the gods know the answers. One thing is for sure: should I ever get home again; I will never set a foot outside of my estate without a healthy stockpile of garum.

The cover is from Peter Paul Rubens' "The Death of Publius Decius Mus"

This webnovel is partially based on a DnD campaign where a party of three players played the adventures The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury and The Witches of Westwater.

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Publius Decius Mus

Publius Decius Mus

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Slaughter on the Sward ago
1. In inceptum... ago
2. Stranger in a strange land ago
3. A talk in tempest ago
4. Quinctilis 23 ago
5. Citadels are easy to find ago
6. Gladium Igne ago
7. Aki másnak vermet ás... ago
8. Mendace memorem ago
9. Adventuring is an arduous business ago
10. Inter arma ago
11. Book is the best friend of man ago
12. Spinnst du?! ago
13. Conscience is overrated ago
14. Midsummer day ago
15. Farewell ago
16. Departure ago
17. Per Diem ago
18. Short-cut ago
19. Rude awakening ago
20. All the world’s a stage ago
21. Black dog ago
22. The actor’s death ago
23. Slaughter in the shrubbery ago
24. The beech of thousand years ago
25. Happy Tree Friends ago
26. Reunion ago
27. The last miles ago
28. Golden Grove ago
29. Stroll with my sweetheart ago
30. Early goodbye ago
31. Post Pheobum nubila ago
32. Unwelcome visitors ago
33. Everyone likes library passes ago
34. Quarrelsome Quartet ago
35. November 1 ago
36. Campfire talk ago
37. Dum spiro ago
38. Merry company ago
39. If you can't solve a problem with brute force... ago
40. You haven't used enough! ago
41. Revelations ago
42. Double Guillotine ago
43. Folk heroes ago
44. Woe to the vanguard ago
45. Their vanguard too! ago
46. Stink ago
47. Beldrak’s pet ago
48. Rock and Run! ago
49. Triumphus ago
50. Loose ends ago
51. Hic sunt dracones ago
52. Diplomacy at its finest ago
53. The dead do cast a shadow ago
54. Nil admirari ago
55. Crocodile tears ago
56. Shaving off the sheep-clothing ago
57. Of trout and tables ago
58. Golden bait, silver tongue ago
59. Dark depths ago
60. Arrival ago
61. A peculiar case for these dilettante detectives ago
62. The game is afoot! ago
63. Bad cop, worse actor ago
64. Nemo tenetur ago
65. Delusions ago
66. Regulations ago
67. An old acquintance ago
68. Making amends ago
69. How we did not make a revolution ago
70. Happily ever after (but with books) ago
71. Acknowledgements ago
72. The sea-goddess weeps for Lemuria ago

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Kevin Huynh

Latein ist nicht für Jedermann.

Reviewed at: 19. Rude awakening

Update, update, update: I forgot to mention the titles in different languages. 

Und ich muss sagen die deutschen sind die besten. Scheiß auf die anderen. Achja, die Reviewsection is now part of the Bundesrepubilk Deutschland. Liebe Grüße, 

Update, update: Damn after researching DnD classes and races this fiction shines. There might've been a bit of tunnel vision going and between the author and his editors. Like they thought the classes and races were easy enough to grasp. They were not. But with a bit of knowledge, oh boy, this really shines!

There is still a bit of an issue regarding the stilted dialogue tags. (See my comment). But I'll bump up the character score and with that the overall score.

Also, I love how the author integrated the critique he got.

Update: The author reworked his prose and added a prologue which really really works for me. Might be mainstream to others but I like the changes that I adjusted the score accordingly.

Original review:

As a German-speaking bird, this title immediately caught my attention. I always dreaded my Latin classes and this story is a reminder of how much I sucked at it.

Let me premise this: Historical fiction is far from my favorite kind of genre. My perception of this story might very well be affected by my general apathy for the subject matter. So take my review with a grain of sodium (heh). Although for everyone new to this genre it might be exactly the review you are looking for.

What is this web novel about? Without spoiling too much it's essentially about a Roman guy getting isekaid into a fantasy world. Truck-kun makes no appearance though. I love the idea and never read something like it. My best comparison would be to the Manga/ Anime drifters. Although tonally very different and way less gore. The reason why Publius suddenly found himself in the new world is as mysterious though. 

Before I get into each of the categories let me say something about the first chapter. The first chapters make or break a novel. People judge the whole story on the first few sentences or paragraphs and I must say that this was one of the hardest first chapters I read. All the Roman vocabulary and the lack of their description (which got fixed to an extent) is really weighing this story down. It reads like the author expects the reader to know what these things are. But it was so heavy reading that I left the first chapter with zero imagination. It didn't hook me at all. And here I want to stress the historical writing again. If you are into it you will love it. I'm not so I struggled a lot. I suggest for the reader to decide to continue reading this story from the second chapter onwards.

Story: Because from here on the story picks up a bit. The pacing is generally slow in comparison to most other web serials but it's not glacial. It reads like a classic fantasy book. And the story is by far the best thing about this novel!

Character: The best thing after the premise is Jim. I love Jim. I can't even describe why exactly but it really hits the nail of a great supporting character. Now the mc, Publius, seems all over the place, intentionally, as I see it. I couldn't connect to him though. But again, it might just be his Roman background that put distanced between our two souls.

Now the bad part. The style: I have several issues with the style. First of all the lack of descriptions made visualizing this world very difficult. Not everything must be explained in detail but give me something to hold on to. Something I can associate with character, location, or situation.

Secondly. The author tends to use very long sentences, not knowing that they can put periods between two sentences instead of making the sentences, longer and longer, making it harder and harder to read and enjoy the rest of the otherwise great but like I said elongated prose. (I can do it too xD) The rhythm suffers a lot because of it. It makes the reading cumbersome at times, at other times stilted.

There is an easy fix though: Variation in sentence length. Not every sentence has to be made out of five words. But some can. See? it might be not grammatically beautiful but it changes a lot in my humble opinion.

Grammar: Because your grammar is fine as is. Experiment with sentence structure. Do it for Jim!

Ich erwarte Großes von dieser Story!!

Dein Lieblingsvogel ~ 


Very solid. Roman noble gets Isekai-ed to a fantasy Dungeons & Dragons universe, where he teams up with a tiefling paladin and a dwarven mage. Together they raid an underground sunken citadel, where kobold and goblin factions war against each other. There's combat, quips, thievery, treachery, dungeon crawling, questing, heroics, strategizing, magic, looting, drinking, and even dragon-kidnapping. And among all of this, we get roman history lessons sprinkled in every now and then, which is a nice bit of flavour. The MC definitely feels unique.

The story is pretty fun, the writing and grammar is fine/good, there's a couple of memorable scenes, the premise is interesting, the party characters are diverse and fleshed-out, the party dynamics and dialogues are well done (I really loved the conversations in the town, they felt authentic), our characters get creative with problem-solving, and all-in-all it feels very D&D-like. If you like these things, you will enjoy the read I think. BTW, it updates daily, with nice, meaty chapters! Give it a try.

What can be improved:

The pacing. In the same chapter, the party may negotiate with the kobolds, fight some battles, go back to town, go back to the dungeon, loot a treasure room, fight more goblins, etc. It can be disorienting, where sometimes I don't even know where the characters currently are. 

The fight scenes: sometimes we get paragraphs filled with detail, other times it boils down to "We entered the room. There were enemies there. Then we dispatched them." Every fight goes the same way. Even some important battles felt inconsequential, and ended as soon as they began. The party is around Lvl 1 or 2, I think, but they mow down hundreds of enemies no problemo.

The monsters: it's as if they weren't really alive. If the party doesn't kill one, they just return to the same spot tomorrow and the same monsters are still there..? Like they are waiting to be killed. 

About the MC: he seems to lie more or less any chance he gets, even when there's no need for it, it's a bit hard to understand, but ok.

About the dungeon: I was left wondering, if this was an ancient citadel sealed into the ground, why is it full of (untriggered?) elaborate traps and treasure rooms..? It plays like a literal virgin dungeon, this didn't 100% make sense to me. 

About descriptions: To end with, I would like more visual descriptions of characters and the environment, to get a better mental picture. The "lower levels", under the well, are a complete mystery to me for example.

These points somewhat detract from the experience, but I still enjoyed reading this, and will continue reading it every day. It's solid work. I wouldn't quite rate it 5 stars myself, but it will definitely be a 5 stars read for many readers. 


Do you want to go on an adventure?

Reviewed at: 12. Spinnst du?!

Overall, a great enjoyable read. I know very little of Roman history adn I have never played DnD, although I HAVE played lots and lots of Oblivion and Skyrim. And this story was a wonderful treat in immersion. Ah impeccable joyful world building. I can feel the joy of being in the middle earth surrounded by 'freaks' as the author calls it, and dragons, and ruins and what not. It was a living breathing world to me. 

Style: Exquisite. The vocabulary is never erratic. Flows smoothly, although sometimes the words and sentences get complex due to the styling of the story and that takes away from the clarity and lucidity of the writing. But little. For the most part it is quite clear and enjoyable. There are even places where it reminded me of the Hobbit and the Shire. XD I must mention here that the dialogues are easily one of the best features of the story and infused with humor. On the flip side, the author does tend to indulge with internal monologuing a little on the heavier side. XD

Story: I have read till Chapter 12. I think the problem with story telling with the isekai DnD genre is that since it is very quest heavy, the overarching storyline almost always goes in the backburner. I am pretty sure in the future a clearer storyline will emerge and tie all the threads together.

Grammar: Perfect. The only nitpick will be I saw in some early chapters a little back and forth between tenses, but it didn't take away from the narrative.

Character: Just like story, the character arcs also take the backburner with structures like this. So, far my favorite is Beldrak. Till Chapter 12, the MC has some character growth, but there were some irregularities in his attitudes to others that I have pointed out to the author in the comments. The others not so much growth but they are all quite interesting in their own ways. But I do hope the characters have more meaningful interactions, outside of quest related dialogues, and they open up to each other either in a positive or negative way.

Overall, you are going to have a spectacular time if you like adventures and fun! Thank you so much, author! I hope to keep reading and follow the exploits of Publius. :D


Swords Talk Swifter than Words

Reviewed at: 14. Midsummer day - I

Hello there! The basic TLDR is that you should probably give this a read. It's a good bit of fun.

The Style is quite good! Though it isn't anything astounding, and certainly isn't hard to read and definitely had its points of enjoyment. The 0th chapter displays this best, in my opinion.

The Grammar is somewhat hit or miss if you look at it with a particular eye. Simple things stand out to me, such as when a comma is used after quotation marks, (e.g. "We went to the river", he said.), which could very well just be how the grammar rules done where the author lives, but it was a little strange looking to me. Comma placement in general was sometimes a little strange, but otherwise, the grammar was just fine!

The Story could potentially be divisive. While its content isn't at all suspect, the layout of the story may make some feel oddly about it and might not be able to quite describe their issue with it. This story does feel distinctly like a written account of a D&D game, which may hold some interest to some people, but may turn some off from it.

Something I noticed is that the side characters felt like side characters, and even when the main characters talked to them, their dialogue felt like NPC dialogue, which I think is a distinct shame in some ways, with the 0th chapter displaying how the story could feel if it were entirely originally written.

Some actions feel like they are happening on a dice roll, and they lack a distinct emotional impact because of it (e.g. the Outcast and his abrupt death). I think more might need to be done to really institute the characters into the world, giving actions and characters proper weight and gravity. Structurally, however, I find the story to be perfectly enjoyable!

The Characters are easily my favourite part of the story. The main character, Publius is fun, if definitely on the murderhobo side of things, and the other main characters feel fun to be around. The aforementioned issues with the side characters stand, however they are written well, and feel like they have a lot to give, even if they feel underutilised. 

Overall, this story is well worth the read, and I have no doubt that the story will continue to get better and better as it goes along.


I tried.. I really tried to come up with some sassy title for my review that had Latin in it, but ultimately, I failed. 

Though my review title may be a failure, this story is not. 

It plops you right into the scene; instantly immersing you into the story. Gives exposition when new ideas or concepts are introduced and hooks you from the beginning. 

Overall Score: 
I give this a 5 of 5 because this seems a solid story foundation. I want to know more about the world, the characters, the story/plot. It's well molded and thought out. 

Style Score:

I give this a 5 out of 5 because the style is easy to read, but still has an element of "fantasy" or period piece to pull you into the setting. The descriptions flow well together witht he world and scenes the writer is describing, and does what every good writer strives to do. The descriptions answers the readers' questions while making want to know more. Nicely done. 

Grammar Score: 

5 out of 5. There are a few typos and possibly a few splices here and there, but nothing that warrant a tick off of the score. The story was still easy to read, and any editor worth their weight would grab these before production anyway. I did leave comments in the chapters I read when I found one. Hope that's not offensive. Just trying to help out a fellow writer. 

Story Score: 

5 out of 5 again. In the first chapter, I'd have never guessed this was a set up to start a DnD campaign. I love that. That means the story was well put together and gave me all the details I needed when I needed it. I like the plot hooks and foreshadows spoonfed to the reader when needed. Good show.

Character Score:

5 out of 5 here. Well thought out character building paragraphs. You portrayed to me that Publius was humble and honorable without saying "My character is Publius and he is humble and has honor!" Not always easy to do. I love the conversation between the tieflinig and the protagonist. This simple interaction is also very well done for character building. What better way to build a character than with his thoughts and actions! 

This story makes me happy, and I want to read more. Thank you for sharing.

"And you, young Publius. We will watch your career with great interest."  (stolen from Senator Palpatine, but it fits here...)

Quentin R

I’m not a big fan of LitRPG, GameLit or even Isekai but I love historical fiction. But I still gave a chance to Am Ende mit meinem Latein, the story of a Roman noble who lost his way mysteriously into a fantasy universe.

It starts pretty well with deep historical content. It’s not easy to read, for sure, but for a History nerd like me, it did the job! It then got smoother and it kept a slow pace (with loooooong sentences) which Im weirdly, appreciated. Most of the Lit/Isekai are really wacky and fast paced so I enjoyed being calmly carried away by dialogues instead of constant noisy action scenes. Even if Am Ende mit meinem Latein had its share of the latter.

Publius Decius Mus isn’t very descriptive. I don’t mind it once we left the Roman setting since the story takes place in a classic fantasy world (dungeon, bugbears and damn kobolds!). Yet, it is something that can be improved because sometimes, it could have helped. Plus, it would have reinforced the immersion since the story is written in the first person. However, the lack of description is compensated by the funny and juicy dialogues.

The grammar is good but can use shorter sentences.

The main characters, Jim, Beldrak and Publius, are well written. I could relate to Jim but not Publius, the humble and heroic noble. I don’t know why. Because I too am a humble and heroic noble. They have their own personality and share the spotlight when needed. I don’t know if Publius could be more shocked about what happened to him, seeing the mythic world he’s been falling into has nothing to do with his own universe nor mythology. 

Overall, it's fun and quite unique!

Cathal Ashenhand

This story definitely has some firm positives on it's side. The characters are strong and their interactions are enjoyable. Some of the dialogue is a touch stilted, but nothing a few quick revisions couldn't fix. The general idea is an interesting one, and there's a chunk of enjoyable action to boot.

Where the author struggles is in the locations. Very few of them are even described, which left me unable to really ground myself in scenes. Conversations because of this felt like they were happening in a plain white room.

There's a lot of promise here, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

David F. Weisman

There are a couple of spoilers in the last two paragraphs, but they are from relatively early in the story.

The prologue, chapter zero, is a sort of outtake of the battles that will come later in the story. The author mentions that it was added because a few readers thought there wasn't enough action in chapter one. I really loved chapter one though, the sort of professional chapter you might find in a published book. It gives a deep look into a Roman army and culture, into politics and ambition, and conflicts between classes and cities and individuals. I am not an expert, but I think the author has a lot of genuine knowledge.

It is all realistic and historical until Publius has a chat with his diety just before being ripped away and sent to another world. Despite the final chat, he has seen no magic in his own world and is astonished to meet it here. For safeties sake he tries to conceal his ignorance of his new world.

Soon he becomes involved in a dungeon quest. I was almost dissapointed at first, I felt I knew him so well and he would say no. But since the author tells us the first part was based on a D&D adventure he has played, of course he goes.

*** Mild Spoiler Warning, from around chapter six and seven ***



The adventure is no simplistic hack and slash though. They play a deadly game, allying with sneaky and treacherous Kobolds against openly murderous Goblins. But what will the Dragon they are supposedly trying to rescue do?

This seems like a straight dungeonquest with a twist at the beginning, but it's a fun and readable one, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Not a lot of touring from room to room while slaughtering inferior enemies and gathering treasure. If they end up with treasure they will have earned it.


Let's get something immediately clear this story is an epic. It has both the length and qualities to fit into that category very well. It's a very good category to be able to be put in a special kind of brighter to succeed in writing an Epic Fantasy Story. I'm enjoying what I'm reading so far and that's saying a lot as this isn't really the type of fantasy I like to read the tone so far is somewhat darker and more war Focus then I usually consumed but the action held my attention. The story is a well-written though if I'm being honest I can't quite tell what's going on but I can see that it is me that is the issue and not the writer. Overall I think this is worth a read if you're into a lot of Latin and action that feels just on the edge of gritty.


Am Ende Mit Meinem Latein isn't your usual isekai dungeoncrawl, and you'd be wrong if you thought the (very good) historical bits are the one thing setting it apart.

Here you won't find the usual story of a vague sort of individual, beset by all the cruelties of a dull life, finding himself in a new world and building a new and purposeful life. Arnold's tale seems to be the opposite: a character already dripping with purpose and on the verge of an important event is whisked away to a new reality where he is a stranger and always on the back foot. 

Workmanlike and capable, with minimal issues. "Arnold" is a military man through and through, and that is reflected in how his thoughts are always turned to strategy and practicality. I found a confusing description or two, but those are by far the exception.

Perfect, minus a couple tense-related issues. I don't think I even met a typo. 

Clearly where the author shines. If you like historical writing, you'll love the first couple of chapters, and if you like fantasy dungeons you'll love everything else. 

Early to tell, because so much of the story is turned to the delving arts (as it should, since it closely follows a real 5e campaign and in this author's opinion backstory is what happens between levels 1 and 3), but when the author lets the leashes off there are some very good interactions. I hope that, as the story develops and a greater rapport is built among characters, more will shine through.

A great story so far, and though I dearly like retellings of real campaigns (if there's anyone out there who knows Draw Your Adventure, I am one of the souls who followed it religiously), this is one which I hope will maintain its legs far beyond the scope of the real-life campaign.