Eldritch Entity On A Journey Of Self-Discovery

by Angry Spider

Shold'ler has made a reality before. It was pretty messy, the physics didn't work properly, and his designs were just terrible.

This place has flawless physics, a whole set of natural laws, and the most detailed everything he's ever seen. The air moves sometimes (but not all the time), the grass has layers underneath it, and the trees sometimes have things living in them. 

All things considered... it's depressingly good. 

What's he supposed to do here?

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Angry Spider

Angry Spider

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Lil Cthulhu gets lost in reality

Reviewed at: Chapter Five: Skeletal

Ever wonder what a Eldritch god did before they became an omnipotent, reality bending, mind breaking horror of outer space? Well here it is! Only a few chapters have been released so far but the writing quality is good the MC's character fits the situation of a being who is totally separate from the common sense of anything related to reality as we know it, and the world looks interesting so far. I'm my humble opinion, you should give it a read.

James Maguire

EEOAJOSD is a story about an eldritch dimension-weaving entity encroaching on a litrpg fantasy world.

EEOAJOSD is not lovecraftian, because it doesn't put any focus on fear of the unknown. If anything, the unknown is kind of adorable. Naive, but not immature. 

The protagonist, Shold'ler, is more akin to Clancy Gilroy, the eccentric adolescent dimension-hopping protagonist of The Midnight Gospel, than to Cthulhu R'lyeh. He faces the world with some level of wonder, but spends most of his time trying to make friends. Where he comes from, relationships are few and sparing, and Shold'ler isn't exactly popular.

The story is still in early days, but I find myself curious what Shold'ler's home is like, socially speaking. The impermanence of violence leading to it being much less common seems to make sense---why make enemies that you'll need to stick with for eternity, when you could peacefully and maturely resolve your conflicts. I'd be fine with this being explored at the current pace, with only brief asides and allusions to the past.

Green and Dolia are interesting characters, and I enjoy how their immaturity plays off of Shold'ler's naiveté. The characters play off each other well and I hope, and expect, characters will be the focus of the story, as opposed to narrative. 


A genuinely fun and happy story so far.This story has amazing potential,and deserves all the recognition it can get.It just makes you feel happy even with a somewhat slow pace.I can already tell if this story is continued it'll become a hit in no time. If the author reads this please continue the story.


An interesting world, can't wait for more eldritch misunderstandings. A solid start with a growing cast, which I like having the POV of espcially when they interact with the eldritch. Now just can't wait to see how thw world reacts to the new world eldtrich understanding and if more 'gods' follow along.

Brian P.

Eldridge cutie meets dark fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter Twelve: Visitors

This story is about an Eldridge being finding itself in a dark western-fantasy world, complete with wizards, beastkin, mana and dragons. Its style, so far, is an interesting mix of earnest attempts on the protagonist’s part to befriend all sorts of beings and resolve conflicts peacefully and amicably and other character’s point-of-view chapters where we get into how precarious living in this world is, complete with unbalanced power structures, betrayals, murder, and sacrifice.

The main character is an interesting take on the standard Overpowered MC; they are certainly absurdly powerful, but at the same time they would very much prefer if everyone would just discuss things like reasonable sapient beings.

I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out the first few chapters and I’m quite interested to see where this goes.


Love you eldritch happiness friendship creature. Please love me back, but don't rewrite my reality. Thanks.


Sincerely Mr. Snow Man


Ps: I skipped some of the first chapter, because ADHD, but the relationships were simply gorgeous. Don't about the details, just want more love sweet love, and warm fuzziness, thanks