Just when he's about to take a step back and retrieve the dust before It will be blown away by the cold wind, suddenly, a loud bang coming from beside him can be heard!


The sound was so loud and explosive that It immediately knocked at his eardrums and notified his brain about this mysterious sound just 3 meters away from him...


Along with the explosive sound, there's also sparkling light accompanying the echoing explosion! Instinctively, he covered his face with his arms as If to hide from that loud and light-emitting strange demon from behind!!!


It was sudden and quick, fast and furious. Only 7 seconds have passed to that nerve steeling event of explosion! Yet It already made a massive place to Allaine's memory! Distorting his line of thought at the moment and replacing It with:


"What the hell was that?!"


He immediately moved his legs to turn around and... a medium-sized hole with 1-meter width and approximately 50 centimeters in height can be seen in the wall at the back of the cage...




The event that transpired behind Allaine is without a doubt, a dust explosion! But the question is how? Allaine is far away from the explosion when It happened and It's certainly not intentional


"So how did It happen?"


The dust explosion occurs when the dust doesn't have any time to disperse because they're in an enclosed space, resulting in the combustible materials gathering up in one place so when an ignition occurred, It will react at the same time resulting in the desired outcome, dust explosion!!!


The cold windblown the dust forward allowing It moves in the air... But how did It explode? There's enough space for the dust to move around... So the "enclosed space" rule cannot be met...


It's not needed to have an enclosed space... If you're fast enough to not let the dust be dispersed then It will be equivalent to having an enclosed space!


Let's say that the dust needs 5 seconds to disperse and scatter in the air then for a dust explosion to intentionally occur then you need to move at least 3 seconds faster! Yes, you need to conquer the light itself!!! The speed of how much light travels!!!


There's no way you'll be capable of igniting It faster than light and even If you are, you'll get caught at the explosion you're trying to make If you're successful!!!


But Allaine did something for an ignition fast enough for a speed of light to occur! Yes, unknown to him, the stone he used to smash the plastic cup is a magnet!!!


And the one other stone he places beside the magnet is a flint! A magnet is in Its rock format is indeed steel, and the flint ignites with the slightest rubbing from the steel!


Because of the cold wind blowing earlier, the flint coincidentally moved, resulting in a spark that ignited the already floating dust around the air!!! Thus, creating the DUST EXPLOSION!!!




Staring at the hole for almost 5 minutes now, Allaine finally regained himself and after realizing what just happened, his mouth turned upwards revealing a smile within his face!!!


"I DID IT!!!"


Striking a victory pose at the sky, he mildly shouted those words resulting in an echo repeating the same words over and over. Patting the soil from his knees, he took one step from his position and mildly uttered the words:


"Now, let's get out of this place..."


Just when he already took the first step, like a demon shouting from the depths of hell... the husky voice of a man was heard...




Alerting his blood veins, brain, and nerves... He instantly, instinctively, turned his head around praying that the owner of the voice hasn't arrived yet...


"Shit, shit, shit... I'm finished If they see this..."


Looking around the place for something to cover the hole with, he turns his head left and right, back and front! He looks around! He looks around! HE LOOKS AROUND!!!


He looks around desperately trying to find something useful to cover the hole with... But! It's nothing! It's nothing!! IT'S NOTHING!!! Nothing could be found!


"God, It's just soil and grass in here... The leaves are not enough..."


The demon that could drag him to hell is slowly... slowly... inching closer to him... The sound of his heavy footsteps can be heard due to the quietness of the night! Even the sharp sound that accompanies the steps of the demon can be heard!


What will you do, Allaine? Will you get dragged to hell by the demon?! Allaine?! Will you?! Will you?! WILL YOU?!





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