Savannah knew she was in too deep. She didn’t have the confidence nor knowledge to lead them out of there alive and tried to not break down inside the small dorm room.

“I’m the leader,” Savannah mumbled to herself. “If I don’t fix this people will blame me.”

A knock came at the door, and she opened it to see Mary Jane, tired, covered in head to toe in dirt and black blood. “They told me to meet with you first since you’re the boss,” Mary Jane said. “I need your permission to stay.”

Savannah waved her hand flippantly and let her inside.

“Shower up. What size do you wear?”

“Small,” Mary Jane replied.

She got herself cleaned up, and Savannah went through various dorm apartments until she found some clothes for her.

Mary Jane got dressed and wore a red sweater that was somehow still too big, some black leggings, and red sneakers that thankfully fit. “Thank you,” Mary Jane sighed. “I’m so tired after walking all day.”

“I’m glad to see you here,” Savannah smiled. “The daughter of the strongest woman alive. You can help us.”

Mary Jane rolled her eyes and groaned. No matter where she went she could never escape her mother's legacy. Just like Levi they were judged by what others thought of her parents, and thankfully everyone looked up to Mary Sue has a beacon of morality.

“Sorry,” Savannah mumbled. “You must be tired of hearing that all the time.”

“I am! Don't worry! I’ll get out of your hair soon.” Mary Jane searched around the room and found a backpack and emptied it of various school supplies. She started packing extra clothes she thought that would fit and looked around for any items she could use as weapons.

“You can’t leave,” Savannah pleaded. “We need more people.”

“That’s not my problem....? I need to go back out and find someone.”

“You’re not even going to sleep,” Savannah shouted. “You won’t make it if you collapse!”

“I guess you’re right… I just want to find my boyfriend and then my brother.”

Savanna believed that she had the order of those that should be found reversed.

“Who is he,” Savannah asked. “Maybe he’s here.”

“Leviathan Slater,” Mary Jane replied. She beamed at just the thought of him, and worried about him the entire past two nights. She couldn't sleep, and she didn't want to until she found him.

Savannah looked at the ground and wished it would swallow her alive. She was positive that Mary Jane would possibly become as strong as her mother, and that losing her would mean that they would all die if they smarter demons had found them. Savannah tried not to shake in anger, as her life was put at risk because of teenage romance.

“What’s wrong,” Mary Jane asked.

“He was just here earlier,” Savannah said.

“Where did he go!?"

“I don’t know. I’m so sorry. Just stay-”

“I’ll just go find him on my own.”

“Wait,” Savannah shouted. “He said he would be back!”

Mary Jane stopped and smiled in relief. “Really,” she asked. “

Yes,” Savannah lied. “He said he would go get some food. The military cafeteria isn’t far from here. He should be back soon.”

Mary Jane sat on the bed and put her backpack down. “I’ll rest until he returns,” she smiled. “Then we can go find Dexter together.” Savannah nodded and tried her hardest to smile, wondering how she would cover up her lie.

Mary Jane laid down and within a minute she fell asleep.

“Amazing,” Savannah said. “I wish I could do that.”

She quietly closed the door and went back to the front entrance. “I changed my mind,” she told the patrol guards. “Let him back in if he returns.”

“Why,” one asked. “Isn’t he dangerous?”

Savannah was irritated that now was the time they chose to finally question her leadership.

“He...radioed back,” she lied. “He apologized for being rude.” They seemed to accept this answer and Savannah was happy she didn’t have to lie again that morning.

She went upstairs, back to the empty office, and tried to contact him with a radio. “Levi, are you there, answer me.”

Levi said nothing.

He’s probably ignoring me. Dumbass kid.

“Mary Jane is here,” Savannah said. “Come back quick so she can stay!

” Levi this time replied. “Tell her to stay, she’s safer there.”

He’s right, but if he doesn’t come back she won’t stay.

“Just talk to her and tell her to stay. For me. Please,” she begged him.

Levi didn’t reply and Savannah screamed. She hit the radio and screamed louder. “Don’t fuck with me,” she screeched. “People are dying and you want to make a point!?”

“I guess I could convince her to stay,” he said. “You just want her to help since you’re weak.” Savannah glared at the radio and tried not to let him get to her. She swallowed her pride for the benefit of everyone else.

“Yes. I’m weaker than all of you. I get it. Just stop.”

Levi had truly felt he had won and was done bullying Savannah.

For now.

“Let me talk to her now,” he commanded.

“She’s asleep,” Savannah replied. “Let her sleep, she’s exhausted.”

“Then why did you waste my time with this,” Levi shouted.

Savannah quickly turned off the radio, walked out of the office, and closed the door. She went into the next room and screamed like she was about to die. People came rushing in, worried that she was hurt.

“I’m fine,” she shouted. “ Just get out! I'm tired of you all!" She punched a wall and screamed again, the others watching her in fear. Savnnah punched a hole right into it, and then another, wanting someone else to be the victim.

I don’t want to do this. I’m not a leader. I’m not like them. I don’t want to be.

She finally calmed down and nursed her bleeding hand. She whimpered as the adrenaline and anger wore off, leaving only pain.

I hope he dies out there. If he doesn’t I’ll kill him myself.

She returned downstairs to lead her army of child soldiers.

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