Aced: A Slice of Life Tennis LitRPG

by Glyax

High school life isn't easy. It especially isn't easy when you're starting your freshman year at a brand-new school in a brand-new state. As such, Daniel Meadows was doing his best to get his bearings, and just fit in. That is, until he laid eyes on Sophia Hart. In that moment, he made a decision that would change his life forever. To win her over, he made the momentous decision to join the Tennis team, and take up a sport he'd never played before, to impress a girl he'd just met...As if this brilliant life choice wasn't questionable enough, he forgot to look both ways before crossing the street...

A run in with an errant truck was inevitable, and now his life just got a little more is Dan going to use his newfound powers, and can he reach his lofty (for a freshman I suppose...) goals of winning over Sophia's...heart? 

*This is a new web serial I am working on. I will be releasing a chapter a day for the next two weeks, and then pulling back my speed a little. To the moon!!!!! bwahaha*

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Its a decent read so far, but the MC seems a touch too emo/whiney for me. The premise of the story seems fun but the story gets weighed down with the MC's near constant down in the dumps attitude. That may be harsh because the storyline hasn't moved very far yet, but 20 chapters in, and i have trouble engaging myself with the story because of the MC.


I've enjoyed alot of this writers other content but really wasn't sure about a tennis litrpg (despite being a big slice of life fan) but today I was bored and wanted to read something new from an author I trust and I was not disappointed!! This story so far is alot of fun, the system seems well thought out and I'm excited to get to know the characters better (especially Peter who I enjoy despite not expecting to). All in all I'm saying give this a go you won't regret it! 


A great slice of life story. The protagonist was supposed to get transported to a fantasy world, but doesn't die, which makes that impossible. He gets some of the powers he was supposed to get, and uses them to excel at tennis. I feel like the characters are fleshed out a fair amount, for this early in the story. 


Bagel turning to golden set

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

Thank you for this novel.

Personally I love tennis, so this LitRPG was perfect for me. Witty, interesting and fully fleshed out character. Relatable MC - although personally would always prefer adult MCs in order to not have teenage hormones. Story is still developing altough I'm asking myself if this will have a lategame apart from reaching the upper echelons of tennis.

Grammar & Style:

Found no grammatical errors, well written and definitely knowledgable in tennis.

Recommendation for everyone who likes Slice-of-life LitRPG. Looking forward to where this is heading.


Did not expect to love this

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

I am so surprised by how much I'm enjoying this. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Gly's writing--BD and DCO are fantastic--but when he posted that he was starting a tennis fic I was kinda hesitant because underdog sports stories really aren't my jam.

But man, I look forward to these updates everyday. It's light and fun and it reminds me of playing the sims back when I was a kid even though i had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time.

Characters: very fun so far, looking forward to getting to know them more, he's doing a lot with few words so far which I really appreciate. 

writing: I assumed this would be pro quality like all of his other stuff and sure enough, it is

story: moves along at that relaxed slice-of-life pace you want from a story like this, no complaints

style: Chapters so far are super clean and slick, mechanic are well-integrated, no complaints

overall: super strong start, can't wait for more, keep em coming. I'd strongly reccomend this to fans of slice of life and even if you bounce off the concept like I initially did, I hope you'll give it a chance and think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


His best work yet.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

I've been reading Glyax's (Glyax'?) work for a while now. Mostly his Dungeon Core content, The Bone Dungeon (and sequels) are one of the few works I've bothered to get on my kindle. Despite this I had mostly been of the opinion that Glyax was... just ok. Good to fill time, fun, but nothing special.

This fiction changed my mind. It's his best work yet. If you read nothing else they write, or didn't like his other work and stopped reading, please at least try and read this one. The tighter focus  on the characters and their relationships on each other has let Glyax really get his characters to shine.

I'm fascinated by the more mundane (for lack of a better term) setting, and if  the masterful foreshadowing I'm seeing in the latest chapters pays off (and I truly believe it will) the dynamics at play in the system combined with the simple human drama at work should show us something truly spectacular.


I'm sorry if this review feels incoherent, I'm not good at writing them, but I felt I had to say something about this novel. It's your best work yet Glyax, you've got something really special going on here.


So far it has been a fun, well-written story. As a fan of the web novel "God of Tennis", I appreciate the slower pacing of this story compared to that, with both the story and its RPG components putting more emphasis on the characters rather than just purely on tennis.


This is like a litrpg version of Baby's everything I didn't know I needed... loving it. 


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An interesting twist

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

Overall: Nothing to really complain about. The story is an interesting use of the standard LitRPG tropes, but with more emphasis on the character's emotions and personal growth. Will need to see more of the system to gauge how that will progress. 

TLDR: Unique take on the standard genre tropes. Worth giving a shot if the angle interests you in the slightest, and maybe even if it doesn't.


Style: Consistent, steady, and easy to read. No problems as far as I can see. This one is difficult for me to judge, but I mostly check how the whole thing flows, and this one didn't lose me so full stars seems fair. :P

Story: I like where it's going. Pretty slice of life up to now, though it has some darker themes brewing in the background. Again, will need more chapters to see how that progresses, especially in relation to his friend (rival?) and the love interest as mentioned.

Grammar: No issues spotted on my read through. Good to go, especially compared to the usual RR releases I've seen. :)

Character: Still starting off slow, but those characters who've been introduced have their own wants and needs. Will need more interaction to see how their relationships will change and alter.