The RPG Apocalypse (LitRPG)

by Bombchuu

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Life isn't a game. Well, maybe it is now.


Every day is the same for Joseph. Study; go to class; repeat. He can't help wondering what it's all for? Who is it all for? Life is dull and there's no prospect of that changing. Is some excitement too much to ask for?


"Get to safety if you wish to survive!"


Joseph's prayers are answered, but not in a way he could ever have expected. Goblins, ghouls, kobolds and a myriad of monsters and mythical creatures have spawned all over the college campus and beyond. The carnage is shocking.

If he's going to survive the RPG apocalypse, Joseph is going to have to figure out the new rules fast. And is it wrong to feel so alive, when so many other people have died?

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Noah Wecker

Above-Average Battle Junkie LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Yetera

TLDR: This story seems too be a well made Battle Junkie litRPG. While there doesn't seem to be much plot point right now I believe in the author to pull it off.

In general I think this story is pretty above average as far as I've read. It seems too just be grinding for the level up at the moment, and if you don't like that this isn't the story for you. I trust in the author to create a good plot and story instead of just constant grinding. I look forward too the story progressing even though the only motivation of it seems to be not dying and power. I would usually dock it points for not really having a plot but it's too early for me to tell at the moment.


I feel like the style is very straight to the point and the author just throws what happens at you. I feel like it's a very clinical style of writing without a lot of personal taste from the author. But it does get the meaning across, and as far as I can see it's a very clean style. Even though it doesn't have that touch that some authors can give.


There are no errors that I can see but I also don't look for errors or care that much about them. There most likely are some but It's way better then most things so who am I to judge.


So far I feel like the story has very linear progression and it's plot is purely reactive. I don't really see the main character and his friend being pro-active besides fighting monsters. I think this is the worst part of the story since there doesn't seem to be much development in this department yet. But I hope that the author will change this. (And I'm not gonna decrease my score until it's late enough to tell.) :) 


Often I feel like the main character (and side characters) are lacking the 3rd dimension. But the characters (almost) always make the decisions that I imagine they would. In my opinion the characters need a little touch up and need to be more 3d like touched up backgrounds. Or just little quirks that make them who they are. I also feel like everyone's more level-headed then most people would be but it's not unrealistic.


In conclusion I think this story is a fairly good Battle Junkie LitRPG. While it doesn't really hit the standards of a really great book in my eyes. It is a good book too read and I would recommend you to try it.


The story is good.  That being said there are quite a few inconsistencies.  

Inconsistency one:

Where is everyone?  The story takes place on a college campus.  The average number undergrad students is above 6,000.  Even assuming that 99% of people died, that would still leave 60 people.

Inconsistency two:

The intellegence of the characters seems to change as the plot needs.  For example when they recieved the quest to kill the kobold mystic they decide to attack it head on, instead of using guerilla tactics or attacking them from a roof.  This is despite the kobolds outnumbering them almost four to one.  Later on they not only devise a complex multistep plan, they do so despite while exausted and running for their lives.

Inconsistency three:

Why is there any mention of a fee or limit on the use of the safe zones?  The system teleported them to another world after the grace period was over, so it was not only useless, but delibretly wrong.  Therefore it goes against the how the system is portrayed as not kind, but fair.  


It is a great read and I can't wait to see what else he comes across in this new world. The system seems to be well though out and flows very well.

The story is well write and I very interesting.  If you are looking for a system book an MC that isn't stupid give it a read.


Neat new take on a sorta Portal / Isekai / System Inegration type story.

Believable and Likeable characters with ideas and specializations and weakness.

Well written, no noticable spelling or grammar issues.

Story is progressing nicely. Really long chapters. As of 14 world building is stepping up a notch or two as well.



It could definitely stand for a lot of fleshing out of the plot line and the integration into the new world after the tutorial. Still, it kept me decently entertained.  I did find it mildly frustrating of the overuse of certain phrases. "Without hesitation" got tacked on to the end of sentences rediculously often for example. 
The author is also starting to become more transparent in which characters he doesn't have long term plans to keep in the story(and no I'm not saying he is marking the red shirts destined to be cannon fodder).